1. Burj Khalifa (2,717 ft) Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper in Dubai with a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft) and a roof height (excluding antenna) of 828 m (2,717 ft). It has been the tallest structure in the world since its topping out in late 2008.     2. Shanghair Tower (2,073 ft)   Shanghair Tower is a 632-metre (2,073 ft), skyscraper in Lujiazui with 128 stories. It also has the world’s highest observation deck within a building or structure and the world’s fastest elevators at a top speed of 20.5 metres per second (74 km/h; 46 mph).   3. Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower (1,971 ft)Read More →

We all like to play Fortnite but there are some people out there that are absolutely awesome! We picked our Top Ten Fortnite Players we could find at Twitch and Youtube but you are more thatn welcome to share your favorite players in the comments since 10 players are way few and we had to leave many great pleayers outside this Top Ten…. . So let’s have a look at our picks: Ninja Ninja is one of the greatest Fortnite players at the moment and have gained great exposure with his unbelievable snipper shots! We love the fact that he participate and donate a lotRead More →


  Introduction Spin bikes as a term is reffering to training bicycles that carry an open flywheel that is weighted on their perimeter. This design offer a realistic feeling of momentum for the cyclist that can not be found on upright bicycles. The flywheel is directly attached to the pedals which means that when you stop pushing them, they will continue to spin like a traditional bicyle in contrast to other exercise bikes’ design. If you’ve never tried a spin bike before, it’s high time to do so. Stationary cycling bike have been in the market for quite some time as a great alternative toRead More →

best ripstik

  Ideal referred to as a cross in between a skateboard as well as a snowboard, the silver RazorX Ripstik wheel board is the absolute best flight for children looking for the following huge adventure. The board is differentiated by its rotating deck and also 360-degree likely wheel vehicles, which provide a snowboard-like sculpting capability. A basic weight transfer implies that you could transform or speed up without pressing, much like when you are sculpting down the inclines. On top of that, the board provides such attributes as spiked grip pads, a kick tail as well as nose, as well as a concave deck layout,Read More →

Best skateboard for beginners

  As the name suggests, a full skateboard has all the components, yet in a currently constructed ready-to-ride skateboard. The benefit to getting a total is it totally gets rid of the study and also uncertainty of acquiring each item independently as well as guarantees that the skateboard is set up appropriately and also securely. This is the technique I utilized when purchasing a skateboard for my nephew and also just what I suggest for individuals acquiring a skateboard as a present or as their initial skateboard on their own. The full skateboard is really an excellent choice if you are still a novice inRead More →

freediving fins

Freediving is a type of sea diving that does not use any kind of breathing device as it all comes to your ability to hold your breath until you come back to the surface. Fins are essential for this type of diving as they give the ability to scuba divers to move faster in the water. But fins are not only used in free diving as they are also used for spearfishing and snorkelling too. Since there are a lot of fins on the market we’ve compiled a list of the best free diving fins that we think worth your money so let’s have aRead More →