10 Best Things To Do in Greece Before You Die


This post will take you on a journey through the most beautiful country in Europe. I’ll give you tips, tricks, and everything you need to know about Greece, but staying up-to-date can be hard. With this article, I’ll help you focus on the best things to do in Greece. These are 10 things to do in Greece before you die!  You can read through it for inspiration to see or post an image and send it to travel buddies on social media.

Visit the Parthenon

Greece Parthenon Temple Ruins  - nonbirinonko / Pixabay

The Parthenon is a temple on the Acropolis in Athens. It was built as a tribute to Athena and considered one of the greatest architectural pieces ever created. It has been preserved as much as possible for our viewing pleasure. The Parthenon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular things to do in Greece. If you’re lucky, you can catch a sunset there, because it has the best views of Athens. If you’ve ever heard of the word “Acropolis” and what it means for a city that comes from this temple.

The Parthenon was built by Ictinus and Callicrates, in 447-446 BC. It was completed in 432 BC and dedicated to Athena, the patron deity of the city. The original sculpture was made by Pheidias, an Athenian sculptor. The famous frieze of the Parthenon made by Praxiteles, one of the most famous sculptors in Ancient Greece, depicts a mythological battle between the Centaurs and Amazons. There is a special line to enter the Parthenon, but don’t worry. It doesn’t take as long as you think. Just go with the flow and remember to pay attention to where you are going and not get lost like I did one day!

Experience Greek Islands  On A Cruise

Santorini Greek Island Cyclades  - kasabubu / Pixabay

If you’re trying to decide between a cruise or land travel, I recommend taking the cruise. Benefits of taking a cruise include not having to worry about driving in another country, not worrying about losing your passport, and knowing there is WiFi available. There are many different options for a cruise from Greece to any port on the islands. I recommend going with a cruise company or finding something in the travel brochure when you get to Greece. When your cruise ship comes in, hop-off and explore the ports on the way back to the boat. I recommend looking for dock cruisers who will take you around in a small boat for a price lower than renting a car.

The Greek Islands are beautiful and well maintained. It is nice to see how they use the land and what types of things they can do with it. The food is fantastic, the people are very friendly, and the weather is great! If you’re looking for something different than just a beach experience, you have to try seeing some other islands in Greece. You can do this by going on a cruise between islands, or by getting off the boat and exploring on your own.

Visit Delphi

Delphi Ancient Site Greece Delphi  - Arzumanidis / Pixabay

Delphi is a city in Greece that is a treasure for historians and archaeologists. It was an important city during the Classical Age of Greece, but it fell into disrepair during the Middle Ages. In 1870, however, the Archaeological Society of Athens declared it a site of importance to the science of archaeology. You must tour this important marketplace for ancient civilizations. If you are a history buff, this is one of the places you can visit in Greece that will fit your budget and not be too far away.

Delphi is a city that is very important to history and offers many artifacts from various cultures. You will learn about the history of Greece, Rome, the Greeks, and the Romans. You’ll see many statues that are still standing today because they are so well built. I had an amazing view of some ruins by myself while walking through the mountain outside of town one day. I have to admit, it was pretty weird seeing them out in nature like that, but it was fascinating. Delphi was a significant center of the Pythagorean movement, which is a religious and philosophical belief system, it was important to the ancient Greeks.

See The Thessaloniki: The White Tower 

Greece Thessaloniki White Tower  - dimitrisvetsikas1969 / Pixabay

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and is the capital of Greece’s most northerly prefecture. The city was founded in 315 B.C by Cassander. It became the capital of his kingdom, which replaced Macedon itself as the dominant power in Ancient Greece after Alexander the Great’s death. Thessaloniki is famous for its many churches, mosques, synagogues, and Orthodox monasteries.

If you’re in Thessaloniki, Greece, I highly recommend getting up to the White Tower. It is a symbol for the city of Thessaloniki. It is very easy to get to since it’s located right at the center of the city. This tower pays a tribute to the city’s survival throughout difficult times. This tower is very beautiful and it’s worth taking the time to take a look at it. You can find a map showing you where you need to go to get there. Once you pick your angle to get a good view, enjoy!

Visit Thermopylae

Greece  Statue Sculpture Travel  - gancheva / Pixabay

Thermopylae is in the south of Greece. It is actually one of the sea gates that were built during the Peloponnesian War in 431 BC by Leonidas I and his army. It is very close to Athens and Sparta. It is a place that is famous for having a position of strength when it came to defending Greece against the Persians. If you decide to go to Thermopylae, there are many different tours you can take. You can go as an individual or in a group and find great things for souvenir shopping and seeing the sights. There are so many different things you can see while visiting this small Greek village.

Thermopylae is a place that fought hard to not be conquered. There are many memorials and statues of what happened there during the war between Athens and Sparta. You can visit the battlefields to see where the battle took place. I had a chance to visit Thermopylae while I was on my way back from Delphi, but it’s very common to go at other times of the year as well.

I highly recommend any of these places if you are looking for ways to see some Greek history. If you can’t make it to all of them, give a few of them a try! I know you will not be disappointed.

Find the beauty of Greece’s landscape by hiking

Landscape Mountains Nature Clouds  - fietzfotos / Pixabay

There are many excellent options for hiking in Greece. There are beautiful scenes everywhere you look. Hiking is a great way to explore the Greek landscape. There’s something here for everyone and it can be especially rewarding if you go with a group of people you love. I would recommend taking a day or two just to explore the countryside during your trip so that you can find some fun places to hike. You can find some very interesting things while out exploring.

Nature is at its finest in Greece. The islands are especially beautiful since the water is so close to them. They get a lot of rain and wind which makes the scenery very distinctive. The waterfalls that are in Crete, for example, are awesome. They come down from the mountains above and flow into the sea below. They are also surrounded by a lot of nature too including many different flowers and trees that grow there naturally as well.

The islands are filled with olive trees and other beautiful plants. You will find a lot of nature around the country, but there are some specific areas that are especially nice to explore. The Greek islands are exceptional as they have many things to offer. They have beautiful coastlines with many different kinds of beaches and coastal landscapes in addition to the countryside which is very beautiful as well.

Hiking is a great way to explore the Greek landscape. The countryside is abundant with beautiful landscapes and interesting things. There are a lot of ancient ruins that can be explored as well. There are also many churches that were built hundreds of years ago if you want to take in some nice architecture while exploring the country. You will find the greenery very invigorating, especially if you have never been to Greece before. This can be a great way to truly connect with nature in addition to learning about its special cultural history.

Explore Mykonos, one of the most beautiful islands in Greece

Mykonos Sea Water Beach Wave  - EvanRoss / Pixabay

If you ask a Greek about their favorite island in Greece, you will most likely hear them say Mykonos. This island is located in the Aegean Sea and has plenty of sandy beaches with crystal clear water. But this island is also known for its wonderful nightlife. Mykonos is perfect for a couples getaway, or if you have an adventurous side then try experiencing the nightlife to the fullest.

Mykonos has its own unique culture which allows you to experience Greek culture while also being able to enjoy some of the things that western culture has to offer. There are many shops around that make it easy to find the perfect souvenirs.

You can take a boat from Athens, which only takes about an hour to get there depending on weather conditions. But beware of the wind, because it can be pretty powerful! Otherwise, you will have to fly into Mykonos airport which can be costly so plan ahead if you want to visit this island in Greece for vacation or just for a day trip.

Travel to Meteora, one of the most unique places on earth

Nature Outdoors Mountain Landscape  - Anestiev / Pixabay

Meteora is a world heritage site in central Greece. It is famous for its historic monasteries and the rock it is built on. It is a very sacred place that has survived many different times in history. Meteora means “suspended in air” and it truly makes you feel like you are suspended in the air when you are there.

Meteora has around 30 monasteries, from the 11th century to the 20th century, which were occupied by monks at one point or another. You can go to a monastery that is empty and just sit there. I highly recommend staying here for a night or even two nights if you can. You will be able to explore the countryside and also go on some great hikes. You can visit some of the monasteries as well but it can be very crowded during peak season from April to October.

Tour Monasteries and experience a different lifestyle

Nature Greece Halkidiki Mount Athos  - na4ev / Pixabay

Monasteries are one of the most interesting things to see in Greece. They are very unique and special. If you decide to travel across Europe, I recommend going off the beaten path and going to some of these monasteries. They all have their own history and I believe they are all being restored by people who really care about their culture.

Agion Oros, or widely known as Mount Athos is home to the Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian, which has built a stunning monastery complex and beautiful churches. This monastic complex was built around the 7th century. The architecture is so beautiful and well preserved. The greeks have been restoring it for a long time so you can see how the structure has changed throughout time. There is a lot to see there, but I recommend going during the warmer months when you can enjoy hiking and enjoying the area more.

Uncover the beauty of Delos

Greece Delos Art Statue Unusual  - ZEBULON72 / Pixabay

Delos is considered to be part of the Cyclades. This island is also known as an archaeological site because it was once inhabited. It is full of historical monuments and temples. There are also many statues that you can explore during your trip but unfortunately, most of them are in bad shape now. You can also visit the ruins on the mainland since you have a better chance of finding them there. There are also many monks living on the island which is very interesting to explore as well. There are just so many historical sites to see here that you will not want to miss them out. If you’re going to be there at night, you will see some amazing lights shining across the island. It is a very beautiful sight.