10 Reasons To Visit Budapest!


The Hungarian State Opera House will amaze you not only with its elaborate Neo-Renaissance decorative style but also with the annual Budapest Opera Ball that takes place on the last Saturday of the carnival season (late February).

The number of visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts is growing each year, drawn by fine works of modern art, including paintings by Marc Chagall, but also classical Baroque art and Rococo, such as those on display in the Caravaggio to Canaletto exhibition.

All roads lead to Andrassy Av., the iconic boulevard lined οf 1885, once open to pedestrians only. Head for the shopping stretch between Erzsébet Sq. and the Oktogon intersection.

You will never really know the city without getting a taste of its Communist past in Memento Park, the open-air museum dedicated to monumental statues from the period.

Sziget Festival voted as Europe’s best festival, is held for 25 years now in early August. “Sziget” means island, as a whole island on the Danube is converted to the home of 300-400.000 festivalgoers and the greatest music and arts performance venue for a week.

Beyond the heavy wooden door and arched entrance lies one of the most recent arrivals on Andrassy Avenue. The Urimuri bar is a fine example of how a historic building can serve as a modern entertainment venue.

Immerse yourself in the hot waters of the refurbished Rudas Baths and pamper yourself with a treatment at the modern spa or get a treatment at Szechenyi Bath, the largest medicinal bath in Europe.

Τhe Great Market Hall of Budapest sits at the Southern end of the pedestrianized shopping street, Vaci, next to the Corvinus University. Enjoy the local flavors, the smell of colorful fruits and try upstairs Langos, the salty fried dough topped with cheese and sour cream at the food stalls like locals do.

Margaret Island is the green hear of the city, a great place for rejuvenation. Stay at one of the spa hotels on the island and turn a city break into a spa break.

One of the city’s most famous landmarks is also one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings. Pay a visit to the Hungarian Parliament Building at night, when its lights are reflected in the river

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