10 Things You Shouldn’t Eat with Dentures

If you’re wearing dentures, you may be tempted to eat anything you want. But beware of certain foods that can easily break up and slip down your throat into your esophagus, like peanut butter, gummy bears, celery sticks, and carrots. You should also avoid crunchy candies like chocolate-covered raisins or hard pretzels. They may crack your dentures, which could cause pain. If you do eat these foods, be sure to rinse your dentures after eating and spit the food out.

Dentures should not be eaten with. It is advisable that dentures are removed before eating, as they can result in choking and/or food being trapped between the false teeth and gums. Below is a list of foods that you should not eat with dentures:

Peanut Butter

You should eat peanut butter while wearing dentures, as there is a slight chance of the peanut butter getting stuck in between the false teeth and gums. It is important that you remove the dentures before you eat the peanut butter, as it could cause gum inflammation.

Hard Candies

It is well known that hard candies should not be eaten with dentures. It is advisable to remove the false teeth before eating, as well as to chew the candy carefully.

Fatty Foods

When eating fatty foods, it is important to take out the dentures before eating. Eating fatty foods could lead to mild inflammation of the gum tissues and could also cause food buildup in the false teeth. The main reason it is advised not to eat fatty foods with dentures is because of the risk of hurting your teeth by biting down on a piece of fat in your mouth or accidentally getting one of your false teeth caught on a piece of fish or meat.

Gummy Candy

You should not eat gummy candies while wearing dentures, as they could get stuck between the false teeth and gums, causing gum inflammation. It is advisable to remove the dentures before eating the gummy candy.

Hot Sauces and Spicy Foods

It is advised that you do not eat any type of hot sauce or spicy foods with your dentures. While hot sauces and spicy foods may not necessarily get stuck between your false teeth, they can still cause an upset stomach which may result in food getting trapped in between the false teeth and gums.

Acidic Foods

There is a possibility that acidic foods could cause erosion of your false teeth. If you are going to consume acidic foods, they should be consumed after removing your dentures. Citrus Fruits While dentures can’t harm you, citrus fruits shouldn’t be eaten with them. It is because citrus fruits could, in some cases, stain your teeth and denture material. Also, acidic juices from citrus fruits can cause erosion of your false teeth.


The main reason that you should not eat nuts with dentures is because of the possibility of your false teeth cracking and having food get stuck in between them. Detecting cracks early on might save you from having to replace the false teeth. Also, pieces of nuts can be difficult to chew properly using dentures which could lead to you swallowing some of the nuts.


If you’re eating something really crunchy — like popcorn or chips — these foods may become lodged in your dentures and it may be difficult to dislodge. A popcorn kernel stuck between your teeth and gums can be hard to remove without professional help.

Fruits and Vegetables with a high acid content

Fruits (such as tomatoes, oranges, strawberries) and vegetables that have a strong taste (like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts) may cause erosion of denture teeth or damage the gum-dentures interface by chewing into the gum.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are notorious for staining denture material. If you have coffee or tea with your morning meal, you will want to make sure it is rinsed away before you place it in your dentures. Don’t forget to use your favorite denture care bath in order to keep your dentures clean and fresh.