TopTenCollections website was first developed in 2010 as a personal blog, but later in 2013 was the first time top ten lists were introduced in the website’s layout. List of everything on planet earth regarding automobiles, health, sports, technology, and traveling, to name a few. In 2017 we added lists of popular products people are looking to buy online, and here we are today with TopTenCollections featuring “The Best 10” of everything we could think of.

Who We Are

I’m Michail, founder of the website. I studied Geography and have an MSc in Human Geography and Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.). You may be wondering, like most of my friends, what is Geography and G.I.S., well the short version is that G.I.S. helps us visualize the world through maps. It is used for your GPS devices, it can create thematical maps, and help us understand the geographical distribution of things like crime, poverty, and so on.

I never followed a career in this field as my interests shifted towards performing arts, entertainment, and movies. I co-directed short-length movies and eventually liked the behind-the-scenes aspect so much that I started working on music videos as a cinematographer and editor. I love landscape photography and portraits, but I have also worked on documentaries.

I’m not an avid blogger, as my editing jobs are usually my priority, but I created a few websites about things I love. I love music and wanted to create a website that will allow artists to promote their work. This is why M-word Web radio was created, an internet station that houses interviews and even unplugged performances. We even have a Youtube channel full of videos from this ten years ride.

My other love is escape rooms, and since I have no interest in creating my own rooms, I made a website for business owners to list their escape rooms. Think of it as a directory with all the escape rooms in my home country, Greece, and Cyprus, listed, reviewed, and allowing players to post their comments and reviews.

This experience of building websites for users to interact, read reviews and share their own experiences lead to creating TopTenCollections.com. While I’m the founder of the website, nothing would have been possible without the help of my friends. Even though Maria doesn’t have free time to write top ten lists frequently, she had contributed a lot, along with a few others of my friends that prefer to stay anonymous.

What We Do

This is pretty straightforward. When we have to research for something to buy, either for ourselves or close friends, we try to document the process of our research. Things we considered, and factors that may affect our decisions are noted, in case any of our readers need help to find a suitable product for their needs.

I want to be honest with you. We don’t sponsor specific products, we are not given free products from companies to promote. Everything we suggest to our readers is something we managed to research until we’d like to share our experiences with. Sometimes it might take us years, other times the search is over in hours, but it’s always interesting for ourselves and hopefully for you too.

We try to suggest up to ten different products on our lists, as everyone has a different budget and needs to consider. We try to include a value for money option in our top 3 suggestions, the option we consider that gets you the most in return for your investment. When we suggest a specific product as our top recommendation, it means that it is the one we actually bought or the one we actually suggested to our friends while researching. Keep in mind that this is an ongoing process, and new products are introduced each day, so we try to update our lists to keep them fresh and include any new candidates you might need to consider while researching.

That is how Top Ten Collections was born. We keep adding new sections, product categories, and the plan is to keep notes for many more products we buy every day. To be honest, I would like to include individual reviews of the products we actually bought ourselves, but I didn’t have the time to do it the way I feel it’s right. To highlight, what I feel is a dealbreaker, and what makes each product be placed on top of our list. But we will get there, adding new content daily. I guess I might have to start posting these smaller reviews on our Facebook page, piece by piece until they are ready to be published on the website.

The Past

The passion for top ten lists started at a younger age while playing board games with my friends. We created our own board game with top ten lists in various categories like geography, history, tv, cinema, etc.

For example, playing in the “Cinema” categories, we have compiled a list with the movies that have sold the most tickets up to that date, a list only viewable to the “gamemaster,” and the rest we would try to guess which movies were on that top-ten list.

As you can imagine, for geography, we had questions like “name the 10 tallest buildings?” or “the highest mountains in the world,” and since that would be too difficult for us, we started implementing “photos” in those questions where we could “see” the answer but had to guess what we were shown… Like a game show on a TV channel where we are competing for the grand prize.

We took turns every week that would play the game, and the one who was chosen had to pick up some lists of top ten in each category for the others to play. That was the first time I had to compile lists of “Best XXX” in this category, and I must admit I had a blast back in the day.

Now we grew older and didn’t have so much free time to play as a team; I have that blast by creating top-ten lists and sharing them with the rest of the world to see. This is where I decided to create Toptencollections.com, and with the help of my friends and readers, we’ll compile all those top-ten lists.

I know this is a huge project and require a lot of time to have lists updated as those tend to change now and then, but I fear not, and as long as I have my friends and your help, this will be an ongoing project. All this wouldn’t be possible without your help.

The Future

We plan to include more top ten lists every day so stay tuned as lists regarding history, geography, cinema, music, and many more are to follow. We want to show the world what is either considered best in its category or what we think fits in the Top Ten, and that wouldn’t be possible without your feedback and suggestions.

If you feel a Top Ten list needs to be added or propose a product to be included in our lists, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment on the article, we try our best to reply to each email comment we receive. We try our best to provide up-to-date information and quality products, and if you feel you can contribute to the website, feel free to propose lists and products.

We aim to build the best website to browse when looking for top ten lists and a healthy community where people can share their points of view and suggestions. To do this, we would love to read your ideas, advice, and questions through emails and comments.

We are really easy-going people and love meeting other people who want to learn something new through top-ten lists. We are really grateful for your support, and we’ll do our best to improve. Feel free to spread our work to people that might be interested. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Our People

Efthymiou Michail - Founder

Efthymiou MichailFounder

  • MSc on Human Geography and G.I.S at the University of Leicester.
  • Member of Greek Directors’ Guild.
  • Co-Founder of Escapology.gr and M-word Web Radio
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