Are Akitas good apartment dogs

Are Akitas good apartment dogs?

Are Akitas good apartment dogs

Here are 10 reasons why Akitas make fantastic apartment dogs:

1) They are large and have a moderate energy level.

The Akita is the perfect breed if you live in a small space or don’t get home until late at night. Their independence means that they’ll be happy sleeping on your couch while you do all those things like cook dinner or watch TV so it’s easier than ever before to give this iconic Japanese breed the love and attention they deserve.

2) They are extremely well behaved when they are not being active.

An Akita’s calm demeanor and gentle nature make them dependable to be left alone in an apartment or anywhere else for that matter. So long as you have properly prepared them for their new living situation, you should find these dogs to be very easy to take care of and live with.

3) They only need to be walked 2 – 3 times a day.

Akitas need about thirty minutes a day of walking to maintain their health. Most apartment dwellers have the time to walk their dogs every day or every other day and will find that their new companion fits in perfectly with their lifestyle.

4) They are not barkers.

Lest we forget, the Akita is not a barking breed; they only bark when it’s necessary, so you won’t have to worry about them waking up your neighbors or your neighbors complaining about them.

5) Their coat doesn’t require much grooming.

This is a dog whose coat is not going to require much work if you have the time and a set of grooming supplies. Their short, smooth coats are easy to maintain, so you should be able to get by with bathing them on a regular basis, but it’s up to you.

6) They are relatively easy to train.

Many people are surprised at how easily Akitas learn new things. They are intelligent and will pick up on any training that you give them. They are not always the most eager to be trained, but they can easily be motivated with treats or rewards and given a few months of consistent training, you should have an Akita that does whatever he wants to do when he wants to do it.

7) They get along with children, other dogs, and cats.

As previously mentioned, Akitas are very tolerant of other animals and will get along with your cat or dog as if they were their own. This is yet another reason why they are great apartment dogs since almost any apartment owner has a pet of some kind. Despite their large size, Akitas are known to be rather healthy as long as they stay fit and don’t overeat.

8) They are protective of their homes and families.

It’s very common for the Akita to take on the role of “guard dog,” especially if they live in a home with another dog or children. This is another trait that can be a good thing when it comes to raising an Akita in an apartment because it means that you’ll always have a companion on alert should anybody try to intrude.

9) They like to spend time indoors because they like their humans more than any other animal.

They are very affectionate dogs that enjoy being with their human family. This makes them wonderful companions in apartment life where they get all the attention and love they need while getting to be lazy and snuggle up on the couch when it’s time for a nap.

10) They are a hypoallergenic breed.

One of the most worrisome traits that many people have when it comes to raising a dog in an apartment is the fear of allergies. Akitas have less dander than most breeds and shed only twice a year, so if you or someone you live with has allergies, this is one of the best apartment dogs.

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