Best Ab Rollers


Are you looking for an ab roller for your home gym? This is a great place to start your research! I would highlight the best ab rollers on the market for you. These are all ideal tools for strengthening and toning your core.

Ab rollers are a great tool that is essential for both beginners and advanced athletes. They are also referred to as ab wheels. They are designed as portable gym equipment that will help you train more than 20 muscles. A roller can be added to your fitness routine, work towards stronger abdominal muscles, and carve out a six-pack.

I want to highlight a few factors you can consider to narrow down your research, but let’s first have a look at the most popular options:

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Our recommended ab rollers:

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

If you are looking for an ab roller but unsure where to start your research, this is a great candidate to consider. This product from Perfect Fitness is among the most popular ab rollers on the market. Thanks to its budget-friendly price, it’s a great one to consider if you are looking for a value for money option.

What makes this ab roller unique is the built-in resistance that features a durable carbon steel spring. This design allows you to maximize muscle growth but also assists as you rollback. If you are a beginner, this is quite a handy feature that will allow you to get familiar with the motion and provide enough stability for your first steps.

I like that the roller features a wide wheel compared to other rollers. This improves stability and will help you practice your technique without worries. Moreover, the roller has ergonomic handles that allow for excellent grip. You will feel comfortable working out, even for novice users. If you have tried other rollers before but felt uncomfortable, I suggest you give this one a try before you give up.

It is designed so that the handles can be easily removed to store and transport it with no hustle. I like how compact it ease as other rollers feel cumbersome to hold due to the protruding handles. The handles also are padded for extra comfort. You won’t have to worry about blisters on your palm, a feature that many manufacturers omit, but it is quite handy.

This is an ab roller that I highly suggest having a closer look at while researching. It ticks all the boxes about what to look for on an ab roller and feels more comfortable than many models on the market. If you find it fits your budget, you can’t go wrong with this one. The ultra-wide wheel for stability and the spring mechanism for help while rolling back seal the deal.

Fitnessery Ab Roller for Abs Workout

This is another option that worth considering, primarily due to its relatively low price. This is an option that many swear by as it is a great value for money option that won’t break the bank and works as intended.

Even though this roller might not have a futuristic design, it has quite comfortable hand grips. They will allow you to perform your exercises without worries. Its large wheel will allow for excellent stability and fluid movement, even though I would prefer a wider one. For its price, this is a great tool that will help work out shoulders, arms, and tone abdominal muscle at anywhere.

The wheel features non-slip rubber that will allow you to use the roller on any surface. While it is not the ideal option for beginners, practice makes perfect. Give it some time, and you will find it very easy to use once you get the hang of it. I like the handles. Can I advise using it with a pair of gloves for an even more comfortable grip?

This feels like a strong and durable option that could withstand some beating. It might not be the most attractive option on the market, and when it comes to home gym gear, the look should be your last priority. It ticks all the boxes for comfort, stability, and safety. I f you are looking for a budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank, make sure you check it out.

June Fox Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workout

I really like the design of this ab roller, and I hope many more manufacturers opt for similar options in the future. This ab roller features detachable handles that allow you to store it taking up minimal space.

If you like to travel with the ab roller or need to take it with you to the location, you will appreciate how easy it is to store and transport. Moreover, the handle grips have a non-slip surface vital for anyone who sweats a lot while working out. This is a much safer option that will provide a better grip at all times.

I like that the ab rollers have a rebound function that will assist you while you rollback. If you are a beginner, it might be tough to perform exercises with a roller. This rebound function will come in handy to get familiar with the motion and strengthen your muscles.

Moreover, the wheel is very wide compared to most models on the market. This wider surface is ideal for someone just starting. It feels more stable than rollers with thinner wheels, and with a little practice, you will be able to perform exercises flawlessly.

This is a great ab roller that can provide smooth and fluid movement, and the rubber surface of the wheel ensures good grip at all times. Moreover, it won’t hurt your floor. If you are on a limited budget, this is probably the best candidate to start your research with. Make sure you check it out before making up your mind.

BLUERISE 2 Types Ab Roller

This ab roller is another popular choice that is a great candidate for anyone looking for a model with two wheels. Thanks to its durable construction, it’s the type of gym gear built to last for many years to come. I like that the two wheels provide excellent stability that makes working out easier for novice users.

You can choose the wheels’ placement, so placing them apart will provide excellent stability and control. Placing them next to each other gives you a great challenge for advanced users.

The ab roller is compact and portable, so if you like to carry the ab roller, you will appreciate the lightweight design. The thick metal handles are placed at 90 degrees angle and excellent grip thanks to the foam handles. They feel quite comfortable, and they are also made from sweat absorbent material. If you are sweating a lot, like me, you will find that such a feature is vital to have a good grip at all times.

This is a great option at a great price. It comes with a premium mat, so you are good to go right from the start. Thanks to its relatively low cost, I would advise anyone looking for great value for their money to have a closer look at this option.

Fitness Invention Ab Roller Wheel – 3-in-1

I wanted to include this bundle on the list since this is a great solution for beginners that need to set up their home gym without breaking the bank. This bundle features a great ab roller with a very wide base, a mat, and a jumping rope to get you started right away. If you are making your first steps towards a home gym, these will help you perform a wide range of exercises.

The ab roller features a wheel with a non-slip rubber surface that will allow for superb stability without leaving marks on your floor. Moreover, the 90 degrees handles feel comfortable and will allow for a good grip while rolling back and forth. The jump rope is also a great addition to any gym. When used along with the roller, you can cover perform full-body workouts that help burn fat and tone your muscles.

I like the wheel design that provides an extensive surface to roll on, and if you are starting on ab rollers, this is very handy. I find it quite difficult to work out with all those models that feature a narrow single wheel. I would suggest everyone try such a wider wheel before giving up. It will allow you to strengthen your muscles without having to worry about the stability of the wheel.

This is a well-designed ab roller that feels quite durable and will last for many years to come. For its price, you get a well-built roller, a great mat to work on, and a jump rope to get you started right away. What more can you ask for? I definitely recommend having a closer look at this bundle if you are setting up your home gym.

Vinsguir Ab Roller

This product from Vinsguir is a budget-friendly option that features a wide wheel design that many would appreciate. It has 90-degree handles that are nice to the touch and very comfortable. If you are a beginner for ab rollers, the ergonomic handles and the wide wheel will aid you at your first attempts.

I like that the handles feel extra comfortable in this model. If anyone is worried about blisters on their palms, this is a great option to consider having a closer look.

The wide wheel feels very durable and high-quality construction. I guess it can stand quite a beating; great news if you want to use the ab roller in a professional environment. Along with a knee pad, this can get you started at a minimal cost and start working on ab carving right away.

It is lightweight, and its compact size allows for easy transportation. You can easily and quickly disassemble it in only a few seconds, making this quite a portable solution for athletes on the go.

Despite its low price, this is a well-built product. The wheel’s soft surface will allow you to work out on any floor surface. Moreover, its two-wheel design allows for excellent stability. Definitely worth checking out before making up your mind for your next buy.

EnterSports 6-in-1 Ab Roller Kit 

If you are setting up your home gym, this is a great kit to consider while researching. You can find it at a reasonable price, and it comes with a lot more than an ab roller. Think of it as a little complete package for core training at home. You will be able to perform a wide variety of exercises with this kit, targeting all parts of your body with minimal investment. This is a high-quality set that will allow you to get started right away. A great addition to your gym for many years to come.

The ab roller features a massive 3.2″ width wheel that is ideal for beginners. It provides better stability while not restricting movement for more advanced exercises. This is a great wheel to make your first steps with, as most tiny wheels will not allow you to built confidence when starting.

Made from durable PVC, it’s built to withstand some beating. Moreover, the non-slip surface can be used on any surface without damaging the floor.

The handles are comfortable and will allow for a tight grip every time. The set also comes with resistance bands that ideal for someone starting. They will allow you to perform even more exercises with your body weight. The push-up bars complete the package allowing for a full-body workout in the comfort of your home.

I would suggest this kit to anyone starting at its great value for money option that will let you work out without compromises for a very long time. You can’t go wrong investing in a kit like this, especially if it fits your budget.

Bssay Ab Roller, Home Abdominal Exercise Equipment 

The Bssay Ab Roller is a piece of home abdominal exercise equipment. This Ab wheel is ultra-wide at 3.7 inches. This provides superior stability, allowing unrestricted movement for a more intense workout. The wheel will not wobble and holds up to 600 pounds. Made of strong stainless steel, non-slip TPR, and durable PVC, this ab wheel is superior to many others.

The way it is built ensures comfort and safety. It will not damage any flooring that it is used on because it has a rubber material cover. This ab roller has a quick and easy setup and disassembly. This makes it very portable and easy to use. I like that this option comes with two free bonus gifts that make this an excellent investment.

It comes with a resistance band that will allow you to expand the exercises you can perform. You could add resistance to your workout for a controlled return. Moreover, the bundle includes a comfortable knee pad that is quite handy to have. it will protect your knees and allow for a comfortable workout with the ab wheels.

Overall, the Bssay ab roller is great workout equipment that can be found at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a complete solution for your abs workout, this is a great candidate to consider.

LUYATA Ab Roller Wheel, 10 Pcs Ab Wheel Roller Kit

The LUYATA Ab roller wheel, a 10 piece exercise kit, is an all-inclusive ab wheel product. It comes with resistance bands, a knee mat, a jump rope, and a push-up bar. The ultra-wider roller wheelbase has a 3-inch thick wheel that is capable of holding up to 440 pounds. The wheel is made of durable non-slip rubber and strong stainless steel that ensures stability and comfort when working out.

The rubber also makes the wheel silent and prevents damage to flooring. This ab wheel can be divided into small pieces, which makes it convenient to carry. The ultra-wide wheelbase is ideal for beginners as it will allow for improved stability.

It can help you perform your exercise without worries. Once you get the hang of it, you can attach the resistance band for a more controlled return and help you build your abs efficiently.

Overall, this is a great kit that will allow for a full-body workout without breaking the bank. The LUYATA ab roller wheel is a great piece of equipment. Since it comes with a lot of bonus equipment, I would consider this a great investment in the long run. A great upgrade for any home gym, you can’t go wrong investing in this kit if it fits your budget.


This ab wheel is 5.5 inches wide, which helps ensure balance and stability. It is made out of non-slip TPR, which is strong, durable material. It is designed for safety and comfort. This ab roller can hold up to 600 pounds and can be used by nearly all men and women.

I like that this ab wheel is silent and will not damage any flooring. It is easy to assemble with detachable handles that allow you to carry on location if needed easily. An ultra-wide wheel is a great option that is ideal for beginners, allowing for great balance and stability. If you are new to ab wheels and core training equipment, you will build confidence with minimal effort.

I would consider the NANYNNU ab wheel an essential piece of equipment for any home gym. It’s well built and will last for a lifetime, making this a great investment. If you are on a limited budget looking for a durable option for core training, this is a great candidate to include in your research.

Things to consider when looking for the best ab rollers for you:

Ab wheels can help you carve out that six-pack you always dreamed of, but they are also a great tool for any fitness routine. A roller can help reduce back pain and improve posture through exercise too. They can strengthen your core muscles, and thanks to their portable design, they take minimal space and can be transported when needed. Since there are plenty of affordable options on the market, let’s address some factors that can help you pick the best ab wheel for you.


When looking to purchase the best ab roller for your gym, you need to consider whether you prefer one wheel or a two-wheel design. I would suggest a two-wheel roller design or pick a model with one wide wheel, especially if you are a beginner.

Ab rollers are straightforward to use and will let you work harder than traditional crunches. Yet it is wise to pick a roller that offers your max stability when starting. Keep in mind that using knee pads will help you with your first attempts on a roller.

Ab wheels allow great portability thanks to their compact form, so you can easily take them wherever you go. If you fancy the idea of having such a versatile tool with you on the go, pick a model that is lightweight and easy to assemble.

There are plenty of options on the market that are travel friendly and come with a storage case too. You might want to consider adding a mat in your portable kit to be able to perform abdominal exercises anywhere, no matter the surface.


Even though ab rollers tend to be quite affordable nowadays, it is wise to pick a made of durable materials to last for many years to come. Your best bet is a roller that features a steel core to be your roller’s most sturdy construction.

It is vital to make sure that the ab roller is rated for your weight before committing to a specific model. If in doubt, you should always check in-person to ensure that the ab roller can support your weight.

If you cannot test the ab roller in person, your best bet is models that feature heavy-duty dual wheels as they are less likely to break under pressure.


The primary problem beginners face with any power wheel is lack of stability. So, it is vital to look for a roller that can hold your weight, provide a comfortable grip and remain stable for the full motion.

Models with textured rubber wheels can be more stable, and the same applies to two-wheeled models. The wider the wheel, the less wobble you will face while using the ab roller. The perfect fitness ab carver is the one you feel comfortable working out with.

Look for wheel rollers that feature ergonomically designed slip-resistant grips. Having a good and comfortable grip plays a vital role in reducing hand fatigue. It allows for smooth and fluid movement for the full range of motion. Keep in mind that you work several areas at once, not only frontal abs, so it is essential to warm up and gradually increase repetitions.

If you can test the power wheels in person, make sure that it has a non-slip rubber wheel and handles that you feel comfortable with. You can opt for foam handles, but this comes down to personal preference.

Final words

Picking the right roller for you will help you work out towards the waistline you dream of without compromising your lower back’s health.

They are a great tool that can help beginners and advanced users work on their core and aim for stronger and well-defined abs. They are very lightweight, easy to assemble, and pack for store or transportation makes them an indispensable tool.

If you like to develop core muscles, body control and balance, burn fat and work on your upper and lower abs, a roller is a tool that is recommended.

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