Best above ground swimming pool covers

Pools need to be protected during the winter months, and these covers are a vital accessory. They are important for insulating the water and keeping it clean. It is important to select a good quality cover that can protect the pool for a long period of time. Our list of the best above-ground swimming pool covers will help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives today!

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Best above ground swimming pool covers

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Intex 28031E N/AA 12 ft. Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Cover

Intex 28031E N/AA 12 ft. Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Cover

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INTEX Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

INTEX Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

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Sun2Solar Blue 28-Foot Round Solar Cover

Sun2Solar Blue 28-Foot Round Solar Cover

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Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket

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Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover

Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover

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Summer Waves P4A01648B Above Ground Swimming Pool Set

Summer Waves P4A01648B Above Ground Swimming Pool Set

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18', 21', 24' Foot Round Pool Cover for Above Ground Pools.

18′, 21′, 24′ Foot Round Pool Cover for Above Ground Pools

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Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Oval Swimming Pool Set

Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Oval Swimming Pool Set

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Coleman Power Steel Deluxe Round Above Ground Pool Set

Coleman Power Steel Deluxe Round Above Ground Pool Set

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What is an Above Ground Pool Cover?

Above-ground pool covers are used to protect your above-ground pool from the harsh effects of the sun, rain, leaves, debris, and other objects that may be in contact with your pool. Above-ground swimming pool covers can also help prevent accidental drowning by keeping children out of your pool when not supervised. Once you have installed an at-home pool, you also need to protect it from the outdoor elements.

You can buy above-ground pool covers at most stores that sell pool supplies and they usually cost between $20 and $100 depending on the size of your pool and whether or not you want a mesh or solid cover.

Why Do You Need an Above-Ground Pool Cover?

Many pool owners do not use their covers or remove them completely. Although this makes sense to some extent, the problem with neglecting your pool cover is that it can cause damage to your pool and be costly in the long run.

You should always have a good quality above ground swimming pool cover on top of your own personal pool because the following are just some of the benefits that you will receive by doing so:

  • Ιf you live in a cold climate, then you should definitely have a cover on your above-ground pool for the winter because this will help to protect your pool’s liner from becoming brittle. In addition, if you have a mesh cover on your pool, the water will evaporate through the fine mesh of the cover and this can prevent damage from being done to your pool’s water chemistry.
  • Protects your pool from debris, leaves and other outdoor elements—the pool cover prevents dirt, leaves, twigs and other types of yard waste from getting into your pool which can build up over time. If you have ever had to clean a swimming pool after a windy day, you probably know just how much dirt and yard waste can pile up in a short amount of time.
  • Prevents your children from accidents—if you have young children or grandchildren who like to spend time around the pool, it is important that they stay out of the water without supervision for their own safety. The problem with this is that children often go out of sight when adults are not looking, which can result in serious accidents.
  • Helps maintain your water’s chemistry—if you do not use a swimming pool cover, there is the potential for rainwater to get into the pool and alter its water chemistry. However, if you keep a good quality above ground swimming pool cover on your own pool, this will help to maintain the water’s balance.
  • In most cases, an above ground pool cover will not provide anywhere near enough insulation to heat your pool for you. However, if you use an in-floor heating system or solar heating to warm your water naturally during the winter months, then it is possible that the pool’s temperature could increase by around ten degrees when covered.
  • Above ground pool covers are very easy to install and remove. All you have to do is unroll it, secure it with the grommets located around the edge of the pool and if there are any air pockets left under the cover, simply use your pool’s water hose to take care of this. Once you have done this, you can simply let the cover do its job of protecting your pool.

What Types of Above Ground Pool Covers Can You Buy?

Solid Pool Covers

Solid above-ground pool covers are the most common types of covers available at your local pool store. If you have a solid cover on your swimming pool, this means that it cannot be seen through which will help to prevent people or animals from falling into your pool where they may become trapped. However, if you live in an area where it snows a lot during the winter months, you may want to consider investing in an above-ground pool cover that is perforated with small holes because it will allow snow and ice to melt as it falls onto the cover.

Mesh Pool Covers

Mesh above-ground swimming pool covers are great for those who live in normally warm climates because they allow for more evaporation to take place. Mesh above ground pool covers will not protect your pool from falling leaves or twigs, but if you live in a climate where there is little rain then it is possible that this type of cover will be sufficient enough to keep your pool safe from debris and yard waste.

In addition, mesh pool covers will also provide for some insulation, and depending on the quality of the mesh, it is possible for this type of above-ground pool cover to help raise your pool’s temperature by as much as ten degrees if you have an in-floor heating system.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar above-ground swimming pool covers are designed to be used with solar water heating systems that are placed on top of the cover. If you have a decent size above ground pool, then it may be possible for some of the sun’s rays to reach your pool which will help to raise the temperature by around fourteen degrees.

Solid Vs Mesh Vs Solar Pool Covers

If you are wondering which above-ground swimming pool cover is best for your needs, then you need to consider the climate that you live in because it can have a big impact on how effective your specific type of above-ground pool cover will be.

For example, if you live in an area where there is little rain throughout the year and hardly any snow, then it is likely that a solid pool cover will be all you need. However, if your climate is the type where there are frequent rainfall and strong winds, then you need to buy a mesh swimming pool cover so that it can allow for evaporation to take place which will ensure that rainwater does not get trapped on top of your pool.

If you live in an area where the summers tend to be extremely hot and sunny then a solar pool cover will allow your swimming pool to warm up naturally by absorbing the sun’s rays, but if you live in a climate that is often cloudy or cold, then this type of pool cover will have little impact on raising the temperature of your pool.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Covers?

There are plenty of pool covers in the market to choose from, which can make your decision a challenge, but we will highlight some factors you need to consider to make an educated purchase. In this article, we will feature winter covers used to protect your pool from extreme weather conditions and feature some products that can be used as solar blankets.

The winter covers are made of durable materials that can help you keep dust, dirt, and debris away from your poll while also prevent algae growth. During the winter months, they are ideal that you are not using the pool by protecting it from wind, sun, and extreme weather conditions. Winter covers are quite popular in regions where you get a freezing winter and snow, and they are a quite affordable way to block leaves, insects, and small animals from your pool during the cooler months of the year.

On the other hand, solar blankets, also known as bubble solar covers, are designed to be used if you still like to use the pool and don’t act as safety covers. Their design help conserves energy and minimizes heat loss, which helps keep your pool warm through the day. They are lightweight and ideal for any time of the year as they protect your pool while keeping the water warm for when you decide to go for a swim.

Their main purpose is to prevent heat loss due to evaporation, and using a solar blanket can save you up to 70% of your swimming pool heating costs thanks to their ultimate heat retention and thermal insulation. Solar blankets are covered by thousands of microbubbles that help disperse the heat to the entire surface and depth of your pool. Using a solar blanket will result in a temperature increase up to 5-10 degrees Fahrenheit during the first week of use, while it can increase up to 15 degrees after a few weeks of use.

Regardless of the design you go for, you need to look for a pool cover that is large enough to cover your swimming pool. In the case of winter cover, they must be larger than your pool to cover it entirely, while you can tie down the cover and secure it for the months to come. It is advisable to go for a few inches larger cover to secure it tightly and leave room for any other accessories you might want to use, like air pillows.

Size and Shape

Before you begin the process of looking for an above-ground pool cover that will suit your specific needs, consider what size and shape is best for your swimming pool. It is important to measure the overall length, width, and depth of your pool before you buy because it can help to prevent you from buying a cover that does not fit properly.

Above-ground pool covers are available in a range of different sizes and shapes, so you need to take this into consideration before buying. If you have an oblong-shaped above-ground swimming pool, then you should buy a cover that is long enough so it can cover the entire length of your pool.

Furthermore, when thinking about size, take into consideration the depth and width of your pool because if you buy a cover that is too small, then it may not provide adequate protection which could result in an accident happening.

Ease of Installation

One of the most important considerations that you need to take into account when thinking about buying an above-ground swimming pool cover is how easy it will be to use because if you find one that is extremely difficult to put on or take off, then this could prove time-consuming and frustrating.

To prevent yourself from getting frustrated, buy a model that is easy to put on and remove, but if you want an above-ground pool cover that is extremely secure, then it may take a little longer to attach or detach.

Above-ground swimming pool covers vary in size depending on the shape and size of your pool, but you should always buy one that comes with an overhang. This is a protective measure that prevents any snow or other debris from getting into your pool during the winter months. The standard for these products is about 2 feet which will give you adequate protection, but it is always worth checking that the overhang is the right size for your pool.

Many above-ground swimming pool covers also come with fastenings such as rubber straps and buckles which enable you to attach them more sturdily to your pool. However, if yours doesn’t include any accessories, then it might be a good idea to purchase some so that it can be attached more firmly.

After all, if your cover gets blown off by the wind or washed away, then this could potentially result in damage to your pool or even an accident happening to those who could be using the pool at the time.


All above-ground swimming pool covers are designed to last for a long time, but you need to consider how long they will be able to provide adequate protection for your pool. Before you buy a cover, think about the average low temperatures that occur through the winter in your area and if there is a chance of it being extremely cold at night, then it is important that you buy a cover that can withstand these types of temperatures.

In addition, think about the average rainfall and whether or not there are strong winds in your area because this will help determine how well a pool cover will be able to prevent any excess water from entering your pool. Ensure that you pick a cover that is made from durable material. It is vital to be resistant to tearing as this can determine the life of your pool cover. As you might expect, thicker pool skimmers can last longer and do a better job protecting your pool, but keep in mind that they tend to be a little pricier even though they are worth every penny you will spend.

In the case of solar blankets, the thickness of the covers will also play a significant role in your energy savings. As you might have guessed, the thicker blankets will also retain heat a lot better. The main disadvantage of thicker covers is that they are generally harder to set up, maintain and store, but with a manual roller, you can speed up the process and save you the hassle.

For maximum durability, you should look for double-stitched and triple thick hems. Moreover, the cover should be UV resistant to withstand sun rays for many years to come. UV stabilization is vital to prevent algae growth during winter, and most pool covers feature a thick underside to ensure this. You also have to keep in mind that the cover’s color is not only important for aesthetic reasons. In fact, color plays a vital role in the pool cover’s efficiency as far as heat absorption is concerned.

Material Type

If you are wondering what type of material you should choose for your above-ground swimming pool cover, then this depends on the climate that you live in. If you are not sure what type of material you should choose, then you should ask a specialist for advice as they would be able to recommend the most suitable choice for your particular climate.

If you live in an area with a harsh climate that often experiences strong winds and rainfall, then it is best to buy an above-ground pool cover that is made of a material with high water-resistant properties. For example, if you live in an area where there are frequent thunderstorms during the summer months, then you need to consider buying a mesh swimming pool cover so that any excess water can escape through the mesh.

If you live in an area with low winter temperatures where the ground is covered in snow, then it is important that you buy a model that can withstand extreme cold. If not, then your cover could become too brittle and crack which will allow water to seep through resulting in ice forming on top of your pool’s surface.

Scrim Strength and Weight Capacity

Scrim strength is the ability of a material to withstand external forces, and it is something that you should look into before making your purchase. For example, if you live in an area where there are strong winds, then it would be wise to invest in a cover with high scrim strength because it will be able to resist these types of forces.

In addition to this, if you have a large above-ground pool, then it will need an even stronger material because there will be more force being exerted on your coverage due to its size.

You should also think about the weight capacity of your cover because this refers to its ability to hold a certain amount of weight without being damaged or sinking. If you buy a cover that isn’t strong enough, then it could rip or the wind could cause it to fly away which will not only be an inconvenience but also expensive considering you would have to replace it.

Drain Holes

Above-ground swimming pool covers with drain holes are also a good idea because they will allow you to empty any excess water that has collected on top of your pool’s surface. This is important because if the water wasn’t drained, then you would have to get out of your pool in order to remove this liquid which could be dangerous considering how cold it is outside.

Once the summer is over, you need to remove your above-ground swimming pool cover and store it somewhere safe until next year’s season rolls around again. If it isn’t removed on time, then there is a chance that it could become too brittle which will make it more vulnerable to damage.

Algae Control

One of the main problems that you might find with your pool cover is that it gets covered in algae. This is a real issue because not only does it look unsightly, but it can start to clog up your filter. If you don’t clean the algae off on a regular basis, then this could also cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your pool.

Fortunately, there are above-ground swimming pool covers that have been manufactured with an anti-algae coating which prevents the water from being affected by any algae spores or vegetation that is floating around in it. This means that you won’t have to clean off this green stuff every time you want to swim, so maintaining your pool will become much easier.

Price and Warranty

Above-ground swimming pool covers vary in price depending on the size, style, and material type, so you need to think about how much money you are willing to spend before making a purchase.

Generally speaking, it is worth paying more for an above-ground swimming pool cover that has good water-resistant properties because this will help protect your pool from any excess moisture during the winter months and strong winds.

It is also important that you buy a cover from a reputable brand as they will often provide an extended warranty for their products so if something happens to go wrong with your pool cover, then you can easily get it replaced.

Most above-ground swimming pool covers come with all of the accessories that you will need to attach it securely to your pool, but if yours doesn’t include any extras, then you should consider buying some so that it can provide adequate protection. Out of all of the accessories, a cable and lock system is vital because without one, your cover could blow off or the wind could cause it to rip.

In order to attach it more firmly, you can install a grommet on each of the holes that are already in place. This will give you some peace of mind when severe winds start to pick up.

If you are wondering what type of warranty is included with your above-ground swimming pool cover, then you will find that there are different types. Most manufacturers offer a minimum 3-year warranty on all of their products, but some may only provide coverage for 1 year. However, if the product was faulty, then you could always return it to the manufacturer for repair under their guarantee.

Pick a cover from a reputable manufacturer that comes with a long-lasting warranty. Some manufacturers even provide a 10-year warranty for their products, which is nice to have. Some reputable brands to look for include Blue Wave, Intex, Midwest, and Sun2Solar. Keep in mind that swimming pools come in various shapes and forms, with oval and round being the most common,  so you have to pick a swimming pool cover that matches your pool’s shape.

Our Recommended Swimming Pool Covers:

Intex 28031E N/AA 12 ft. Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Cover

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Cover is made of durable 7 gauge vinyl
  • Includes rope ties as well as drain holes to prevent water accumulation
  • Compatible with 12-ft. metal frame intex pools
  • 10-in. of overlap protection
  • Power source type: air powered

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Intex is a well-known and respectable brand whose pool covers are always a great option to consider. This is the largest model designed for around the pool. It features a metal frame designed to fit 12 feet over ground pools and comes with an all-purpose protection cover that you can use throughout the swimming season.

The cover is secured on this metal frame and is made of vinyl with drain holes on top that you will tie with the included ropes on the frame. If you have a 12 feet Intex pool, this is your best alternative in the market for a secure and tight fit.

INTEX Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Deluxe round pool cover
  • Uv resistant
  • Prevent water accumulation and is easily secured with the included rope ties
  • Fits 18′ diameter pools
  • Drain holes to prevent water accumulation

Last update on 27th September 2021 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is the deluxe version from Intex that features an all-purpose protection cover for your pool. It is UV-resistant and features drain holes to prevent water from accumulating on top.

The cover comes with the necessary ropes to tie it to the pool’s frame and can be found in three different sizes to choose from, ranging from 10feet to 18 feet. If you have an Intex round pool that wants to cover throughout the water, this is a great option that can easily attach to the frame without breaking the bank.

Sun2Solar Blue 28-Foot Round Solar Cover

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • ATTRACTIVE BLUE DESIGN – Sun2Solar solar blankets are made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat both at night and on those chilly days. The blue color provides an appealing look while also using the sun’s rays to help warm your swimming pool.
  • MINIMIZE WATER EVAPORATION – The use of a solar cover helps in preventing up to 95% of pool water evaporation. When not enjoying a refreshing swim, keeping your pool covered lessens the vast amount of water lost into the environment. Fill up your swimming pool less and enjoy it more!
  • JUMP INTO WARMTH – Show friends and family your bravery by jumping in without the standard toe dip. Enter the swimming pool confidently knowing the Sun2Solar solar cover has kept the water warm just for you. It’s easy to put on and take off allowing more time for showing off.
  • HEAT RETENTION – After everyone has called it a day with wrinkled fingers from too much fun in the sun, make sure to place this solar cover back atop the water. Don’t lose all of that warmth generated throughout the day when the sun sets. Assure your pool’s temperature does not drop too much by protecting it at night through use of a solar blanket.
  • TRIM TO FIT – Your pool may be uniquely shaped and getting the right fit is as easy as finding a marker and sharp pair of scissors. Have the bubbles facing down to the water and trace a line on the cover showing where you should cut off the additional material. Do so confidently knowing this won’t affect the manufacturer’s warranty—they understand.

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The products from Sun2Solar are also another great option that can act as a solar cover/heating blanket. The will help you keep your swimming pool warm utilizing the sun’s rays to retain heat on the colder days. They are designed for minimal water evaporation and maximum heat retention so you can use your swimming pool throughout the year.

You will find the covers in two color variations, blue and clear, while you can order any size you need to cover, even the largest of pools. Even if you have a unique shaped pool, these covers can easily trim to fit any shape with only scissors. Overall, after a cover that can act as a heating blanket, this is your best choice today.

Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools

Honourable Mention
8.8/10 Our Score
  • RETAINS HEAT – Insulating thermal cells trap heat and retain warmth on cool cloudy days allowing you to swim in warmer water all summer long
  • LONG-LASTING – Created with UV-protected polymer, our solar blankets are resistant to the deterioration caused by chemicals and UV radiation
  • EXTENDS THE SEASON – This high-quality 8-mil solar blanket uses passive heating to raise your swimming pool’s temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit
  • REDUCE EVAPORATION: Prevent up to 95% of pool water and chemical evaporation with the use of a solar blanket. This reduction of evaporation is not only environmentally friendly, it will save you time and money, as well
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY – Your product comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty

Last update on 27th September 2021 / Affiliate Links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Finally, the solar blankets from Blue Wave are a great choice for anyone with a limited budget. You can find these covers in plenty of sizes and shapes to choose the one that fits the pool best and come at an attractive price, so they are a great budget-friendly option.

They are designed to prevent water evaporation and keep your pool warm with their passive heating design. They are made of UV-resistant material that will stand the test of time against UV radiation and chemicals. Overall a great solar cover for your pool can be acquired at a reasonable price online, so it is definitely worth checking out.


What Is the Best Way to Cover an Above Ground Pool?

Choosing the best way to cover an above-ground pool will depend on what you need. For example, if you want a cover that offers protection from strong winds, then simply attach a cable and lock system to it which provides extra support.

If your biggest concern is making sure the water in your pool doesn’t get contaminated by leaves or other natural materials, then you should invest in a durable cover that has been manufactured with an anti-algae coating.

How Long Does It Take to Cover a Pool?

In general, covering your above-ground pool will take around 10 or 15 minutes. However, if you need the cables and locks as well as the pump system to be attached to the cover, then it will take longer to complete this task.

Should I Remove My Above Ground Pool Cover in Spring?

It is important that you remove your above-ground pool cover when spring arrives so you can prepare the water and get the pump system ready for the new season. If you don’t do this, then there is a chance that your pool might become unusable because any algae spores that are on your cover could contaminate it.

How Do I Store My Above Ground Pool Cover?

If you need to store your above-ground swimming pool cover, then most manufacturers advise you to keep this in a dry location so it doesn’t get damaged or become brittle. This means avoiding places where moisture could be an issue.

Should I Buy a Cover With Drain Holes?

While an above ground swimming pool cover that doesn’t have drain holes may seem like the best idea due to its low cost, this is more of a problem than it is an advantage because the water will just sit on top of your pool surface instead of being drained naturally by the sun.

How Do I Remove an Above Ground Pool Cover?

Removing an above-ground pool cover is generally straightforward, but there are some covers that can become difficult to remove if they have extra attachments on them. If you do encounter this problem, then it might be best to contact the manufacturer or invest in a different type of cover.

Do Above-Ground Swimming Pools Come With Hard Covers?

Some above-ground pool manufacturers may offer you the option of purchasing an extra hardtop with your pool. These types of covers are clear so people can still see through them, which is why they are often used in public areas where children will need to be protected at all times.

Are They All Suitable For Winter Season?

An above-ground pool cover does not necessarily mean that you can use it all year round since they are usually designed for one particular season. This means that it is best to purchase a cover for winter if you intend on using your pool in this period.

Will a Cover Prevent Water Evaporation?

The main benefit of using an above-ground swimming pool cover is that it prevents evaporation since the cover will form a seal around your pool. This means that you won’t have to keep adding water every few days to keep the levels up, which makes having a pool much easier and cheaper in the long run.

Is It a Breeding Ground For Germs and Mold?

Most above-ground pool covers are treated to prevent mold and other germs from being able to grow on the surface. However, you should still clean your cover every few weeks just in case something does manage to grow despite this precautionary measure.