Best Air Bike For Your Home Gym


Assault bikes have gained popularity in recent years thanks to CrossFit enthusiasts. They are claiming their place in every gym. They are stationary bikes, driven by belt or chain drive, but their design makes them unique. They are engineered to pedal and push with your arms at the same time to move the massive fan blades integrated on the front. I want to highlight some factors to consider while searching for the best air bike for you, but first, let’s see some alternatives on the market:

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Our Recommended Air Resistance Bikes

Assault Bike

The Assault Air Bike is the most popular option on the market today and definitely worth a closer look while researching. You can easily tell this is a commercial grade piece of equipment built to last. The all-metal frame means this is quite a heavy bike. This may not be suitable for those who would like to store it once they finish their air bike workout. If you are into Crossfit and Functional, you definitely have heard of this model. If you would like to train for CrossFit games, this is the best option for you.

The digital display comes with some built-in routines to get you started, but you can easily customize your sessions to your liking. It is pretty straightforward to use and provides information like calories burned, time, and speed to track your workout. Moreover, you can check your heart rate by connecting a compatible heart rate transmitter. It features a 27-inch steel fan responsible for the resistance on your pedals and adjustable handlebars and seat.

If you are coming from stationary bikes, you will be amazed by this one. The built quality is excellent, the seat adjustments are amazing, you won’t find anything like this on typical stationary bikes. You can set target heart rate, custom intervals and set this bike to your liking, so if you get one, you will most likely use it daily on your fitness routines. It is ideal for warm-ups and can result in some killer workouts of your whole body as no other bike can.

This is an excellent upgrade to any gym. If you are looking for a great value for money air bike for your garage, this is your best bet for full-body training. Its only rivals are the Rogue Echo and Schwinn Airdyne, which are excellent choices as well, but you need to invest a lot more. If you are on a tight budget looking for the best investment right now, I will go for the Assault air bike. I would like to avoid the chain drive, but the Echo and the Airdyne are way pricier than this model. I would argue that Assault bikes and used Airdynes are your best investment for the time being unless you can find the Echo at a discounted price. Depending on your country, it might cost half price more, or even 100% more if you include the shipping cost. Look for Black Friday deals of used ones; otherwise, buy the Assault Bike and get a great deal at a great price.

Overall, a great fan bike, probably the best one available at its price range. If you are looking for a durable air bike to complement your high-intensity interval training, make sure you check this one out. The only drawback of this model is that it is designed to work with a chain drive. This means it will require regular lubrication and maintenance from you.

Body Rider Air Bike

This option from Body Rider is another popular model, and thanks to its attractive price, this is a decent air bike to consider. It is a well-made fan bike that can help you work your upper and lower body without breaking the bank. The steel frame makes this quite a stable option and features two handlebars and an adjustable seat for a smooth ride. It shares the same design as air bikes with a large fan on the front yet at a lower price, making this attractive for anyone with a limited budget.

It is very straightforward to use and features a digital console that provides plenty of information. You can check time, speed, distance, and calories burned. A sturdy option that can get you started with your home gym. You can train your upper and lower body, and it is lightweight enough to move if needed. If I were you, I would go straight for our number one pick, yet this is the most budget-friendly option worth investing in.

Marcy AirBike

The Marcy fan bike is the best option for athletes that fancy the idea of fan resistance but are afraid to invest in an Assault bike. In fact, this is among the cheapest options you will find in our list and on the market in general, so if you are on a tight budget, this is the place to start. The Marcy bike is a great option that will allow you to try air resistance exercise at your home gym’s comfort and easily store it when not needed. This is a portable solution that you can store easier thanks to its transport wheels and lightweight compared to the Assault air bike.

The bike features an LCD screen with the technology to provide you with all the necessary information for your workout. You can track rpm, distance, speed, and calories burned. Nothing fancy, a straightforward interface that even beginners can use. The Marcy differs from the Assault bikes in its design as this is a fan bike that features a resistance knob to adjust the tension of your workout. If you are looking for a bike for your home gym but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is a powerful product you can consider. On the other hand, if you want to invest in an air bike for its fan resistance, you may be disappointed.

Stamina X Exercise Bike

This model from Stamina X is quite a popular choice, and thanks to its attractive pricing, it is sold out most of the time. If you are looking for a budget air bike that you can find it on the stock, you should definitely take a closer look. The Stamina X offers a very comfortable seat that can be adjusted to your liking. The two handles will allow you to work on your upper body at the same time you cycle. If you like to store the bike when not needed, you will appreciate its carrying handle and transportation wheels.

The unit features a large LCD that allows you to track time, distance, calories, heart rate, watts, and plenty more information. This machine is built like a tank and will stand the test of time. Considering its attractive pricing, I would suggest you take a closer look while researching. Especially if you are not interested in premium-priced air bikes.

Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr

As you might have guessed, Sunny Health and Fitness couldn’t be without an air resistance bike in their lineup. The Zephyr is on our list as the most affordable model you will find online. You can expect the same high quality you can expect from any bike from the company, well built and solid construction. The bike features adjustable arms with foam grips and a wide seat that is also adjustable in height. I would like it to offer more adjustments like on the Assault Bike, but it is too much to ask for at this price range.

This model has a screen that will allow you to track your workout basics. It will provide information on calories burned, distance traveled, and speed, among others. It might not be the best option on this list, but it is ideal for someone willing to invest a little less than a fortune for an air resistance bike. If you are willing to compromise on built quality and levels of resistance adjustments, this is a great exercise bike for its price range.

Criteria to consider when looking for air resistance bikes?


Air bikes work based on physics and the basics of air resistance, as the harder, you pedal the harder it is for the fan to speed up. This can be a great fun exercise, but it can also test your mental endurance since you are in complete control of the resistance. The countless benefits of cycling indoors will help you make up your mind no matter which sport you are into.

The fact that you work both upper and lower body simultaneously makes your blood pumping and increases your metabolic rate like no other. In fact, you can burn a lot of calories in such a short time that many spin bike classes can only dream off. Are you ready to improve your strength and stamina with this multi-tool at the comfort of your home gym?

You can use them as an intense warm-up before pumping some iron, or even better, leave it last for the ultimate boost for your metabolism. They are a perfect addition to any garage gym and worth investing in one, especially if you’re into HIIT style or like the challenges while training.

If you are looking for a way to burn calories and stress levels, air bikes are the ultimate solution. I want to highlight a few factors you can consider while researching to help you narrow down your search.

Belts or Chain Drives?

In most cases, these fan bikes are of great built quality. They can withstand some beating and, in fact, are among the most durable options to add to a gym. You will find models on the market that feature either a single stage belt or a chain drive. This can help you narrow down your list depending on your preferences. Above all, make sure you check its weight capacity, as not all models are suitable for users weighing than 300 pounds.

The belt drive is a rubber belt that transfers motion from your pedals. They are pretty quiet as a mechanism and built to last for many years to come with the least maintenance. On the other hand, chain drives will need you to keep them lubricated and tightened to work as intended. If you keep an eye on your chain drive, it can serve you for many years of performance.

Built Quality

Try to avoid the cheapest models on the market, as in most cases, they had to cut corners to keep the price low. There is always the risk that cheaper compartments might leave your bike out of service. You will find out that stage belt drives are used on higher-end models, whereas chain drives are used to manufacture affordable air bikes.

If you plan to use the bike for long periods of time, you need to remember this is quite an investment, and it is wise to get it right from the first time. Look for a robust model and can handle the test of time, avoiding any low-budget options you may come across. A powder coat frame with solid steel cranks will allow for a stable performance without wearing and tearing as years pass by.

In the long run, it is better to invest in a great piece of equipment for your home gym that you will enjoy for many years to come. This way, if you want to replace it with something else, it will have retained its market value.

Goal monitoring and data tracking

Display for Calories, speed and distance tracking

The air bikes on the market range from stripped-down bikes to ones with high-end consoles. Look for models that come with features you will be using daily. In most cases, you will track common data like time, speed, calorie goal program, and distance. Moreover, it may be handy for some to look for models with built-in heart rate monitors. Moreover, some models come with built-in programs that can help you get started. While it comes down to your personal preferences, having a great digital console that can help you monitor your workouts is a great feature to have. It will allow you to get better over time.

Extra Features

Some models feature USB ports on their console, which can be handy for anyone who wants to charge their mobile phone. Moreover, there are air bikes that feature Bluetooth connectivity. While these are very handy to have, the main factor to consider is the size of the LCD display and the amount of information you have access to at a glance. This will determine how easy it is to use the on-screen information and switch programs without navigating into the menu for simple tasks.

Check out its weight capacity, adjustability, and ease of assembly 

Comfortable Seat

It isn’t easy to create an air bike that is suitable for every body shape in the world. It is vital to make sure that your choice can handle various adjustments. The seat should not only be comfortable to sit on, but you should also be able to reposition it up or down to match your body shape and height. It is wise to try the assault bike and its padded seat first hand before committing to a model. Make sure you pick a model with a water bottle holder included or at least get one to attach yourself.

Adjustable Handlebars and Footrests

It is vital to make sure you feel comfortable keeping the handlebars moving with low impact. The same can be said for the footrests. You might want to work on your upper body, for example, and need a convenient footrest so you can move your feet from the pedals.

Weight and Portability

The weight of the assault bike may be a huge factor for some. These air bikes are built like a tank, so they are much heavier than regular stationary bikes. If you find yourself needing to move the bike around your gym, you should look for models that feature wheels on the bottom. This can help you transport it when needed.


It is wise to pick fitness equipment from reputable brands. Not only do they hold their market value (in case you need to resell), but they are also backed by a long-lasting warranty, especially for parts and labor. Keep in mind that, like most fitness equipment, these bikes need to be maintained to work as intended. Picking a model from a trusted brand will save you some headache.

Assault Fitness Airbike, Schwinn Airdyne and Rogue Echo Bike are ideal for HIIT full-body workouts.

Look for an air bike from brands like Schwinn, Rogue, Concept 2, or on a limited budget to pick a used one from local or online marketplaces. This is a great investment for your gym and a great addition to your cardio equipment. Try to avoid cheap alternatives and buy the right one for you from the start.