Best Crossfit Jump Rope


Jump ropes have always been a great cardio workout that athletes added to their daily routines. Nowadays they have gained a lot of popularity thanks to CrossFit gyms and even more people decide to invest in jump ropes in order to improve their cardiovascular health. I would like to highlight a few factors you could consider in order to narrow down your research for the best jump rope for you, but first, let’s see the most popular options on the market:

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Our recommended Crossfit Jump Ropes:

Elite Surge 3.0

Improve your spin control and efficiency with the new features provided by this double under speed rope— the Elite Surge 3.0. For a much smoother spin, they offer you a new ball bearing design. They have a simple cable resizing and replacement system with only the use of adjustable screws.

Its handles measure 5 inches long, and each weighs 1oz. To allow you great control over rotating the rope and avoiding sweating, foam grips are placed on the thin handles. With it being lightweight, you can make as fast as 7 revolutions per second.

Recommended use for the rope is indoors; however, if you plan to exercise outdoors and on rough surfaces, then you will need a jump rope mat when using it. This product also comes with a free storage bag.

EliteSRS Bullet COMP

The EliteSRS Bullet COMP speed jump rope now comes with a newly improved head design and a feature nearing a friction-less spin that will allow you to make quick adjustments in replacing a cord. With that, this does not require any tools or whatsoever. Thus you will only have to use your fingers in resizing and replacing.

Each handle weighs 1oz and measures 5.5 inches long. With the handles having a slip-protect knurl grip and anodized aluminum, this makes it an incredibly smooth and fast rope to use with the extra dual steel ball bearings in the handle.

This product used high-quality steel bearings for the aluminum handles, so you do not have to worry about the jump rope breaking or corroding. Additionally, a drawstring bag is included upon purchase.

EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0

An upgraded jump rope with improved speed handles, the EliteSRS Elite Surge 2.0 is a chosen product of experienced athletes. It has good quality handles, feels lightweight, and a durable cable.

As a result of using patented dual ball bearing handles, this will quickly help you advance in achieving smooth spins with your double under. You will also get to know more about your rhythm upon using it.

Furthermore, it has an adjustable length that can be fixed and matched swiftly to your likings with a screw or collar system. It is also compatible with 6 different types of cables, such as the Ultra-Thin Cable, 3/32” Nylon Coated Cable, PVC Freestyle Cord, and the likes.

RPM Session 4

With its newly enforced stem, the RPM Session 4 makes it the strongest RPM rope to date. It has a dual bearing system for a smoother and faster spin, and thinner sidewalls to make it more lightweight. It also has a patented dual-axis rotation that allows your handles to stay in place on the end of the rope whilst eliminating the increasing force in the cable.

It is built with a 12ft length clear coated cable; however, it is still suitable with all colors of both bare and coated cable. This comes in 100% precision aluminum handles with a 5-year product warranty.

Crossrope Get Lean Set

The Crossrope Get Lean Set is the first jump rope system built to help you in achieving your weight and fitness goals. It has a highly rated app in Apple’s app store and Android play stores that lets you have effective workouts wherever you go.

You can switch from light to heavy (or vice versa) workouts as fast as seconds with Crossrope’s Get Lean Set fast clip connection. Another added feature is its weighted tangle-free ropes for beginners to learn jumping easily.

Enjoy your skipping ropes with Crossrope’s 2020 newly improved handles that can let you use it comfortably with it now being lighter and shorter.

Sonic Boom M2 Speed Jump Rope

Designed to be faster than ever, the Sonic Boom M2 Speed Jump Rope will have you train harder, aim for better progress, and break your goals in record time.

It has 360-degree premium grade ball bearings, anti-slip grips, and for extras; it is designed to be the best of all Crossfit’s jump rope from top to bottom. This will let you achieve smooth spinning and super-fast rotation when used in your cross rope. There’s also a free carrying bag included and free online course training.

This is a patent-pending, self-locking, and screw-free jump rope. As to its cables, you can adjust it to your desired length with the 2 adjustable, 10ft polymer-coated speed cables.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

The WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope is a great cut for a double under speed jump rope. It’s time to stop with the singles and go for doubles! This is customizable with just a quick snip of a wire cutter; sooner or later, you would see yourself doing multiple double-unders swiftly.

Besides being fast, with its stable swing, you can easily recover from any inaccurate swings and prevent further injuries. The WOD Nation Speed Jump rope has undeniable durability that will last you for a long time and provide guaranteed satisfaction.

For usage, it is advisable to use on smooth surfaces only. Do not use it on cement or any rough surfaces as it will damage the coating on the cable.

Master of Muscle WOD Whipper Jump Rope

The WOD Whipper Jump Rope has a high quality performance and durability, proven and tested by Elite Athletics.

It provides no interruptions with your workout as it secures you with no kinking, tangling, or bending. This also comes complete with a carrying case, and with its compact and light features, you can have your workouts anytime and anywhere you would like. This can fit in any woman’s and men’s small bag.

Another, the rope is adjustable and will fit any height so you can get the right jump every time. Fixing the length of the cables is easy and quick with the use of adjustable screws.

Ballistyx Jump Rope

A jump rope great for fitness enthusiasts; the Ballistyx Jump Rope is a great choice for whoever wants a boost of their ability, agility, and a more toned body. Its designs have been well thought out and with serious athletes kept in mind.

The Ballistyx Jump Rope can help in enhancing your speed with the equipped 360 degrees rotating weighted cable. This also has long-lasting durability with a flexible power cable that would not kink, splinter, or snap. With its great construction, it is proven that they will give you 100% satisfaction upon using. Best of all, they offer a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee with every purchase!

DEGOL Skipping Rope

A fitting jump rope for improving your stamina, speed, and muscle tension of your body!

Unlike other fitness skipping ropes, it has a ball bearing system that can prevent any twisting of your ropes. It makes sure you get a stable and relaxed rotation as the jumping rope can be a little heavy. This is also designed with a 9ft long rope that can be set upright with your height. Not only adults but also children can use it.

You can even have great comfort when using it since its lightweight handles are provided with 6 inches soft EVA memory foam grips. We trust that you can use this for a lifetime as the braided steel wire rope has PVC coating to avoid snapping or wearing out.

Things to consider when buying a jump rope for CrossFit:

Jump ropes are great for anyone that looking to improve their agility, balance, dexterity, and endurance. Not only you will be able to improve your heart health, but you will also burn a massive amount of calories on the way. They are a great investment for any athlete, and thanks to their reasonable pricing there is also a budget-friendly addition to any gym. Since there are plenty of models on the market to choose from, I will try to highlight some key factors you can consider in order to pick the right jump rope for your needs.


One of the first things you need to consider is the length of the jump rope you are interested in. There are plenty of models that feature a fixed length which is a budget-friendly option to consider. The truth is that if you are the only one using the jump rope you will most likely never need to make adjustments to its length. If you find that the jump ropes will be used by more athletes, a model with adjustable length is a better investment.

The jump ropes are a case where one size fits all doesn’t apply. Taller athletes will need way longer ropes while shorter athletes will be able to exercise only when there is no excess rope. A jump rope can be quite affordable, so it is wise to go for a model that will allow you to pick the best length for you right from the start, even if you don’t adjust it ever again. In case you can’t try the jump rope in-person look for specifications and details from their manufacturer and keep in mind that the length of the jump rope is commonly referred to as static length.


You will find plenty of models on the market that greatly vary in weight and thickness of the rope. Take into consideration that thicker and heavier ropes are ideal for beginners that are starting out. A heavy and thick rope will allow you to slowly gain better control over its movement and build coordination as you progress.

On the other hand, advanced jumpers and anyone interested in double jumps would be better off investing in thin and light ropes. Such options are commonly referred to as speed ropes and have a 2mm diameter as they can be among the fastest option you can find on the market. Obviously, there is no rule, and comes down to personal preference, you are free to choose the model you feel more comfortable working out with.


Jump ropes are made from a wide range of materials, each with different characteristics, so picking the best type of jump rope for you can be a headache. You will find models made of plastic, vinyl, rubber, nylon, wire, while there are also products with actual rope or leather which are less common.

Products made with thin wire have usually 1.1mm or 1.3mm diameter and can help you move extremely fast. The downside is that they are difficult to feel and can be very painful if they hit you. They are an excellent choice for double unders and competitive athletes, but they are far from ideal for novices.

Nylon cables are a very popular option as they are still pretty fast while slower than a thin wire. You get a better feel of the motion of these cables and will allow for better control. The fact that they are very durable and inexpensive makes them a great investment for anyone into CrossFit.

Try to avoid jump ropes made of leather or rope as they tend to wear out pretty fast. If you are interested in working out outdoors, you can find products that feature outdoor rated cables. They are designed to be long lasting and withstand some beating on rough surfaces.


Last but not least, the handles play an important role so you need to consider which type you prefer. You will find models that feature a 90 degrees connection, a direct connection, or a ball bearing connection. Some jump ropes even allow for interchangeable cables which can be a handy option. If you are not familiar with each type of handle, it is advisable to take a closer look in person and try the jump ropes yourself in order to have a first-hand experience. It comes down to personal preference but I would suggest you have a closer look at ball bearing connections which I find have less wear and tear while allowing for smooth rotation.

Models with plastic handles might be a good option for beginners, but I would suggest you avoid them if you are looking to invest in a jump rope. You should take a closer look at jump ropes whose handles feature contour and padding, as these will be more comfortable for your workouts.

Final words

Skipping ropes are an excellent exercise that you shouldn’t leave out of your workout. It is proven that it increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, while also burning a huge amount of calories. They are ideal for traveling as they can easily fit if your travel bag, allowing you to workout even far away from your gym. They are a piece of equipment that worth investing in as they will last for many years to come, and while you can start with single humps, you can easily train for double unders with any of recommended models.