Best Dip Stations


Dip stations are a great addition for any gym, since they can be used for muscle mass, toning and injury recovery. Dips are probably the best exercise for triceps but it is also great for the upper body in general. Such an exercise equipment will allow you to work with many muscle groups and improve your strength training without breaking the bank.

I would like to highlight some factors you may consider in order to narrow down your research for the best dip stations for your needs, but first, let’s have a look at the 10 best dip stations on the market:

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Our recommended dip stations:

I would like to highlight the 10 best options you should consider having a closer look while researching. Some of them are great value from money options, while others are excellent choices for anyone looking for portable and easy to store solutions. It’s up to you to decided but here are our top picks that definitely worth a closer look:

BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip Stand

This is a multi-function, adjustable dip stand that can be a great addition to any gym. Made of heavy duty steel, this is a model that can withstand the test of time and allow you to work on wide range of exercises without breaking the bank.

In fact, thanks to its attractive pricing this is a great budget friendly option for anyone just starting at body weight exercises and I would consider this among the best dip bars for calisthenics.

Its designs allow you to perform dips, pull ups, push ups and leg raises, to name a few, and thanks to its 500 pounds capacity you can easily expand to weighted dips as you progress with your upper body exercises. The padded handles are comfortable and will allow you to work safely and with less fatigue.

For its price, this is a worthy candidate for your gym and I would highly recommend having a closer look at this one if you are interested in a well built dip station at a great price.

Ainfox Power Tower

If you are looking for a great power tower to add in your gym, this is a great option that will allow you to work on plenty of exercises apart from dips. The product from Ainfox features are pull up bar on top, steel construstion, arm and back cushions for a sturdy and comfortable station. This stand features a 550 lbs weight limit which is plenty to start working with your body weight but also progress to weighted dips and pull ups in the future.

It is reasonably priced, in fact it is among the cheapest power tower on the market, making this a great investment for those with limited budget. It is quite easy to assemble and can tear down to pieces for easy transportation if needed.

Overall a great construction that will allow you to train back, chest, shoulder, leg and abdominal muscles without breaking the bank. This is a great investment for any home gym.

GoBeast Dip Stand with Stability Bar

I wanted to include this dip bars in our recommendation as this is quite portable that you can easily take it with you if need it, or remove the center piece for easy storage. This is one of the best options to consider if you have limited space yet want a dip stand that won’t break the bank. The GoBeast dip stand might not be the most sturdy model in this list, yet it has a weight capacity of 330 lbs which is plenty most users.

It will allow you to work on a wide range of exercises and with the release of the lock pick you will have two bars taking up very little space to store it when not needed. The downside is that it won’t allow for weighted dips and some will miss the adjustable handles.

In fact, it is vital to check in person whether you feel comfortable to work on this dip station or not, since taller athletes might have a hard time. Overall, if you are a looking for a portable and easy to store dip station this is one you can start your research.

Fuel Pureformance Dip Station

If you are into Calisthenics you might already have bought rings for your gym. This dip station is a great option for anyone that wants to get into rings but haven’t made up their minds yet. The rings will allow you to train your upper body with plenty of exercises you might have never thought before.

This is a sturdy and versatile dip station that will allow you to work on your muscle groups providing a stable and durable station you can rely on. It is made from 14 gauge steel and it is built to last for many years to come, while its powder coat finish will prevent rust.

Overall, for its price this is a great budget friendly option that will allow you explore body weight exercises with ring. If you find its height is right for your body type, this is a model you can’t go wrong with.

GoBeast Free Standing Dip Station

There are people you prefer free standing dip stations and pull up bars, and this product from GoBeast is ideal for them. They are quite a popular option for home gyms since you can get a sturdy pull up bar along with your dip bar eliminating the need to drilling holes on the wall or taking up much space.

If you are limited on floor space you will love this design as you can collapse it to pieces if not needed, taking up minimal space. Moreover, this design allows you to transport your free-standing station anywhere with no compromises. You can take it outdoors and enjoy working out in your backyards in you want to.

The unit comes with a large storage bag that is ideal if like the idea of taking it anywhere for your next workout.Overall, for such a small investment you get a great all around piece of equipment that you will enjoy using on a variety of exercises. It is ideal for plenty of core and arm muscles exercises, so if working on your upper body is a priority, you won’t go wrong with this one.

Relife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station

I wanted to include this dip station on this list as I think it is great value for money if you are looking for a sturdy and low budget option for your home gym. Considering its low price this is a well built option that comes with plenty of features you won’t find in cheap products, for example, it features adjustable height which is quite handy for a dip bar.

The dip station is rated for 300 lbs weight capacity which is enough for most users but it can be limiting if you like to try weighted dips. Overall a solid construction that features holes for connecting the rods to your desired length for maximum stability.

If you are interested in such a design, I would suggest to go for a this design that features a center pole to connect the two dip bars, as this adds a tone of stability for beginners. Moreover, it allows for easy storing the dip station when no needed as it takes so little space. Overall, if you are looking for portable dip bars, this is a great value for money option worth considering.

Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar

The dip bars from Ultimate Body Press is quite a popular option you can find at an affordable price. This dip bar is a great alternative for tall people or heavier users as it is able to accommodate athletes up to 6.5 feet tall thanks to its innovative design. With a weight limit of 350lbs, this is a dip station built to last for a lifetime and will help you also work with weighted dips in the future.

Another reason people opt for this model is its compact design that allows you to fold it for transportation or storage without the need for tools. If you feel like moving the dip station often you will really appreciate this concept. Moreover, you can easily attach agility trainer accessories that are sold separately and expand the range and intensity of your workouts.

Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower

If you are willing to invest a little for for your dip station, this power tower is a excellent choice to consider at its price range. In fact, this is among the cheapest dip stations with this form factor and definitely worth every penny you invest. It is very stable and thanks to its multi-function design you will be able to perform a wide range of exercises.

At this price range this is an excellent option for body weight training. Exercises like pull-ups, push ups, dips, knee and leg raises, you name it, this power tower is your best bet. With 280 lbs weight capacity you can even expand your routines with weighted dips and pull ups worry free. Overall, a highly recommended tower power, if you like this form factor you can’t find a better value for money option.

Things to consider when buying a dip station:

A dip station is a versatile tool that helps you perform a total body workout and train many muscle groups at the same time. They can be found in various form factors, so you will see them referred to as dip stands and dip bars too, depending on their design. I would like to highlight a few factors you can consider while researching for your next purchase, a dip station that will allow you to effectively work your triceps, chests and shoulders from the safety of your home gym. 


One of the first things that comes to mind when referring to gym equipment is their built quality and durability. Like with all the equipment associated with strength training, you are looking for a solid build that can provide stability and safety.

Regardless of your fitness levels, the best option on the market will have a solid metal frame that is intended for heavy use. Your best bet is heavy duty steel tubing for the frame of the dip station, which can take some beating. 

Weight capacity

This is a factor that is usually overlooked, yet it is vital to check that the dip station you choose has a high weight capacity. While for a beginner that likes to do bodyweight exercises this might sound extreme, it is wise to keep a dip station that can handle way more than your weight.

As you progress you will eventually want to try weighted dips, so picking a dip station that doesn’t have a high weight limit will limit your options a lot, or even worse have to upgrade in the near future.

Since the dip station is a great investment for your home gym, it is wise to buy the right product for your needs right from the start, while also allowing some room if you decided to train perform dips with extra weight. 


You will find plenty of models on the market so it is essential to pick a design that matches your needs. Any of them will allow you to perform your favorite body work out from the comfort of your home, yet some might take way more space than others. Try to pick a dip stand that can easily fit in your space, and if you find yourself with limited space you might want to opt for an easy to store model in order to save space when not in use. 

Keep in mind that you want the dip station to be stable in order to perform a wide range of exercises safely. Try to look for lightweight dip stations if you need to move it occasionally, but also look for models that feature a wide base for extra stability. Ideally you want a model that has a non slip, wide base that can easily fit in your allocated space.  

It would be wise to try the dip stations in person if you can, since you will have the option to try its grips for traction and comfort. Insect the foam grips closely, as this is the place there they can split and tear from use. Last but not least, it is vital to pick a dip station that is at the right height for you or can easily be adjusted so that its foam grips are in line with your hips.

Make sure you pick a product from a reputable manufacturer that is backed by a long lasting warranty. Look for models that are made of steel tubing and are powder coated for maximum resistant to rust, especially if your considering adding this to your garage gym.

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