Best Fortnite Players

We all like to play Fortnite but there are some people out there that are absolutely awesome! We picked our Top Ten Fortnite Players we could find at Twitch and Youtube but you are more than welcome to share your favorite streamers in the comments since 10 are way few and we had to leave many great gamers outside this Top Ten….. So let’s have a look at our picks:


Ninja is one of the greatest Fortnite players at the moment and has gained great exposure with his unbelievable sniper shots! We love the fact that he participates and donates a lot at charity events. To be honest no Top ten list would be complete without Ninja in it. We are more than excited for his new partnership with Redbull and we are eager to see what the future holds… Let’s remember some of his sniper kills that made him widely known but also have a look at his channel and don’t forget to subscribe.

Nick Eh 30

Nick is one of the best builders out there and his speed on editing is remarkable! I personally never miss his daily live streams so I would highly recommend to subscribe at his channels too. He is gained more exposure every day and I love to see him taking part of all those Fortnite tournaments. That is a close second place to have a look at one of his latest videos to judge for yourself.

TSM Myth

Let me just say that Myth and Nick are the best builders out there. Now that this is out of the way I should also mention that Myth is the first one that comes to my mind when I think of highlight videos. I think we all have seen highlights videos on youtube but damn Myth is in every highlight video out there. To be honest this is not a surprise as he posts daily videos of awesome plays.


Upshall is my second favorite Youtube live streamer together with Nick Eh 30. Due to the time difference of their live streams, I tend to watch Upshall first and then put Nick Eh 30 just when the first one finish live streaming. What more can I ask than straight all day live streaming with two of the best players out there?


The part the I like about Dakotaz is that the daily uploads youtube videos but also take the time to play with all the new updates every week. Since Fortnite is updating weekly it’s nice to have someone to follow that would use all the new guns, try every new skin and give an opinion for every fortnite updates apart from the regular highlights. It’s highly advisable to follow his channel if you would like to be up to date like and you’ll thank me later.


If you fancy great wins with lots of kills then you would love Tfue. I personally love the facts that he goes for high kills games in every video since I’m fed up with all those “pro” that put videos with 5-10 kills wins. I like his aggressive playstyle and I think you’ll like it too.


The thing I love about Sypher is that he puts a lot of effort to produce “how-to” videos for his audience. It is nice to share knowledge on the game and Sypher tries to explain his gameplay, sometimes review viewer’s videos and moreover, we’ve seen him play with his audience too. I think all those three are vital for a successful youtuber and he deserves his place in our top ten list.


I mostly like the random duos he is doing but you should also expect a lot of great gameplay. Great high kills games for those you like to see 20+ kills.


Love his “challenges” videos more than anyone else. I must say that in his videos you’ll see the best teamwork in Fortnite up to date.

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