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If you are a pro video gamer or even if you play as a hobby you have seen such gaming keypads for sure. They are quite popular for FPS games where you would like to bind your shortcuts for easy reach. Due to their design, they offer great advantages compared to regular keyboards and most of them also feature programmable macro keys that may come in handy in games. Since there is a lot of gaming keypads on the market it is quite difficult to decide which one to choose but we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming keypads that we think worth your money. We’ve included some products of well-known brands like Razer but we’ll also include some more budget-friendly models for anyone that is not quite sure if they are ready to invest in a gaming keypad. Let’s have a look at our recommendations:

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Things to consider when buying gaming keypad:

The number of keys. There are many models to choose from so it is advisable to count the keys you would most likely use in games before purchasing a gaming pad. There are pads which feature fewer keys but there are also some that accommodate 46 keys. If you are not sure how many you would use we would recommend to pick a gaming pad around 32 keys that in most cases would be plenty but still not too many to confuse you.

Design. It would be great if you could buy a gaming keypad that would blend well with the rest of your setup. Some of them offer LED illumination and maybe you could even pick complimentary colors for your ideal setup.

Quality. Try to pick a gaming keypad that is of high-quality materials and well constructed. It is advisable to spend a little more for a gaming keypad of better quality that would last you longer and moreover, it would feel more comfortable to your hand. Preferable pick one backed with a long warranty in order to be on the safe side for the next year or two.



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