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If you are a pro video gamer or even if you play as a hobby you have seen such gaming keypads for sure. They are quite popular for FPS games where you would like to bind your shortcuts for easy reach. Due to their design, they offer great advantages compared to regular keyboards and most of them also feature programmable macro keys that may come in handy in games. Since there is a lot of gaming keypads on the market it is quite difficult to decide which one to choose but we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming keypads that we think worth your money. We’ve included some products of well-known brands like Razer but we’ll also include some more budget-friendly models for anyone that is not quite sure if they are ready to invest in a gaming keypad. Let’s have a look at our recommendations:

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Things to consider when buying gaming keypad:

The number of keys. There are many models to choose from so it is advisable to count the keys you would most likely use in games before purchasing a gaming pad. There are pads which feature fewer keys but there are also some that accommodate 46 keys. If you are not sure how many you would use we would recommend to pick a gaming pad around 32 keys that in most cases would be plenty but still not too many to confuse you.

Design. It would be great if you could buy a gaming keypad that would blend well with the rest of your setup. Some of them offer LED illumination and maybe you could even pick complimentary colors for your ideal setup.

Quality. Try to pick a gaming keypad that is of high-quality materials and well constructed. It is advisable to spend a little more for a gaming keypad of better quality that would last you longer and moreover, it would feel more comfortable to your hand. Preferable pick one backed with a long warranty in order to be on the safe side for the next year or two.

Our recommended one hand gaming keypads:

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

This is the most popular gaming keypad from Razer, the Orbweaver Chroma. It is a great keypad that is specifically designed with gamer in mind featuring mechanical switches for improved performance. It has plenty of programmable keys that you can bind to hotkeys and macros, while you could also program the 8-way thumb-pad if you like. The keypad also has back lit keys that can be individual programmed through Razer Synapse so that the lighting can match the rest of your gaming setup. For a comfortable gaming experience Razer came up with adjustable thumb, hand and palm-rest module making this gaming keypad great for anyone that loves long gaming sessions. It comes at a very attractive price that justifies its built quality and features making the Razer Orbweaver Chroma a top choice for anyone looking for the best gaming keypad.

ACGAM RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The ACGAM has a unique design that features 104 fully programmable keys that any macro fan would love. The keys feature clicky blue switches and RGB lighting that can 10 built-in light effects like rainbow, sound sensor etc. The included software will let you program every key to your ideal macros and bindings, while also make your custom lighting scheme to match the rest of your setup. Overall a great ergonomic design that comes at a very attractive price that worths a closer look from anyone looking for that many programmable keys on their desk.

Razer Nostromo

Another keyboard from Razer that is very attractive if you are looking for one handed keypads for your workstation. The Razer Nostromo features 16 keys that are fully programmable so you can set up macros and bindings that you find you use quite often. The configuration software from Razer is pretty straight forward so you can easily customize every command and key bind quite easily. Overall, great built and great ergonomics at a great price, so if you think 16 programmable keys are enough for your needs you should really have a close look at Nostromo.

Koolertron Cherry MX Programmable

Koolertron have come with a compact programmable keyboard that features 43 programmable keys. The compact design makes its ideal for any user, not only gamers, since you can assign macros and binds in its MCU so that they are stored even if you replace your computer. The Cherry MC switches allow great feel and accuracy but you can also buy the keypad with the switches of your choice which allows for great customization. It comes at a very attractive price, so if you feel that 43 programmable keys are enough for your applications you should definitely check this one out.

GameSir GK100

The GK100 is among the cheapest programmable keyboard you can find in the market. It is quite popular due to its attractive price, but also the 34 programmable keys that are back lit make it a great choice for anyone looking a a budget friendly wired keypad. It is easy to setup and automatically recognized and comes with pre-configured light effect profiles to get your started. The included palm rest will allow you to enjoy long gaming sessions so if you are looking for cheap keypad that worth its price you should start from GK100.

SADES One Handed keyboard

The Sades keypad is the cheapest keypad you will find in our list, yet its design allow you to enjoy long gaming sessions. Its layout is great for ergonomics and the switches allow for a great  feel and performance. It features LED backlit that can be assigned different patterns so as to match the rest of your gaming setup. It features 35 keys in a compact for for anyone looking for a cheap gaming keypad without breaking the bank.

Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad

The Tartarus is a another popular gaming keypad from Razer the features an adjustable wrist rest for long gaming sessions. The software from Razer will let you store unlimited profile and macros for your games and applications. Moreover the 8way thumb pad is not only used as a directional pad for precise movements, but you can also assign it as a modifier for macro expanding your possible macro slots to 128 different commands. This is a great keypad that is built like a tank and comes at a competitive price, even if it’s slightly higher than competitors, so we suggest you take a closer look while researching for a programmable keypad.

Skywin Programmable Gaming Keypad

The Skywin keypad comes at a very attractive price which made this programmable gaming keypad very popular among gamers on a limited budget. It features RGB Back lit that can be customized so as to match your rest RGB lighting. It comes with a palm rest that can help you play for longer without fatigue due to its ergonomic design. The programmable keys are ideal if you want to assign hotkeys, macros and automation for games and applications and the binds are stored in the keyboard itself and not the PC which is handy if you need to change your PC but keep your programmed binds. One of the cheapest programmable keypads in the market that is packed with all the useful features you except from a gaming keypad, so it worth a closer look if you are on a limited budget.


The Npet T10 features 33 essential for gaming keys plus programmable keys for your macros. It has an integrated palm rest that is very handy and will let you play for more hours without getting tired. It features back lit keys that can switch between 3 color light effects, durable key caps and tactile feedback. Not the most advanced one handed gaming keyboard but for its price it’s a worthy investment to get your started.

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