Best Gaming Keypads: How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning!

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If you are a pro video gamer or even if you play as a hobby you have seen such gaming keypads for sure. They are quite popular for FPS games where you would like to bind your shortcuts for easy reach. Due to their design, they offer great advantages compared to regular keyboards and most of them also feature programmable macro keys that may come in handy in games.

Since there is a lot of gaming keypads on the market it is quite difficult to decide which one to choose but we’ve compiled a list of the best gaming keypads that we think are worth your money. We’ve included some products of well-known brands like Razer but we’ll also include some more budget-friendly models for anyone that is not quite sure if they are ready to invest in a gaming keypad. Let’s have a look at our recommendations!

Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Gaming Keypads:

Full-sized keyboards with all the bells and whistles can be quite expensive, while compact alternatives often miss out on the features that make gaming keyboards so useful. Enter gaming keypads, a hybrid of standard keyboards and gaming controllers that are specially designed for gaming. These devices are comfortable to use, have great build quality, and feature everything you need to play your games.

When it comes to gaming keypads, comfort is key. After all, you’re going to be pushing a lot of buttons, and it’s only natural that your hands and wrists will start to get sore. That’s why we’ve looked at the features of the best gaming keypads on the market, only to pick out the perfect one for you. Gaming keypads can come in a variety of forms. Whichever type you choose to go for, there are a few vital factors to consider in order to ensure that you get the best gaming keypad for your needs. If you’re in a rush, you can check out our top ten gaming keypad reviews for a few of our favorites.

The Number of Keys

There are many models to choose from so it is advisable to count the keys you would most likely use in games before purchasing a gaming pad. In the gaming keypad market, there are pads that feature fewer keys but there are also some that accommodate 46 keys. If you are not sure how many you would use we would recommend picking a gaming pad with around 32 keys that in most cases would be plenty but still not too many to confuse you.

If you’re playing a game where you need to be precise with accuracy or speed when pressing buttons, whether it’s aiming and shooting in FPS games or racing in racing games, then a gaming keypad is one way to get that precision without compromising speed and accuracy too much when pressing down on the keyboard. A gaming keypad can be a worthy investment if you really enjoy the games you play. It offers more in-depth control over your character and can help free up space on your desk, as well as your computer’s keyboard. If you’re looking for that extra edge with multiplayer online games, then a gaming keypad is a wise choice.

Simple Design That Will Improve Your Gaming Performance

You can find a keypad for gaming in any shape and size, from tiny to large. They can also be wireless or wired depending on your preference. You can also opt for some that have multiple buttons, allowing users to direct their character with a more refined precision than the simplistic single macro button options. The benefits of having a gaming keypad vary depending on the type of games you play. If you’re a hardcore gamer, a gaming keypad offers an unparalleled amount of control over your character and lots of macros to build.

It would be great if you could buy a gaming keypad that would blend well with the rest of your setup. Some of them offer LED illumination and maybe you could even pick complementary colors for your ideal setup.

Build Quality

Try to pick a gaming keypad that is of high-quality materials and well constructed. It is advisable to spend a little more for a gaming keypad of better quality that would last you longer and moreover, it would feel more comfortable to your hand. Preferable pick one backed with a long warranty in order to be on the safe side for the next year or two.

A gaming keypad is different from a keyboard because it is designed for gaming, whereas a keyboard can easily just be used in everyday life. The most common functions of a gaming keypad are to provide extra buttons that are used for various gaming functions, separate gaming keys to avoid pressing the wrong keys and offer ultimate comfort while playing.

Which Gaming Keypad Is Right for You?

Size / Ergonomics

Identify the purposes of a keyboard and keypad. While the actual uses of the keyboard and keypad will be different, there are some keys that are general to both. For example, the Windows and F keys might be very important while playing certain games, while others would not use these combinations of keys at all. Decide on the number of buttons and functionality that you will need.

More functionality can also be purchased separately to add buttons to a gaming keypad. You need to make up your mind, whether you want separate keys for each type of game or just one big button pad that can be used in multiple games. The included software will allow you to map various shortcuts if need, or else you have to set them up inside your games and applications.

Choose the size of the keypad that you want to use. A normal keyboard is a standard size, so if you are used to this it might be best to stick with a normal-sized keypad. However, some gaming keypads are designed for comfort in use (such as being smaller or padded). Some people like them to be bigger than the standard keyboard as they can give you a better gaming experience. The majority of them are small and compact, but they offer you only the most essential buttons so that you could enjoy the whole process of playing games.

RGB Backlighting

Consider how expensive you want a gaming keypad to be. The more expensive ones will have functions like an LCD screen, RGB lighting, a detachable wrist rest, or even allow you to connect to more than one device. Consider their ergonomic design and pick one that feels comfortable to use for even long gaming sessions. Ideal you want a gaming product that will allow for customizable backlighting to match the rest of your setup. 

Many keyboards feature backlit keys, which is great for those who want a lighting effect in their game room. The backlight will usually work with other colors as well, including blue, red, and green, especially if you can find a keyboard with a macro keypad that maps out these colors for you. Others are just plain white or black, so they will fit into any room without being too overbearing on your décor.

Macros and Profiles

You may also want to purchase a gaming keypad that allows you to create different profiles for each user so that each person can set up his or her own settings. This can be great for your friends who want to play a different game than you; they can simply use one of the profiles that you’ve created for them. You sure want a gaming keypad that allows you to map the keys that you use in your games most often.

So What are Macros? A programmable keyboard has the ability to use pre-defined shortcuts to make specific actions easier. The macro feature allows you to change multiple keys at one time using a single command instead of repeating the same action over and over again. Such a programmable button can be handy if you are playing certain games where you need to do a lot of tasks all at once, such as multiple spells on World of Warcraft or abilities in an RPG game.

You can program each keystroke individually or create shortcuts so that you can activate your abilities or spells with just a single keystroke. This is great for players who want to speed up their gameplay and also helps them stay focused as they need fewer clicks per ability to cast.

Price and Warranty

Obtain a gaming keypad from a reputable company. There are many lesser-known companies out there in the gaming keypad industry, which have been given terrible reviews on various websites. This is because they do not provide any customer service or give refunds when things go wrong with their product. If you do want to save money and get a gaming keypad, you should consider purchasing from an established company that has been in the industry for a long time. You should consider this as an investment that will last for many years to come, and avoid looking for a cheap gaming keypad. My friend still has a trusty Logitech G13 and works flawlessly.

Type of Switch: Mechanical or Membrane Keys

Many different kinds of gaming keyboards exist on the market. These include mechanical switches, rubber dome switches, and membrane key switches. Mechanical switches are the most common type and have been around for a long time. They require very little effort to activate and are great for gamers who only play one game at a time or are good at multitasking, as they can just mash the key without having to worry about it registering. Some mechanical switches also provide higher durability than others due to their internal construction, which provides increased longevity when used for a long period of time.

Rubber dome keyboards have fewer moving parts than mechanical ones; however, they do need more force behind each stroke to register correctly. This means that you do not need to strike the key as hard for the action to register, however, it also means that you can lose a number of actions in a row if you are not careful while playing. In addition, rubber dome keyboards do not provide as much tactile feedback as mechanical ones. They can provide some feedback, but this is usually less noticeable or noticeable only while pressing down on the key.

Membrane keyboards have even fewer moving parts than rubber dome ones, which results in fewer possible actions per stroke and no tactile feedback at all. Because of this, they are typically used for gaming by experienced gamers who want something that is extremely inexpensive and efficient at the same time.

Membranous keyboards may not register the same action to the same degree as mechanical key switches, but they are much easier to clean than membrane key switches. Membrane key switches are also much more durable than membrane keys because they are not made from rubber but instead constructed of plastic that is applied directly onto the key. This makes them less prone to cracking or breaking than rubber keys.

Back in the day, membrane keyboards were very popular thanks to their low cost and high portability. The technology has evolved since then, however, and today you can find membrane keyboards that provide just as much durability and feel as you would get with a mechanical keyboard; however, they do tend to cost more in comparison. The type of switch you will choose comes down to personal preference, so take your time and try any alternative option you are considering. 

Wired or Wireless Gaming

A wireless keyboard is great to use when you want to have a full gaming experience, but also want to sit back and relax at the same time. If you have a living room setup for gaming, then a wireless gaming keypad may be the best option for you. For this type of setup, you can usually connect your keyboard using Bluetooth or even use batteries that will last quite some time (up to 10 hours or more).

Some wireless keypads also feature rechargeable batteries that can be charged via USB. A wireless gaming keyboard is great when you want to connect to the Internet, play your games online, and chat with your friends during online gaming. You just have to make sure that you choose one that has a reliable connection that will not drop out in between games or while playing online.

Wired keyboards are often the better choice if you’re looking for something that is easy to use. Wired keyboards can provide more durability and reliability that will last you a long time, as well as accuracy and speed while playing your favorite games. They are easy to clean, usually have fewer problems with connectivity than wireless keyboards, and require no charging — just plug them in a USB port and you are good to go.


Some gaming keypads can be used with your PC or Mac, while others can only work with a particular operating system. For example, some manufacturers will only make their products work on Windows computers while other companies will make them compatible with either Windows or Mac systems. If you do not already have the appropriate connector for your system, then you will need to purchase an adapter that allows you to connect a USB or Bluetooth wireless keyboard to your system in order to use the gaming keypad.

Gaming keypads are not advertised nearly as much as regular keyboards, and thus they are not available in stores either. You can find them on online shopping sites or e-commerce websites that specialize in selling computer accessories. You should always compare the price of a gaming keypad with its features; it may sometimes be possible to find the same product for a lower price than you would have paid for another brand. Your budget, as well as your needs, will greatly determine what you need to look for in a gaming keypad.

Best Gaming keypads

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad

Razer Orbweaver Chroma Gaming Keypad

Check Price on Amazon
Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

Check Price on Amazon
RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit

RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit

Check Price on Amazon
Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical

Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical

Check Price on Amazon
Beastron Aula Excalibur One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Beastron Aula Excalibur One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon
K-700 One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

K-700 One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon
One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

One Hand RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Check Price on Amazon
MFTEK One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

MFTEK One Hand Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Check Price on Amazon
EQEOVGA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

EQEOVGA One Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Check Price on Amazon
Gaming Keypad, One Handed Gaming Keyboard with RGB

Gaming Keypad, One Handed Gaming Keyboard with RGB

Check Price on Amazon

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Our Recommended One Hand Gaming Keypads for PC:

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score

Affiliate Link / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is the most popular gaming keypad from Razer, the Orbweaver Chroma. It is a great one-handed keypad that is specifically designed with the gamer in mind featuring mechanical switches for improved performance. It has plenty of programmable keys that you can bind to hotkeys and macros, while you could also program the 8-way thumb-pad if you like.

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma is a mechanical keypad that binds every command and skill from your favorite FPS, RTS, and MMORPG games to 20 keys at your fingertips. The game-specific software lets gamers easily set up their keyboard profiles with all the commands for whatever title they’re playing.

The keypad also has backlit keys that can be individually programmed through Razer Synapse so that the lighting can match with any gaming peripheral and the rest of your setup. For a comfortable gaming experience, Razer came up with an adjustable thumb, hand, and ergonomic palm rest module making this gaming keypad great for anyone that loves long gaming sessions.

With the tactile feedback of each button requiring 50 grams of force before they activate, you’ll feel like an expert gamer in no time flat! The Orbweaver is great because its ergonomic design relieves tension in the wrists, hands, and fingers while playing. I really love the Orbweaver, but I must admit that it comes at a price tag that is hard to justify.

I like that the Razer Orbweaver Chroma is a fully mechanical keyboard, a great upgrade from any other gaming keypad on the market if you are into mechanical switches. To be honest, you might need some time to get used to it, but once you master you will have a hard time playing without it.

I’ve personally preferred the analog stick for walking in World of Warcraft along with the macro keybinds. I also use it when playing Division 2, but can be used with any other first-person shooter game that challenges you to master your abilities against waves of enemies. The thumbstick is great because they allow me to move quickly without having my fingers all cramped up.

When I first heard of these keyboards, I was skeptical. It sounded like something that would take up too much space on my desk and be a nuisance to use because you have to re-map all the keys. But after purchasing one myself and trying it out, not only did they totally change my opinion but now there’s no way in hell I’m going back!

I think this is a great complimentary keypad, ext to my tenkeyless I use for everyday stuff. I suggest you give it a try before you commit, but if you are looking for a gaming keypad this one definitely worth checking out. I wish it was a little cheaper, but if you find the Razer Orbweaver Chroma fits your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in one.

Razer Tartarus v2

9.5/10 Our Score

Affiliate Link / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The Razer Tartarus Chroma is another popular gaming keypad from Razer the features an adjustable palm rest for long gaming sessions.

Razer Tartarus v2 is an excellent gaming keypad that lets you take real-time control over your game movement. With its precise and responsive keys, it’s easy to get used to this spectacular one-handed keyboard.

It has an ergonomic design for hours of comfortable gameplay as well as RGB backlit custom lighting so no matter what game you’re playing, Razer will always stand out, for its features, specs, and built quality. This is the v2 option with 32 programmable keys and wired connectivity.

The software from Razer will let you store unlimited profiles and record a macro in the onboard memory for your games and applications. Moreover, the 8way thumb pad is not only used as a directional pad for precise movements, but you can also assign it as a modifier for macro expanding your possible macro slots to 128 different commands.

I consider this option a pro-gamer-level keyboard, ideal for anyone looking for membrane switch keypads. You’ll feel comfortable using the keypad due to its High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches that deliver more consistent tactile feedback than other membranes on the market today!

The Razer Tartarus Chroma is the perfect keypad that is built like a tank and comes at a competitive price, even if it’s slightly higher than competitors, so we suggest you take a closer look while researching for a programmable keypad for key mapping. I would consider this the best membrane gaming keyboard I have tested so far, and an affordable gaming keypad for its specs. 

Final Thoughts and Alternatives

Are One Handed Keyboards Good for Gaming?

I believe that the two Razer gaming keypads will allow for countless hours of gameplay and deserve their asking price. The best mechanical gaming keypad I tested is the Orbweaver. It is a low-profile mechanical option, with plenty of keys to add your macros. It feels very responsive and takes up minimal space. The Razer Tartarus v2 is my second option, with 32 programmable keys and a similar ergonomic design. If you like membrane keypads, this one is for you. It comes down to personal preference so I highly suggest the first-hand trial before you commit.

Alternatives – The Best Logitech Keyboard for Gaming

I want to include an honorable mention since I considered the Logitech G915 before I bought a one-hand gaming keyboard. I would consider this the best wireless keyboard for gaming, and I think it deserves a closer look, too, if you find that a one-handed gaming pad is not for you. You can opt for a used Logitech G13 too, but I’ve seen their prices skyrocket so much that I would advise you to go for a new gaming keypad instead.