Best Grill And Griddle Combo – Prepare Tasty Meals With A Gas Or Electric Combo!

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In this article, I want to highlight some factors you should consider when looking for the best grill and griddle combo. I want to make sure that you are well-informed before rushing out to purchase anything.

When is the last time you used your oven? I will tell you when was the last time I used my oven- never! I love the grill and griddle combo so much it replaced my oven completely, who needs an oven when you have a quality grill and griddle combo?

I found my grill and griddle combo by accident. When I was out shopping, I was actually looking for a panini press. Walking down the aisle, I noticed that there were tons of grills and pans but not many paninis presses so I started to turn around when something caught my eye. So being me, obviously, I decided why not give it a shot. I immediately went home and started using my newfound kitchen appliance.

Since buying my grill and griddle combo, I have used it for so many things. Mainly, I love to use the two in combination when cooking with meat such as steak, chicken, or pork chops. For example, when I make steak, I place the steaks on the grill for a few minutes to get that nice grill effect. Then I place the steak on the griddle to cook through before taking it off and cooking my vegetables to perfection.

You may be thinking why vegetable? Well, there are so many great vegetables that you can grill! For example, I love grilled onions with steak because they give this great flavor to the meats. Plus, if you’re feeling a little wild you can even grill some pineapple! To be honest, you have to try it at least once to appreciate the versatility of this appliance.

Why Choose a Griddle Grill Combo?

There are probably hundreds of choices out there that you may be thinking I just want an oven. Why would I need a grill and griddle combo if I already have an oven? Here’s why…

Firstly, the best part about this appliance is its versatility. This multifunctional grill can do so much more than just cook your meat to perfection. Just think of all the amazing vegetables you can grill and put on top of your favorite dish. Or what about cooking a nice omelet with some fresh herbs?

Secondly, this combo is cost-effective. Many people spend thousands on new appliances for their kitchen such as microwaves or ovens. Why would you do that when you can buy the grill and griddle combo for much cheaper? You will not only save money here but you will also have so much more space in your kitchen.

This appliance is just so easy to use. There are no complicated buttons or confusing areas to focus on when using an oven versus a simple turn of the dial to get it started!

I would consider these combos perfect for families and big groups. For example, a griddle is great when you want to cook larger batches of food such as pancakes, bacon, eggs, vegetables, etc. However, the grill makes up for this when you want to cook smaller chunks of meat that need more attention.

I personally love the fact that they are great for multitasking. You can cook many things at the same time whereas in an oven or stovetop you can’t.

With a grill and griddle combo, you do not lose any flavor. Sure, you can set up a grill outside but this is so much easier. You can even use it inside if you really wanted to! Also, the flavor of your food will be enhanced because cooking with both products is so much better than just using one or the other.

Keep in mind:

Grilling is a dry-heat cooking method, and griddling is a wet-heat cooking method. This means that the grill requires some sort of oil or fat in order to prevent sticking while griddling needs no extra fats or oils because there is already some on the food being cooked.

Grillers have high heat levels which can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while most griddles have medium heat levels at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There are exceptions though with some models reaching as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit for searing meats nicely before finishing them off on lower settings for more delicate foods like eggs, pancakes, etc…

Which Are The Best Grill And Griddle Combos?

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How To Choose The Best Grill and Griddle Combo For You:

Types of Griddle and Grill Combos

There are many different options when it comes to grill and griddle combos. Each one has its own specific features, so it’s best to do some research before choosing one.

Here are some different styles you will run into:

  1. Electric Griddle and Grill Combo: Just like it sounds, it plugs into any electrical outlet, which makes it easy to use. Electric models have adjustable heat settings from low for delicate foods to high for those heavy-duty dishes that require a lot of cooking power. Most models have an attached lid to help contain heat, which means you can use them as griddles only or grills only depending on your needs.
  2. Gas Griddle and Grill Combo: Once again, just like it sounds, all you have to do is attach a hose to the gas source in your home. These combos are usually small so they are perfect for apartments or medium-sized homes. This is perfect for those looking to save on space!
  3. Propane Griddle and Grill Combo: This kind of model is the most portable out of them all. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, camping, or even tailgating at a football game! They work with small tanks of propane gas which you can buy pretty much anywhere.
  4. Charcoal Griddle and Grill Combo: If convenience is not a big deal for you, this might be your best bet. They work with charcoal and require a little bit more cleaning than the electric/gas models. Some higher-end models have fireboxes attached which makes the coals burn longer and there is no smoke involved.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Use

No matter which model you choose, it’s important to note whether you want one for indoor or outdoor use. Some models can be used indoors and outdoors while others are more suited for a specific function. The electric ones work well inside but may not perform as well in windy conditions outside. Gas combos also work in both places but still may not be ideal to use outside.

Charcoal models are definitely for outdoor use only because they create smoke. Propane griddles and grill combos can be used both indoors and outdoors but typically work better in open areas than the ones that take up more space like charcoal grills.

Size And Material

You want to make sure you double-check all dimensions before making your purchase. Some are fairly large which makes them perfect if you have room to spare, while others are very small and can be easily stored in an out-of-the-way place.

The material is also important because griddles and grills come in all different types of metals like stainless steel, cast iron, etc… what’s better than a grill or griddle combo that heats up quickly and cooks evenly? One that won’t rust through in the middle after only a year or so! This means you want one made out of stainless steel, cast iron, or even better, one that is constructed out of both materials.

Some people prefer one type of metal over another for various reasons. Stainless steel is shiny but doesn’t hold heat as long; cast iron holds on to the heat longer but doesn’t look as nice. It all comes down to personal preference.

Number of Burners

There are some griddle/grill combos out there that only have one burner. If you don’t feel like cooking for a large crowd, this might be the way to go for you. But keep in mind, if you want to cook two things at once, it can get kind of tricky!

For most people with medium-sized families, it might be a better idea to get one with two burners. You don’t have to spend your whole life in the kitchen when these griddle/grill combos are around!

Cooking Surface Area

The more surface area, the better! You can cook a lot of food on just one unit which makes this kind of combo great for people with big families. Smaller ones will only accommodate half as much cooking at one time. So think about what your needs are and make sure to look up all dimensions before making your purchase.

Heat Output and Control

If you plan to use your griddle/grill combo for high-heat cooking such as searing meat, keeping a constant temperature is important. Make sure it has multiple burners and that they will produce enough heat to keep the unit hot even when all of the burners are on! Some models have adjustable burners so you can control the level of heat. This is helpful for cooking different foods at various levels of doneness.

Electric combos have a thermostat that regulates the temperature. Gas griddles and grill combos have valves to control the flow of gas which in turn controls the heat output. While researching, you will see that some griddles and grills have their temperatures measured in BTUs. BTUs determine its heat output, the more BTUs, the hotter! This means that grills with 20,000 or more are definitely going to be hotter than units that have lower BTUs. On the other hand, the electric models will mention their output in watts. It’s the same idea, more wattage means it will be hotter.


Depending on the type of model you get, some are better for travel than others. If you plan to use it in more than one location or take it with you camping, then portability is an important factor to look at. Most of the electric types have collapsible legs and can easily be stored. If you find yourself carrying the combo often, you better look for models that feature built-in handles and wheels.

Price Tag

Griddle and grill combos come in all different price ranges so you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money on one. If you use it often, it’s best to go with the higher-priced models as they will last longer and perform better over time. But if you’re just getting into this kind of cooking, or don’t use it very often, it might be best for you to go with a cheaper model.


Q: Can you really cook anything on a griddle/grill combo?

A: Yes, the sky is the limit! You can make pancakes in the morning or burgers and brats for dinner. You name it, it can be done on these units. The griddle side is great for making omelets, stir fry, and hash browns.

Q: What are the different types of griddles?

A: There are many options that fall into this category, but let’s talk about the two most common ones that people use for their grill/griddle combos. The first is a flat surface with raised squares for cooking different foods at once. It is great for cooking pancakes and hash browns. The other is a raised surface with flat grilling areas in between. You can use the raised areas to keep food out of any grease or marinade that drips off during cooking.

Q: What about electric griddles?

A: Electric models are great because you don’t have to constantly heat up the griddle. Just plug it in and let it heat up before cooking since a lot of them have a thermostat to regulate temperature.

Q: How much do these combos cost?

A: They run anywhere from $100 to more than $500, depending on your needs. You get what you pay for, so if you plan on using it often, investing in a good quality model will be worth it.

Q: How can I make sure I get a model that will last?

A: Good quality models are made out of heavy-duty materials while inexpensive ones are usually made from thin metal. Look for sturdy legs on the base, steel grates, and thick material on the sides. Your grill/griddle combo should be able to handle heavy use without warping or breaking.

Q: Should I buy a grill and griddle combo that uses gas or electricity?

A: It all depends on your preferences. Gas models can operate at hotter temperatures and provide more consistent heat, which is great for cooking certain foods like steaks. However, charcoal may be better for slow cooking as it can maintain low, steady temperatures better than other sources. On the other hand, electric units are great if you like to take your cooking with you. Plus, it heats up faster than gas models.

Q: Can they be used indoors?

A: Some griddle and grill combos can be used indoors while others should only be used outdoors. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if it can be used in the kitchen.

Q: Can I cook different types of food at once?

A: Yes, you can use both sides to prepare a meal. For example, cook pancakes on one side and bacon or sausage on the other. You can also grill veggies while your meat is cooking!

Q: Will I need any accessories?

A: Since you’re already spending money on a grill and griddle combo, it’s worth adding some other accessories. Invest in a good quality spatula to avoid cross-contamination while cooking. You may also want to purchase a griddle scraper for removing stuck-on food.