Best home improvement TV Shows

Amazing Interiors.

Amazing Interiors.

I have watched all the episodes in one single day. This can be quite addicting I must say. This is a TV Show on Netflix that is center around houses around the globe that may seem ordinary on the outside, yet they have extraordinary interiors. A must watch if you love renovations!

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

2. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. Another TV show on Netflix that I accidentally found and spent the whole day watching! Traveling around the world, you are introduced to the most extraordinary houses, some of which you wouldn’t believe in your own eyes. Divided into broad categories, it highlights houses on the beach, on the mountain, in the forest, and my very best the underground houses.

3. Extreme Homes.

Extreme Homes

As you may have guessed, another TV show we love featuring bizarre houses and the people who built them. Be prepared to see things you’ve never seen before.

4. Property Brothers.

 Property Brothers.

In this show, we follow two twin brothers while they transform houses into dream homes. Well, you know the drill, one more show added in your Netflix watchlist.

 5. This Old House. 

 5. This Old House. 

At first, I stumbled upon this one while browsing on Youtube, and had no idea that this show is almost 40 seasons old. Oh crap! I still have a lot of episodes to watch!

6. Extreme Makeover. 

Extreme Makeover. 

I have seen parts of this show on TV and while I’m not the biggest fan, I must say that it is worth a watch! It is nice to see so many people, neighbors and relatives working on a home renovation project for a loved one.

7. First Time Flippers. 

First Time Flippers

I haven’t seen this one yet, but it is recommended by a close friend. At least I might have a good laugh!

8. Fixer Upper.

 Fixer Upper.

Another recommendation from my friend that I promised to watch. Have to finish watching This Old House first.   

9. I Hate My Yard.

 I Hate My Yard

 As the name suggests this show is based on landscaping renovation and it is a nice addition to all those house flipping TV shows that have conquered the market.

10. Treehouse Masters. 

Treehouse Masters

Not really renovating a house, but more of building a treehouse in your yard. I love it and I would be sad if I had to leave it out of the list. I guarantee you would love it!

Well, this was a list of my favorites TV shows on house or yard renovations, with some honorable mentions too. Hope you enjoyed it!