Top 10 – Best Rocking Horses For A Baby


These iconic toys were once the most common toys for children in the 19th century. They were first seen in the 17th century as the modern form of rocking cradles but they gained popularity in the 19th century when they were manufactured in a larger scale. They are quite common in festivals and playgrounds but you can also get a rocking horse for your little one as its a perfect toy for toddlers. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular rocking horses on the market in order for you to choose the one you like the most. So let’s dive into our list:

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What to consider when buying a rocking horse?

Children love to be rocked and since the day they are born we tend to rock them to soothe, so a rocking horse is a great toy for a baby first it is naturally introduced to rocking while growing up. Keep in mind that each rocking horse is different and some of them may be adjustable in saddle height, while others may require batteries for any special effects they can produce like turning on lights or playing music. Pick a rocking horse that has too sharp edges so as to avoid cuts and scratches. A horseback with seat and cushioning sounds like ideal for a toddler and some horses even have a storage compartment under their seats.

Better look for a rocking horse that soft and smooth surface for best safety and durability. If you think you would like to play outside with the rocking horse, a plastic one would be a better choice as its would withstand more beating and would be easier to clean. Nowadays there are many animal forms for the rocking toys so if you think your kid would love something else rather than a horse there are crocodiles, rabbits, ponies, elephants and many other animals to choose from.


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