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Spin bike as a term is referring to training bicycles that carry an open flywheel that is weighted on their perimeter. This design offers a realistic feeling of momentum for the cyclist that cannot be found on upright bicycles. The flywheel is directly attached to the pedals which means that when you stop pushing them, they will continue to spin like a traditional bicycle in contrast to other exercise bikes’ design. If you’ve never tried a spin bike before, it’s high time to do so.

Stationary cycling bike has been in the market for quite some time as a great alternative to the gym but also as a chance for vigorous training indoors by cyclists enthusiasts. So whether you want to invest on a spin bike in order to move your training indoors or simply want to lose a few extra weight, we’ve compiled a list of the best options that worth your money.

Feel free to browse the best sellers lists but also check our individual recommendations and don’t forget to read our buyers’ guide before you make up your mind, so let’s dive in:

Best Sellers

In case you are in a hurry, here is a list of the best-selling spin bikes online. Picking any of these can’t go wrong as they have been already bought from thousands of people that were once in the hunt for the ultimate spinning bike. Be sure to check the reviews as most of the time owners share a great deal of their experience with the bikes, the good, the bad and the ugly…

In case you have time you can also check the next sections where we will highlight our choices for every budget but also include the ultimate guide with everything you need to know in order to make a purchase that suits you.

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Our recommended spin bikes

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1805

The SF-B1805 is one of the most popular spin bikes on the market and thanks to its attractive price is a great value for money option. It features a heavy-duty flywheel of 44lbs that is ideal for intensive cardio exercise. The Higher weighted wheel is great for a smooth and stable ride, and the adjustable seat and handlebars will allow you to set them at the most comfortable position for you.

The spin bike also features wheels for easy transportation and portability so you can easily store it away when not in use. The water bottle holder and the tablet holder near the grips will allow for a great session with everything you need at close reach. This spin bike uses magnetic resistance which means it will need no maintenance and the durable steel frame can support up to 300lbs.

If the SF-B1805 fits within your budget, it is a great option for each price with no compromises in features or built quality. Overall a great spin bikes that is highly recommended.


The Joroto X1S is another great alternative, especially if you are on a limited budget. It is quite user-friendly and features a digital monitor that will help you keep track of your workouts, for example, elapsed time, distance traveled, speed, calories burned etc. The X1s uses caged pedals and the thread of the pedal crank will allow you to fit most clip in pedals in the market.

The adjustable handlebar and seat are vital in order to position them on your preferred position and height, and the adjustable resistance will let you pick the intensity of your workout. The handlebars also features a 10.2″x7.8″ slot that can accommodate your mobile phone, tablet PC or even a notebook up to 14″.

Overall and sturdy spin bike of great built quality that you can find at a relatively low price for its features so you can easily set up and start your cardio sessions indoor without breaking the bank.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

This is another great indoor cycling bike that is quite popular thanks to its budget-friendly price. This is among the cheapest spin bikes you will find in our list, so if you are on a limited budget this is one of the most worthy options on the market. It features adjustable handlebars and seat which are vital in order to place them in your preferred position for a comfortable ride.

The spin bikes use a chain drive mechanism and features emergency stop brake. The adjustable resistance system will let you pick the desired resistance for your cardio exercise with the turn of a resistance knob. The flywheel of 40lbs provides a smooth ride but keep in mind that the spin bike doesn’t come with a screen so as to monitor your workout, while also it lacks a water bottle which would be handy to have.

Overall, a great investment yet it lacks some features you could find in pricier models so if you are looking for an entry-level spin bike this is a good choice.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1002

The SF-B1002 model features an adjustable seat can you can move both vertically and horizontally, and also comes with adjustable handlebars so that you can move them up or down for a comfortable position. The 49lbs Flywheel provides a smooth ride indoors and the resistance system allows you to adjust it for a realistic feel.

The belt drive system allows for a silent ride and requires no maintenance. The transportation wheels are also quite handy in order to move and store the indoor bike when not in use, for easy storage. The water bottle holder is also very nice to have at easy reach and the foot pedals are built with toe cages for an easy ride.

Overall, a great bike for its price and since it is a relatively budget-friendly option it is also a great recommendation for anyone looking for their first spin bike for home use.

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

The PYHIGH spin bike features an LCD monitor that can help you keep track of your workout time, speed, distance and calories burned with your cardio. It comes with a 35lbs flywheel that provides a smooth ride and the adjustable resistance allow you to pick the level for your preferred workout. It can accommodate up to 280lbs and the anti-slip pedals with toe cages and straps are comfortable and safe.

Moreover, the adjustable handlebars and seat are vital in order to adjust them to your preferred position for a comfortable ride, and the emergency knob let you stop the flywheel immediately.

This is a great spin bike for the money, so if it fits your budget this is a great investment for your home gym without making compromises.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary

The Yosuda spin bike is another budget-friendly option for anyone that wants a spin bike for home without breaking the bank. It features a 35lbs flywheel and a belt driven system for a quiet and smooth ride. The adjustable handlebar and padded seat are vital in order to adjust them to your preferred position for a comfortable ride.

It has a 270lbs maximum weight support can comes with cage pedals and an emergency brake lever. This model features an LCD screen that let you monitor all the necessary information about your workout, and the included water bottle holder is quite nice to have.

This is among the cheapest spin bikes in our list, so if you are on a limited budget you can start your research from this one without making any compromises on features.

ANCHEER Stationary Bike

The Ancheer spin bike is quite a popular choice and has received great reviews from home users. Thanks to its relatively low price, this is a budget-friendly option that comes with a 40lbs flywheel and a belt driven system that allow for a smooth and quiet ride. The built-in heart rate sensor is quite handy to have and let you monitor your pulse while working out.

The adjustable saddle and handlebar are quite handy features so you can easily adjust it for maximum comfort when riding. The transportation wheels allow you to easily move the bike when needed for easier storage. Overall a great spin bike for its price that definitely worth a closer look.

L Now D600

The D600 is a new model in the market that worth considering if you have a higher budget. It features a 22lbs flywheel with an adjustable resistance knob so you can get a great road-ride feel. This model comes with an LCD monitor which is quite handy to have if you want to track your speed, distance traveled and calories burned among other things.

The adjustable handlebar and seat are great to have so you can adjust them to your preference, and the smartphone holder is a great addition so you can have easy access to your phone. It can support up to 280lbs and its frame is built from heavy-duty steel so it can withstand the test of time.

A great spin bike for anyone that can invest a little more and get a great spin bike for home use with all the necessary features along with great built quality.

Marcy Club Revolution Bike Cycle

Last but not least, the spin bike from Marcy is a stationary bike built that is made from durable steel. Thanks to its relatively low price, this is a great way to set up a home gym with minimal budget and start working out from the convenience of your home. It has a weight capacity of 300lbs and features adjustable ergonomic seat and handlebars that can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

The great built quality of this spin bike along with the attractive price, makes this a great investment for any home gym, as long as you can live without an LCD screen which would have increased its price. It is available in black and white so you can pick the color that you like, so if it you are starting out this is a great option you should consider for your first spin bike.

Top Brands

There are so many brands to choose from, that picking a spin bike might not be so easy as you have expected. Here are the most highly praised brands that build spin bikes so that can be your starting point for your research:


The Spinning Brand was created by John Baudhuin and Johnny Golderg. They are a leading brand in spin bikes and as you may have guessed their brand was the owner that created the whole category of bikes we are nowadays referred to as spin bikes. 

Sunny Health & Fitness

Suuny Health & Fitness is a brand that is well known for it’s robust but within reasonable budget bikes, gaining great reviews in the online marketplaces. They offer quite a selection of spin bikes for indoor cycling at acceptable prices yet deliver amazing quality. T


Schwinn is well known for its performance spin bikes aimed towards more advanced users.

They actually started their career as road bike designers and still design a great range of fitness equipment. Keep in mind that most of their bikes are highly priced but they are always up to a gym grade standard. 


To be honest, we think that Keiser has designed the most advanced and robust bikes of them all. But unfortunately the price the obtain a Keiser is much much higher. Their products are widely used by professional sports teams, medical experts and gyms. We think a Keiser would be a great addition for a home gym but that would happen only if you at least double or triple your budget.  


Bodycraft has introduced spin bikes that are of very high standards.They are also reasonably priced in the mid-range of spin bikes so we would gladly include them in our recommendations but to be honest if you are looking for a cheap bike for your home, then this is not the best choice. You can find plenty of spin bikes at a much lower price yet still have advanced features. On the other hand, Bodycraft products only have positive reviews. We have yet to see an owner not satisfied. Something to consider.


Marcy builds the most budget-friendly spin bikes in the market. If you are looking for a spin bike for your home gym without breaking the bank, any of the Marcy spin bikes will do the job. Their spin bikes are by far the cheapest bikes in the market today, so they worth a look if you don’t want to sacrifice more money towards your purchase.

Life Fitness

If you into commercial spin bikes you’ll surely have heard of Life Fitness. They have designed spin bikes with high standards in mind so if you decide to go with one bike of their line you won’t be disappointed. To be honest, if you decide to buy a Life Fitness spin bike you expect nothing less than the best. Life Fitness and Keiser at top notch and if you are serious about bike spinning then you must have a look at their models since you won’t find anything better on the market.

best spin bike - buyers guide

Things to Consider

Console. It is common for spin bikes do not include a console – monitor in order to pick the price low. Keep that in mind because even though you can add a console, later on, most of the budget-friendly choices won’t include a console with their basic kit. Consoles are essential if you want to monitor your progress, indicate the resistance used or how fast to pedal. Without a console, you would be clueless. So, it’s up to you if you need a console for your spinning session or not but we think a spin bike with a console would be a better all-around choice if money is not an object.

Adding a console will help you have access to various information like the RPM, calories you burned, time elapsed and distance traveled. Having the ability to track your records is priceless and don’t forget you can also use these to keep track of your progress and upload your stats in various fitness websites you may have an account.

If you decide to go with a spin bike that has a computer, it is advisable to pick one with wireless connection capability. That would allow to wirelessly save your workout progress to an app using Bluetooth. Picking a spin bike monitor with a backlit display is also a good choice as the backlit display will help you see your progress both in a dark or light environment.

Accessories. The majority of the spin bikes don’t include accessories but you might add them later on. In most cases, you won’t find a bottle holder or plugins for your mp3 player. Check out the models you research as you might be surprised how many of them won’t include them in their basic kit.

We would gladly pay a little more for a product that would have a plugin for audio in order to listen to our favorite music while working out, not to mention the bottle holder which we think it’s essential for such fitness equipment. If you want to keep the budget low you may have to sacrifice such accessories.

Flywheel. Spin bikes are quite different than other exercise bikes as they use a flywheel instead of magnetic discs in order to create resistance. The way spin bike pedals are connected to the flywheel means that you gain experience similar to that of riding a real road bike. You won’t be able to stop pedaling like you would on a stationary bike.

While choosing a spin bike to keep in mind that the heavier the flywheel the harder would be to turn the pedals and so require more effort from users to keep cycling. Different brands implement different flywheel weights so you might have to keep researching in order to find one that has the range of resistance you want for your workout.

Generally speaking, heavier flywheels are considered to provide a more natural motion similar to outdoor bikes and are a good choice if the spin bike you want to purchase doesn’t have magnetic resistance.

Braking System. When choosing your next spin bike, have a look at the braking system that different models have implemented. There are spin spikes than use fabric pads, something that is mostly used in entry-level spin bikes. As you are researching models in higher price brackets you would see manufacturers using leather pads or magnetic braking systems.

Generally speaking, you would normally see those two systems used in higher-end commercial bikes as they tend to last longer than the fabric pads.

Pedals. One benefit on spin bikes is that they use the same pedals as road bikes which help you choose a threaded pedal you like with your fitness machine. Keep that in mind as there are some exceptions where a model won’t let you change the pedals. Having the ability to choose a pedal you like, that might let use straps or clips, help you keep the experience similar to that riding outdoors.

If you plan to exercise with normal athletic shoes you could opt for toe cage pedals since your shoes won’t have cleats like cycling shoes do. On the other hand, you can opt for dual action pedals that allow both normal athletic shoes and cycling shoes with cleats.

Seat. It is of high importance to be able to adjust the spin bike seat position to your liking. When searching for your next spin bike, look for the models that let you pick the correct saddle position in order to have a comfortable cycling experience while reducing the risk of injury. It is common that the seat supplied with the spin bike might feel uncomfortable to you but the good news is that most spin bikes share the same design with road bikes so you can easily change the seat to that of a regular bike. I

t is wise to use a spin bike gel seat cover or a padded seat as every individual should be able to use a seat that makes them feel comfortable while cycling.

Handlebar. Similar to the seat position, it is wise to pick a spin bike with adjustable handlebar position. Might sound silly at first but it is of high importance to have a comfortable seated position that suits your body type. Keep away from spin bikes that have fixed position handlebars as you want to be able to adjust the handlebar vertically and horizontally in order to suit your height in order to reduce back problems.

Being able to adjust spin bike handlebars is essential if you plan to use the spin bike with family members that have different body sizes as every member has to make different adjustments to the spin bike for comfortable exercise during long periods of time.

Resistance. You’ll see two types of resistance on a spin bike, friction or magnetic resistance. They are used in order to adjust the resistance on the flywheel which makes it easier or harder for you to turn the pedals. The most commonly used is the friction resistance that is mostly found in budget-friendly spin bikes. This type of resistance utilizes a friction pad in order to distribute the resistance to the flywheel which means you’ll have to replace those pads from time to time. Friction resistance due to each nature produces noise compared to the magnetic resistance.

On the other hand, magnetic resistance can be found in higher end models where the user can adjust the resistance with the use of the console. This helps you personalize your spin bike training easily and also in some models you are able to change resistance on the fly using the onboard computer. If you plan to change the difficulty of your workout often you might want to look for spin bikes with magnetic resistance that offers this control through their interface as such a feature is not broadly implemented on budget spin bikes.

Drive. Spin bikes are designed based on two types of drive, chain, and belt. Similar to outdoor bikes that use chains there are spin bike models that use the same principal for their chain drive. That means that a chain drive model will require the same maintenance as the outdoor bike’s chain, keeping it lubricated and tightening from time to time.

On the other hand, there a spin bike models that use a hard rubber band as their drive commonly referred to as belt drive. This type of drive does not require lubricating or tightening, meaning no maintenance until it needs to be replaced after some years of use.

Noise Levels. Fortunately, spin bikes are generally considered quiet workout machines. As a general rule, a spin bike that uses chain drive will be a little louder than the belt driven as the chain needs to transfer the motion to the flywheel but that noise level will be similar to that of a road bike that uses chains. If you hear any louder noise from the spin bike it will mean that it has to be lubricated and tightened.

Keep in mind that some models are quieter than others so if you have the chance to use different models before your purchase it might be ideal.

Weight. Spin bikes are quite heavy fitness equipment so if you are looking for an exercise machine that would be easy to transport, then spin bikes might not be the right choice for you. Due to the use of a flywheel the weight is higher than regular bikes making them difficult to transport.

If you actually need a spin bike that needs to be transported from time to time, it would be wise to choose a model that it is designed with transportation wheels near the flywheel as that would make moving them to a new place quite easier.

Weight Capacity. One of the most important things regarding you spin bike design is its weight capacity. Commercial spin bikes have a design that allows them to be able to hold much more weight making them more suited to a gym. If you need your spin bike to accommodate larger weight it will be wiser spending a little more in order to purchase a higher priced gym-grade spin bike.

best spin bike - buyers guide

Benefits of Spinning

Calorie Burning. As research points out, spinning is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories with an average of 10kcal/min compared to aerobics or running. Moreover having a spin bike with the console will help you keep track of calorie burning whereas aerobics or running won’t offer you a way to monitor your progress.

Increase Endurance. Spin bikes have the ability to change resistance on the fly, meaning that you will be able to exercise switching quickly between sprints and recovery phases. That HIIT training will help you increase stamina and endurance in the long run.

Obviously, there are many other exercise machines that allow you to do so too but in most cases either their design make those changes more time consuming or come with a higher price tag compared to spin bikes.

Efficient Exercise. If you opt for high-intensity cycling exercises you would be able to workout efficiently in such a short time due to the nature of the exercises. Compared to other machines and workouts, having a high intensity work out on a spin bike will help you burn calories, improve stamina and build strength in less time. Most HIIT exercises range between 8-30 minutes meaning the time you spend exercising is used more efficiently.

Low Impact Workouts. You can minimize the risk of injuries while reaching your minimum workout hours per week. Cycling is less prone to injuries compared to various exercises like running which are considered as high-impact movements for your body and put stress to your joints.

Full Body Movement. Cycling is a full body exercise. That means that while cycling you exercise both lower and upper body which is the ultimate goal for a cardio workout.

Suitable For All Fitness Levels. Spinning let you pick the resistance to your pedaling which effects the effort you put to your out. Moreover, due to its low impact on your body, it is suitable for beginners or even someone recovering from an injury.

Use a Spin bike for weight loss. It is easy to burn 500 calories per hour while cycling, which means you will be able to reduce your body fat in no time while increasing your strength and stamina. Depending on your effort, you can burn anywhere between 400 to 1500 per session but also increase your metabolism rate which will help you burn calories after your workout.

Pick a high-intensity workout that will help you increase your energy levels and high fatigue through constant practice. Since spin bikes are stationary you can push yourself more compared to road bikes while still reducing the risk of injury.

All Weather Workout. You don’t have to worry about the weather or the traffic anymore. You can practice indoor spinning every day. Having the ability to train at regular intervals while listening to your favorite workout music is great. No more worries on rainy days mean no more excuses to keep you off your fitness goals.

Tips and Tricks for your Workout

Dress accordingly. Pick your best breathable clothing and head to the spin bike. Don’t just pick a random t-shirt or tight bottom. Choose breathable clothing in which you’ll feel comfortable and won’t restrict circulation.

Adjust the seat, handlebars and pedal straps. We can’t stress enough how important is to adjust the spin bike to a position that is comfortable for each individual. You should be able to pedal with comfort and sit in a comfortable position in order to avoid injuries.

Grab your favorite water bottle. Hydration is the key when it comes to exercising. You have to keep your body hydrated during your spin routines so pick a water bottle you like and use the bottle holder of your spin bike every single time you go cycling.

Don’t forget the recovery phases. It is vital to take short breaks in between intensive phases but also don’t be afraid to take a short break if needed. You will be back on the spin bike stronger than before. You have to listen to your body and don’t try to push your limits. There is no shortcut to reach your fitness goals so take it one step at a time.

Always have your fresh towels within reach. Grab your favorite towel before starting your workout. In order to burn those calories, you’ll have to expect a lot of sweat. Have your towels within reach so as to now interrupt your workout.

Exercise your breathing. As with every exercise you have to learn to breathe properly and on time. Use your recovery phases to introduce more oxygen to your body but you also have to keep breathing during your sprint phases. Timing is everything when it comes to fast-paced workouts.


What is Spin Bike?

Spin bikes are indoor cycling bikes that are designed so as to give you an experience similar to that of riding a road bike. They are commonly used by cyclists in order to train indoors when weather prevents from going out. They are aimed for exercises around high-intensity training and improving stamina and strength.

As per design, spin bikes have a flywheel with various resistance levels that is the one that creates the momentum we find in regular bikes, giving you real-life experience of riding a regular bike.

Why Buy a Spinning Bike?

Spin bikes generally require less space compared to other exercise machines like ellipticals or treadmills, something that makes them quite popular workout equipment for home. Together with the facts, we mentioned previously in the article* they are a great choice for those who love to cycle indoors or want to exercise at their own space.

How do I monitor my exercise on an indoor bicycle?

There are spin bikes on the market that come with a console. This console will let you monitor your progress, distance traveled and calories burned among others If more than one person use the spin bikes you may have to look for a spin bike that allows you to create multiple user profiles for each individual o store their settings.

Some come with wireless connectivity that helps you sync those stats with spin bike app for mobiles and your accounts on various fitness websites.

Belt-Drive vs. Chain Drive

Chain drives require from you to maintain them at regular intervals, tightening and lubricating the chain like a regular bike. On the other hand, belt drives don’t require maintenance from your side apart from replacing them after some years of use. Chain Drives are considered noisy compared to belt-drives but all in all the selection is up to you as they don’t affect the use of the spin bike in any other way.

For most people, belt drives are a better choice as they tend to last longer than the chain drives with less maintenance.

Spin Bikes VS Cycling

For most people, spin bikes are a better choice since you can control your workout, can cycle all year around and don’t have to worry about road safety and weather conditions.

Cycling on a spin bike is the same for your body as with regular cycling and shares the same principals. So if you like cycling and find that the weather or safety prevents you from cycling, buying a spin bike is a wise choice.

How much weight can a spin bike take?

Most spin bikes are robust builds that in most cases you won’t have a problem with weight capacity. Some of them can hold 400lbs or 180 kilos easily. If you are concerned you might want to check the specs of the products you are researching or go straight purchasing a commercial gym-grade spin bike to be on the safe side.

How to Maintain Your Spin Bike:

Depending on your spin bike, maintenance might differ, but as a general rule, if you want to lubricate and reinstall the chain, it is advisable to clean it first using a degreaser. You might also want to check all the screws and the pedals to make sure that they are locked in place. Refer to the user manual for any more useful information.

Do they have to be mains powered?

The majority of the spin bikes need to be powered in order to use the console and make use of their workout programs. There are a few that can be battery powered but they will have to be used with manual settings.

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