Things To Do In Naxos, Greece: 8 Awesome Activities You Can Enjoy Anytime!

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When planning a trip to Naxos, Greece, there are many things to do and see. There is also plenty of information from sites like TripAdvisor on what you should do when visiting the island. While these sites can help find out about activities around the island, they don’t provide an overall view of all that is available for tourists or visitors to enjoy their time while on vacation.

The best way to figure out which attractions are best suited for your visit is by getting recommendations from those who live here and have first-hand knowledge of what makes our island special. This is why we created this guidebook with local recommendations from people who know Naxos well! We hope this helps you plan your trip! Enjoy!

Visit the Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Naxos, Greece, offers a glimpse into the history of this small island. Visit it to learn about ancient civilizations and see artifacts from when they roamed these lands over 2000 years ago!

The Archaeological Museum of Naxos is one for many reasons- but most notably because you will be able to explore its collections at your leisure, which are available during regular hours (10 am – 3 pm). You’ll also catch glimpses of how people lived back then with all sorts of little details that make up their day-to-day lives, as well as some really cool stuff such as statues depicting gods like Zeus or Poseidon. If you’re lucky, perhaps an interesting festival might take place while you’re there.

Take a stroll through the picturesque village of Naxos Town

Remnants of its rich history lie within sight as you stroll through cobbled streets and past stone buildings that have stood for centuries. Visitors can experience firsthand how locals live by exploring some charming museums or sampling local cuisine at one of Naxos Town’s many eateries before grabbing an ice cream cone on your way back to town!

Visitors will love strolling around this quaint little community nestled away near the Aegean Sea, where they are sure to find their own slice-of-Greek paradise while getting up close with Greek culture and taste buds alike – all without breaking too much sweat!

Enjoy an evening at one of the many restaurants in town or on the beach

With a population of around 10,000 and over 30 different eateries to choose from, it’s not surprising that this Aegean Island has been deemed appropriately named for its pleasant climate year-round.

The city is well known by locals and tourists alike as being a wonderful place to relax with friends or family while sampling some traditional dishes including seafood, meat entrees such as lamb chops served with fresh vegetable salad followed by baklava dessert; all of which are enjoyed on their outdoor patios overlooking breathtaking landscapes below them!

Go shopping for souvenirs and gifts at one of Naxos’ quaint shops

Naxos is the perfect place for shopping and souvenir-hunting: it has a plethora of quaint shops. Bring your map to find them, or ask around! The locals are always happy to help visitors in need – especially if they want some authentic Greek gifts back home with them!

The quaint shops of Naxos offer a variety of souvenirs and gifts for any budget. Whether you’re looking to spend €3 or €30, there’s an item that will be perfect for your loved one back home.

The small streets are lined with colorful little stores catering to all tastes – from clothing to jewelry-making supplies – as well as restaurants serving food ranging in price points so everyone can enjoy the local cuisine while on vacation without breaking their bank account!

Swim in crystal clear waters

Spend your days lounging on the white-sand beaches of Naxos, Greece, and enjoying an uninterrupted view of great blue water. Sit back with a cold drink in hand while you watch dolphins frolic through turquoise waves and capsize kayakers just for fun.

The crystal clear waters surrounding Naxos are perfect for all types of aquatic recreation, including snorkeling, diving, fishing, or simply floating out from shore to enjoy the amazing fish life that abounds here – it’s like being right inside an aquarium!

Visit a winery for wine tasting or tour it if you’re feeling adventurous!

Having wine tasting in Greece has been a long-time dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to visit the islands and experience their unique culture, so when my friend told me about his recent trip there where he went on a winery tour with other travelers, it sounded like an incredible opportunity!

The oenophiles who joined this particular excursion learned more about Greek wines while also exploring one of Naxos Island’s beautiful villages together. This is what makes these types of tours special: they allow people from all over the world interested in different aspects or experiences related to food and drink to come together for something that touches everyone personally.

Ride your bike

You can see all of the sights and smells that are unique to this island while also getting some exercise at the same time! Naxos has so many amazing sites, too – from churches carved out of rocks to ancient temples with mysterious inscriptions on their walls.

The island has diverse landscapes that make it one of Greece’s gems to visit, in addition to famous landmarks and its sandy beaches. One great way to explore this lush area outside the city center is by bike as biking provides access, not just limited sidewalks or roads but also gives you proximity with nature amid miles-long dirt paths.

Take a boat tour around the island of Naxos

Some many secluded coves and beaches can only be reached by boat. A tour can take a full day to complete but provides breathtaking views of the green valleys, offshore islands, and ancient ruins. Naxos island has an abundance of natural beauty on land, including cave dwellings with stone archways called ‘Cycladic architecture’ dating back to 4500 BC!