The Best Women’s Cold Weather Gloves: Choosing Winter Gloves Based On Your Needs

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Gloves are an essential part of winter gear. Whether you’re commuting to work, shoveling the driveway, or just watching the game at home after dark, warm hands are key for staying safe and happy during the cold weather months. Here’s everything you need to make sure your hands stay protected this season!

What Type of Gloves Is Best for Winter?

The right winter gloves for you will depend on your needs and preferences. Whether you need winter driving gloves or a pair for when riding your hoverboard – there’s a pair of gloves out there designed to suit your needs. If you only use your gloves in a single season, you may want a less expensive option from one of our buying guides, but if these are going to be used multiple times per season you may want to consider a pair that has less wear and tear.

How Much Warmth Do I Need in My Gloves?

The amount of insulation or warming your gloves provide will be dependent on how much time you’ll actually be spending outside during the winter months, and what tasks you’ll be doing at this outdoor time. If you spend all day outside, you’ll need a warm and protective design to keep your hands comfortable. If, on the other hand, you’re just walking from the parking lot to the office building you may only need a thin pair of gloves or even touch screen compatible technology so that you can text without removing your gloves!

Insulation Types

Wool: Wool is relatively warm for its weight, and it also has a high moisture wicking rate which makes it great for breathable insulation. Wool is naturally water-resistant, but if you plan on using your gloves in wet conditions or while washing dishes we recommend bringing them into the dryer with a few tennis balls to fluff up the wool fibers and restore their natural water resistance. The downside is that many people suffer from allergies to wool. If this is a concern, we recommend looking at synthetic or blended gloves which still provide warmth and protection while reducing your risk of irritation and scratching inside the gloves.

Synthetics: Synthetic insulation like polyester microfibers are popular for their durability and low price. They can also be blended with natural materials to provide warmth without the risk of irritation or wool allergies. The downside is that they don’t breathe as well as natural fibers, so they may become sweaty inside during long periods of use or if you have oily skin.

Down (duck, goose): Down insulation is found inside the soft underbellies of waterfowl like ducks and geese. It’s lightweight, warm, packable, and incredibly popular – but it also tends to be expensive. The cheapest down gloves are almost always down-insulated shells which have an outer layer of nylon or polyester to block wind and moisture. They can be a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of gloves for occasional use, but the lack of an outer shell means that they won’t last as long as gloves with leather or fabric palms before needing replacement. For this reason, we recommend choosing down insulation if your gloves will see light use over many years.

What Are The Best Women’s Cold Weather Gloves

ImageNameOur RatingPrice
Bodvera Thermal Insulation FingerlessBodvera Thermal Insulation Fingerless
Check Price on Amazon
Elegant Classic Women's Winter Thermal GlovesElegant Classic Women's Winter Thermal Gloves
Check Price on Amazon
EEM ladies knit gloves JETTE-IP with touch functionEEM ladies knit gloves JETTE-IP with touch function
Check Price on Amazon
UGG W Women's Classic Shorty Tech GlovesUGG W Women's Classic Shorty Tech Gloves
Check Price on Amazon
Moshi Digits Winter Gloves TouchscreenMoshi Digits Winter Gloves Touchscreen
Check Price on Amazon
Carhartt Women's Quilts Insulated Breathable GloveCarhartt Women's Quilts Insulated Breathable Glove
Check Price on Amazon
KINGSBOM -40F° Waterproof & Windproof Thermal GlovesKINGSBOM -40F° Waterproof & Windproof Thermal Gloves
Check Price on Amazon
Black Diamond Equipment - Women's Guide GlovesBlack Diamond Equipment - Women's Guide Gloves
Check Price on Amazon
Warm Gloves Touch Screen Winter Thermal GloveWarm Gloves Touch Screen Winter Thermal Glove
Check Price on Amazon
C.C Cable Knit Winter Anti-Slip Touchscreen GlovesC.C Cable Knit Winter Anti-Slip Touchscreen Gloves
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Editor's Choice
9.7/10Our Score

These are Autumn/Winter Lightweight Gloves. These awesome lightweight gloves are perfect for sporting the latest trends without having to sacrifice warmth or comfort! Dress up any outfit with these awesome new autumn-winter designs, you'll be the envy of all your friends on Instagram!

These awesome cute gloves are ideal for those who love winter but don't like the cold. The wool fabric feels great on your skin and is not only warm but also water repellent and windproof, preventing you from feeling too cold at any time of year!

The fabric feels great on your skin and is not only warm but also water repellent and windproof, providing the ultimate comfort this winter! There are elasticated cuffs that prevent the cold from coming in when it's really cold, and the fingerless design will allow you to use the touchscreen of your devices! If you're looking to stay warm and fashionable this season, these lightweight wool gloves will be perfect! They are perfect for daily use and make an ideal gift idea.

9.5/10Our Score

Do you want to look more fashionable this winter? Look no further than these awesome gloves! They feature a beautiful faux fur trim that adds a luxurious feel and looks to your daily outfit.

These awesome Winter Women Gloves are made from high-quality acrylic material, which is very warm and comfortable to wear. The simple design of the glove is ideal for all types of outfits; you can wear it daily to work or out on the town. With these gloves, you'll be looking stylish and staying warm at the same time!

The gloves are available in many different colors. You can wear these gloves in the snow or even if you're just hanging out with friends! They have a fashionable cuff design, which makes them look unique and stylish. These gloves are perfect for everyday use, so don't hesitate to order yours today!

9.1/10Our Score

These gloves have an array of colors to choose from and the patterns are also different which makes them look fashionable as well as warm. The materials used in manufacturing these gloves are of high quality and designed to allow for touch screens as well as protect your hands from the cold.

Many will appreciate the extension of the wrist band which keeps your wrists covered while allowing you to open and close doors. The EEM Ladies Knit Gloves JETTEouch Screen Gloves are some of the best wool touch screen gloves available and their price is attractive too.

A set of three colorful winter gloves for ladies to choose from. They are perfect for those that want a ladylike look or perhaps just want women's gloves which are above average in terms of design, comfort, and warmth. They can be worn for both indoor and outdoor leisure activities like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, or simply taking a walk through your neighborhood at night.

The EEM Ladies Knit Gloves JETTEouch Screen Gloves are a great option for women who want to look stylish and stay warm. Made out of 100% wool, these gloves will keep you cozy while still allowing you to use your touch screen devices. They come in three different colors so there's something that suits everyone's style preferences! For those looking for the best wool touch screen gloves on the market, this is an excellent choice with many benefits over other brands.

8.8/10Our Score

The UGG Genuine Shearling Leather Gloves are extremely luxurious. These 100% shearling leather gloves will not only protect you from the cold, but they ensure that your hands stay sleek and refined all year round. They fit like a second skin (literally!) thanks to their ultra-slim design.

These gloves might be the best leather gloves on this list, but they are also the most pricey. They are well worth the price, however because of how high quality they are. If you are looking for an ultra-luxe pair of leather gloves, this is the pair for you.

8.6/10Our Score

These are the touchscreen gloves that I have been using myself all winter. The tips are made of conductive nylon thread so they work really well on touchscreens. They're also water-resistant and warm, but not too bulky.

Many will appreciate the silky softness of the inside of these gloves. Many touchscreen gloves (and other winter gear) are made with fuzzy fabrics like fleece that aren't very comfortable to wear against the skin, but this is not an issue with Moshi's Digits Touchscreen Gloves.

I most appreciate how lightweight they are. I really don't notice them when I'm wearing them, and they fit in my pockets when I don't need to use them. There are available both in men's and women's sizes but with limited color options.

The only thing I don't love about these gloves is that the seam around the knuckles can be a bit uncomfortable after a couple of hours of wear, but it's not enough to keep me from loving everything else about them. These are my favorite touchscreen gloves and I've gotten many compliments on them.

8.2/10Our Score

Carhartt Women’s Quilts Insulated Breathable Glove is an insulated glove made from 100% polyester. It features a waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry and warm in cold weather and breathable fabric to let you cool down in hot weather.

This is one of the warmest gloves on this list. The only downside, these are not machine washable. They're excellent for temperatures near or below freezing when you don't need too much dexterity with your fingers.

What makes them different from other women's insulated gloves? The outer material is made with durable quilted fabric to make the insulation extra-thick and warm. They're like a life-saving layer of warmth you can throw on your hands when it's frosty out.

These women's insulated gloves are a good alternative to the other women's winter gloves on this list. If you're looking for a more stylish option, then you may want to check out the others first. Overall, I think this is the best-insulated glove for women's hands.

How Do I Know if My Pair of Gloves Is Waterproof?

Many gloves these days are waterproof because it’s a very popular option for winter gloves. Depending on what tasks you use your gloves for, waterproof or water-resistant technology may be perfect for your needs. If, however, you need insulation to keep your hands warm – waterproofing technology will make sure the elements stay out but won’t help your hands stay warm if they get wet.

Waterproof gloves are ideal if your hands are going to be exposed to wet conditions for long periods of time. If you have a task where you’ll be constantly handling water, snow, or ice we recommend choosing waterproof gloves over water-resistant gloves. They’re more effective at keeping out the elements and insulating your hands against cold temperatures – but they’re also more expensive and not as durable.

Water-resistant gloves provide protection against precipitation, but they won’t keep your hands warm in the event that moisture makes its way inside. They can be a great choice if you need insulation to stay warm but aren’t constantly exposed to water or snow. The best option will have a DWR treatment which causes water to bead and run off the glove.

Waterproof gloves are more expensive, but they’re also more insulating and will keep your hands warmer when wet. For this reason, we recommend choosing a pair of waterproof gloves if you need insulation from cold temperatures. If you don’t need insulation from the cold try to choose a water-resistant pair of gloves instead.

Waterproofing technology is a relatively new development in the world of winter glove design, and as such, you’ll find that many manufacturers don’t make waterproof/water-resistant shells with their own proprietary waterproof membranes. If this is the case with your gloves it means that there is no actual waterproof membrane inside the glove – instead, they’re simple water-resistant shells with a durable outer coating designed to bead and repel water. This makes them cheaper than gloves that use an actual waterproof membrane (WPB), but WPB gloves tend to be more reliable in wet conditions and are typically more insulating.

What About Dexterity?

Dexterity refers to a glove’s ability to let the wearer use their hands freely without being impeded by seams, loose threads, or material that bunches up.

Very few winter gloves offer full dexterity with a fully perforated construction, and those that do are often hunting-specific models which may not be as warm as other options.

Most winter-specific gloves have a form-fitting construction with sections of insulation that sit between the fingers and a shell material on top. This can cause minor dexterity issues when you’re using your hands, but it’s the price you pay for better insulation – providing that warmth without sacrificing mobility is what makes down insulation so popular in winter gloves.

If you need your gloves for tasks that require a lighter touch or precise movements, look for a pair that has been treated with grip technology to prevent slippage while using tools or doing light work.

What Are My Glove Options?

There’s a variety of gloves available for many different needs. If you’re looking for your first pair of winter gloves, there are several excellent choices in our best-selling guide that work great as both casual and more functional gloves. For those who spend hours outside during the winter months or just want to be extra prepared, there are better choices for those who want to keep their hands warm and protected from the elements.

Mittens vs Gloves: Which is better? The best winter glove style will depend on how you plan to use them! If you plan to use them for winter sports like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or downhill sledding – you’ll need the extra protection of mittens. If you plan to walk your dog in the cold or play ball in the yard with your kids, however, gloves will likely be sufficient.

For work gloves, mittens are a better option because they don’t get in the way of doing your job. If you need both hands free to get things done – or would simply rather not have to use two pairs of gloves for this purpose – mittens will keep your hands warm while being more functional at the same time!

What to Look for in Winter Gloves For Women:

For a pair of cold-weather gloves that will last you season after season, it’s important to think about your needs and daily tasks when choosing a set. If you need tools to do your job day in and day out, you’ll need a more durable pair. If you just want to be prepared for everything mother nature can throw at you, then you might want something that is less expensive with the knowledge that you probably won’t have them for more than one or two seasons.

For winter activities like winter hiking, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing, you’ll want a pair of mittens with an insulated shell and separate interior fingers. For everyday tasks like walking your dog or shoveling snow, look for gloves with gauntlet cuffs that cover your wrists to keep the wind out – which will also help prevent overheating when you get too warm!

Materials and Durability

Just like any other product, there’s a wide range of materials and durability that you’ll find in winter gloves.

Some glove manufacturers use stretch fabric with membrane inserts for waterproofing which is warm but not as durable as those offering 100% polyester or nylon shells and leather palms. For those who plan to use their gloves for work or play in tough conditions, look for durability by investing in a pair with leather palms and softshell fabric. This will ensure that your gloves can endure the onslaught of winter while keeping you warm!

To make them more functional, almost every glove is treated with grip technology to prevent slippage when doing chores or working outside. Waterproof rubber or leather palms can also help you get a grip on objects in cold conditions.

In the case of insulated gloves, it’s important to look for an acceptable warmth-to-weight ratio. In general, more insulation will make your gloves bulkier and less mobile – but they’ll be warmer! If you’re going to be outside for short periods of time, you might prefer a thinner, lighter pair for better mobility.

For cold weather running or other sports where weight matters, it’s also worthwhile to look into gloves that are thinner but still warm. These are great if you’re only going to be outside for short amounts of time – although keep in mind that they probably won’t protect your hands as well from the cold.

How Do I Know Which Size Gloves to Buy?

Most businesses offer a range of sizes for their products so you can get the perfect fit! The best way to measure your hand is around its widest part including your thumb, but excluding your fingers. Hand widths are often different from finger widths, so try on a few pairs and see which one fits best!

If you plan to use your gloves for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, measure your hand around its widest part excluding the thumb. If you’re measuring your hand width around the palm (excluding the thumb) – add about 1-2 inches onto that measurement. This is your glove size according to most glove manufacturers.

For example, let’s say you measure your hand 7 inches around the palm and excluding the thumb. You would then add about 1-2 inches for a total of 8-9 inches as your glove size. Keep this number in mind when shopping – if no other sizing information is available, it should be listed on the product page as the suggested glove size.

How to Keep Your Hands Warm in Extreme Cold

If you’re planning a winter activity like hiking, skiing, or snowboarding on extremely cold days, you might want to check out insulated shells paired with fleece liners. These should keep your hands warm if it gets too chilly, and the liner can double as a mid-layer should you get out of the cold for a bit and need to shed some layers!

Many winter gloves come with a temperature rating to help you know just how warm they’ll keep your hands. These are typically given in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius, and while any glove that keeps your hands warm in the stated conditions will do a good job of keeping you comfortable during normal outdoor activities at those temperatures, some offer more precise performance than others.

When considering temperature ratings for gloves, keep in mind that your actual comfort level will depend on the weather you’re operating in – if it’s warmer or colder than the temperature rating suggests, you might not be as comfortable wearing them. For this reason, many winter glove models come with an adjustable wrist strap so you can take out any extra heat that they’re creating in your body!

Thin wool gloves vs. thick wool gloves? Wool is one of the best materials for making winter gear because it’s durable, breathable, and insulates well against the cold. But when it comes to handwear, you might be wondering if thinner wool gloves are better than thicker ones. Since both options will work to keep your hands warm in the cold, it’s really a matter of whether or not you prefer them! Thicker wool gloves offer more warmth around the wrist and palm area, while thinner wool gloves are better for gripping things. For a more functional winter glove option that is still comfortable against the skin, try a pair of thermal-lined gloves. They combine the best of both worlds by protecting your hands from the cold while still feeling soft on your skin!

Is it better to buy gloves now or wait until winter is here? It depends on what you’re looking for! If you simply want to be prepared for whatever mother nature has in store, then it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of winter-ready gloves now. If you’re looking for a specific kind to accommodate your unique needs and activities, then it might be smarter to wait and buy them once the season hits.

Do I Need to Buy Touchscreen Gloves?

Some gloves are touchscreen compatible, which is perfect for when you need to take a quick temperature reading on your phone or adjust the thermostat. If you’re wondering what this means exactly, it’s pretty simple!

Touchscreen compatible gloves have special materials that allow your fingertips to sense the touch of objects like phones or tablets without having to remove them from your hands. You can most easily find touchscreen-compatible gloves in models meant for outdoor activities, but some casual everyday gloves also have this feature.

If you’re looking to buy a touchscreen-friendly glove, make sure that it’s listed on the product page. Some brands also list a specific material used for touch screens – if they don’t, then you can assume that it’s made of the same material as the rest of the glove.

Active Touch Technology is just one type, but there are many! You might also see touchscreen-friendly fabric abbreviated as “TC” or “ITC,” which stands for “touchscreen compatible.”  Here is a quick overview of three common types of this fabric:

Conductive Threads

This type of material is most often made of stainless steel fibers that are woven into the gloves’ cloth or yarn. The threads can pick up electrical impulses, which means they allow you to interact with touchscreens without damaging them!

E-Touch Technology

Similar to a touchscreen-enabled smartphone or a tablet, this type of material uses a conductive film to sense the touch of fingers.

Microwire Threads

These threads allow fabrics to become touch-sensitive by embedding small wires into the fabric’s cloth or yarn. While they are flexible and comfortable to wear, these threads can be damaged by repeated bending and can’t sense as much pressure as the other types.

These all sound so fancy, but what do they actually mean for me? Generally speaking, each type of technology is best suited to different activities! Conductive threads are the most durable option and allow you to hold onto things like poles or railings without having to remove your gloves. E-touch and microwire fabrics are great for activities that require a more precise touch, such as typing on a phone or tablet.

Under-the-Cuff Gloves vs. Over-the-Cuff Gloves

When you’re looking for gloves, you’ll notice that some have a cuff around the wrist while others do not. So what’s the difference? What is really feel like on your hand? Let’s break it down!

People who prefer under-the-cuff gloves say that they’re more comfortable and durable, as well as generally better quality. In general, the primary selling point of an over-the-cuff glove is that there’s no hassle! Some people want to be able to pull their gloves on and off as quickly as possible, especially if it will make a big difference in cold or inclement weather. If you’re less mobile and aren’t in a rush, then under-the-cuff gloves may be better for you if they fit your budget!

People who prefer over-the-cuff gloves usually enjoy the ability to wear long sleeves or sweaters without feeling constrained. They also often enjoy being able to tuck them into their jacket sleeves. In colder weather, over-the-cuff gloves tend to be more effective at keeping your hands warm because there’s less space between the gloves and your clothing.

If you’re still not sure how you feel about cuff length, try out a pair and see what works for you! They might take some getting used to in terms of mobility – but over time, you’ll get used to the things that really matter. Over-the-cuff gloves are often cheaper than under-the-cuff gloves, but it all depends on the brand and where you buy them from.