Best Z Wave Controllers


Smart hubs can communicate with other smart devices through Z-wave protocols so as to set up your home automation. We’ve compiled a list of the best Z-Wave controllers that can help you set up your smart home easily so let’s have a look at what’s available in the market today:

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What to consider when setting up your smart home?

Smart controllers connect to smart devices like doorknobs, sensors, light bulbs, and outlets so as to control them from a central controller. For example, a light sensor can let the controller know that it is dark in the room so it can turn on your smart lights. With just the controller you’ll be able to monitor and manage all the devices that are connected to them, acting as the brain of your smart home.

Make sure that the smart controller you pick is compatible with the other devices you want to connect with. The smart devices should be able to use the Z-wave protocol in order to use their features.

Each controller has its own user interface where you can log in in order to configure the automation scenes. Some are able to connect to using mobile applications and control them using a tablet or smartphone. Picking a controller with an interface that you can become familiar is vital in order to set up all the necessary functions.

The scene editors will help you setup easily with If/Then command but also use Or/And conditions for more flexibility. Advances scenes can also be build using Javascript, VB script, Python or other scripting languages, so it’s useful to cheap which devices support which languages.

It is wise to invest a little more in order to get a controller that will allow endless customization but also can communicate with other protocols apart from Z-Wave so as to be future-proofed in case of further expanding your setup.


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