301 Darts

What Is 301 in Darts?

Darts have many different types of dart games that can be played. The 301 game is relatively simple and ideal for anyone starting out!


  • Each player starts with a score of 301.
  • For each throw, you deduct the points from your score.
  • The outer bull is worth 25 points while the bullseye is worth 50 points.
  • The first player reaching 0 points wins.

What Happens if You Exceed the Score You Need to Win?

If you score more points than the total required for you to reach 0 points, you are bust and your score returns to its previous state.

Who Goes Firsts?

Each player throws and the one hitting closer to the bullseye shoots first!

While getting from 301 to 0 sounds like an easy task, remember that you have to match your remaining points in the last throw or you are busted. This is the simplest version of the 301 dart game, but I’ve also seen another variation too.

Advanced/Official Version

The previous rules still apply, and we add the following two:

  • You are required to score a double in order to begin deducting from your score (also referred to as double-in).
  • You are required to end your turn with a double to win the game (also referred to as double-out).

Are There Any Strategies to Win?

Well, in an ideal world, you want to get as fast as possible to a score of around 170 points or under. You can achieve this if you aim for doubles and trembles.

Then, depending on your total score you can easily win in three darts. For example, for 160 points you can go for two triple 20s and a double 20.

For someone just starting out, the left side of the board is safer, as you will get more points even if your accuracy is not the best.

Don’t forget that in order to play this game you must know how to throw darts! If you’re looking for a beginners’ guide on the right technique, check out our post!

Now is your chance to give 301 darts a try and let us know how it goes!