801 Darts

This is another version of the 01 dart games, this time with a total score of 801.


The rules are similar to the other ’01 dart versions:

  • each player starts with 801 as a total score.
  • For each throw, you deduct the points your hit from your score.
  • The outer bull is worth 25 points while the bullseye is worth 50 points.
  • The first player reaching 0 points wins.
  • Your last dart should hit a double or the bullseye.
  • If you score more points than the total required for you to reach 0 points, you are bust and your score returns to its previous state.

How To Get Started

In order to determine which player goes first, each player throws a dart, and the one closer to the bullseye starts first.

Similar to other ’01 games, it can be played in the single version of single-in, double out, meaning you just need a double with your last throw. Other players prefer the double-in, double-out variations, where you start deducting points once you hit your first double, and not before. It all depends on the rules you decide for your games.

Like all the ’01 dart games, the 801 gets so intense once you reach under 170 points remaining. This is where you can finish your game with your next three moves, so you better start practicing on these 3-darts combinations.