Around the Clock Darts

Around the Clock is a great, beginner-friendly dart game you should try. I know that it was one of the first I tried once I got my first dartboard, and it’s was a lot of fun. While many players start with 301 or 501, I think this is a great introduction to the world of darts. The fact that you won’t have to make calculations makes it even more accessible.

How Do You Play Around the Clock?

Around the clock is commonly referred to as “around the world”. The rules are simple and straightforward. The player starts from number 1 and you need to hit your targets in sequential order. So, 1… 2… 3.. up to number 20, and then the bullseye. You can not skip a number and you can’t advance unless you hit your target.

While it might seem simple, it is ideal to familiarize new players with the dartboard, and you can improve your accuracy while practicing.

Variations For More Advanced Players


While 1…2…3…etc is the standard variation, if you want to take your game to the next level you can introduce double and trembles. So you can have:

1… double 1…. 3… double 2… and so on…

By introducing doubles and trembles you can practice hitting these smaller areas of the dartboard. This way you will improve your accuracy and precision.


If you want to play with friends of various experience levels, you can use handicap:

For example, a novice might not start from 1… but from 10… having to hit fewer numbers… while advanced players still start from 1.


Some people like to try going clockwise while targeting instead of sequentially. So, from 1, our next target will be 18, going clockwise on the dartboard sections.

As you see, they are no fixed rules, just a starting point for these games to adapt to your style and allow you to practice without getting bored. So you can experiment and invent new ways to play as long as you have fun!