What’s The Best Material For A Dart Board?

A question that is often discussed on dart forums and in pubs around the world. One of the most popular discussions revolves around what material is best for a dartboard. There are many materials available, and each offers a unique challenge to the player.

When you’re looking for a new dartboard, it’s important to consider the type of surface that it has. There are several different types of surfaces available and each one offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will take a look at the different types of boards and discuss who might benefit from using them.

What Material Are Dartboards Made of? What Types of Dartboard Are Available?

Most of the modern dartboards are made from sisal fibers, while other options include cork, wound paper, and plastic. Old dartboards were originally made of wood, with poplar and elm being the most popular choices. As the game evolved, so did the darts and the targets. The first dartboards were made of elm and then later of cork. In the 1920s, improvements in manufacturing led to the use of sisal fiber for dartboards.

Bristle Dartboards

What is a sisal dartboard?

Well, sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the Agave Sisalana plant. The fibers are woven together to form a thick mat. This type of board is popular because it offers a consistent surface that is resistant to wear and tear.

Sisal is good at maintaining its shape and resisting damage. While other types of boards can warp or split, sisal is less likely to do so. When you remove darts from a bristle board, the sisal fibers are self-healing, leaving no holes behind.

Sisal’s texture is ideal for most dart shooters because it is not too rough and does not cause the darts to bounce erratically. Bristle boards made out of sisal fibers are very durable and can withstand continued abuse from dart throws. You can easily find boards that meet competition regulations.

How do you maintain a sisal dartboard?

If you want your dartboard to last as long as possible you need to keep in mind that:

  1. These boards often have a rotatable number ring. It’s essential that you rotate the ring in order to ensure even wear on the surface.
  2. You should not wet your sisal dartboard – it will not improve its playing surface. Unlike wooden dartboards, sisal dartboards should not be stored in a humid environment. If you don’t take care of your sisal board it might swell or shrink in humidity, so it is not the best option for people who live in humid climates.

Should you get yourself a bristle board?

The truth is bristle dartboards are the perfect match for steel-tipped darts. If I were you, I’d stay away from paper boards and invest in one of these. While paper dartboards might seem inexpensive to start with, you’ll soon find out that you’ll need to replace them if you want to keep playing. I know I had to replace my first paper dartboard within months, so I don’t consider them a great investment.

A good quality bristle dartboard made of sisal will last for years without showing too much wear. The fiber is tightly packed which results in a board that is denser than most. A sisal board may cost more than other types of boards, but if you want to practice often, it may be the best option for you.

Plastic Dartboards

If you prefer soft plastic tip darts, plastic dartboards are the choice for you. They tend to be more durable than paper and cork boards, so they can last a long time if you don’t throw your darts too hard. The downside is that they cost more than other types of dartboards.

You can find plastic dartboards at most department stores, but they are also available online. They are quite popular since these boards are used in electronic dart games. As technology advances, the quality of these boards continues to improve.

In many plastic dartboards, you can find pre-programmed games and let them handle the scoring. This makes them ideal for beginners or for those who don’t enjoy keeping score. The soft tip option makes them great for casual games and children to play with.

When it comes to durability and lifespan, plastic boards are a great value for money option. Once you overcome the initial investment, you’ll have a board that can last a long time. Plus, plastic dartboards also tend to be more visually appealing than paper and cork dartboards, with no holes to deal with.

Should you get yourself a Plastic Dartboard?

If you are looking for a durable board with a long lifespan, plastic is the way to go. They also offer a soft tip option for those who prefer that type of dart. With many different games pre-programmed into the board, they are perfect for beginners. You can also find plastic dartboards in a variety of colors and designs, and their pricing is reasonable.

If I were you, I would just skip the cheapest options on the market. They are more likely to damage your darts, and I’ve seen a lot of cheapest models not counting the score.

Cork Dartboards

Cork dartboards are popular because they’re inexpensive and easy to find. The surface is not as durable as other types of boards such as bristle boards. It may need to be replaced sooner or later.

When darts are removed from a corkboard, its surface tends to leave small holes. These tend to degrade the dartboard over time. It may be difficult to remove darts without damaging the board’s surface, so it’s best not to throw them with too much force. Darts stuck in your corkboard should be removed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Should you get yourself a cork dartboard?

When I was younger, my dad suggested buying a cork board because he knew it wouldn’t break my wallet and he was right. We all have to start from somewhere, right? If you want to try out the sport it can be a great choice since they are relatively cheap and easy to come by.

If you’re looking for a cheap dartboard to start with, a cork dartboard might be the way to go. To be honest, they are not recommended for people who are serious about the game. If you are new to the sport, it may be all you need until you’re able to get yourself a good bristle board.

Wound Paper Dartboards

Paper wound dartboards are the cheapest type of dartboard to buy. They are also the most fragile. They can be found at most department stores and they don’t require any special maintenance.

The surface is made out of layers of paper that are glued together. When darts are removed from a wound paper board, it tends to leave small holes that can accumulate over time. These tend to degrade the dartboard over time. Over time, this will cause more damage to the board and eventually lead to its destruction.

Should you get yourself a Wound Paper Dartboard?

If you want to invest in a low-quality board that may need to be replaced down the road, then wound paper is the right choice for you. They are also great for children because they can’t put too much force into their throws. It’s unlikely that they will end up destroying the dartboard if it’s made out of wound paper.

Summing It Up

There are a few different types of dartboards to choose from, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Plastic dartboards are durable and can last a long time, while cork dartboards are inexpensive and easy to find. Paper wound dartboards are the cheapest option, but they are also the most fragile.

No matter which one you choose, here are my top tips:

  1. Avoid purchasing a kit with cheap darts. They tend to be made of low-quality materials that will damage your board over time.
  2. Avoid placing the dartboard in a location where it can accumulate moisture from steam or condensation from heat sources such as heating vents, radiators, and fireplaces.
  3. When you’re done playing, take out all of the darts to avoid further damage.
  4. Regularly clean the dartboard with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated.
  5. Avoid buying the absolute cheapest in each category, they can be more trouble than they are worth.
  6. Do your research and figure out what you want to spend, how much space you have for the dartboard, where you plan to play most often; all of these things will help guide your decision.

I hope this article answered all of your questions about dartboards!