30+ Excuses For Bad Throws

Here are some good excuses for bad darts:

1. “I thought I threw a pencil”

2. “That’s not my dart!” (someone else threw it)

3. “The little guy just moved!”

4. “There was a fly on the board, and I had to kill him.”

5. “My elbow hit that person standing next to me,”

6. “My shirt is too tight so it made my aim off.”

7. “I have a genetic disorder where I have no depth perception!”

8. “There was this big flashing light in my eyes!”

9. “I need new glasses, bro… these are like 8 years old.”

10. “There was a bug on my hand.”

11. “I just got a manicure, my grip is too firm.”

12. “I’m left-handed… I am going to throw with my right hand now though!”

13. “These darts are worn down so they are not flying straight anymore!”

14. “It’s very windy out there, don’t you know?”

15. “Oh no it slipped because of sweat!”

16. “Who put this dartboard up here!?” (trying to be funny)

17. “The floor is all sticky.”

18. “I totally saw a UFO… that’s why I missed!”

19. “I can’t believe I’m hitting this good today!”

20. “Bad vibes bro, bad vibes.”

21. “Hey man, what did you just put on your hands because darts are slipping out of my grip now!!

22. “I absolutely hate this wall color!”

23. “You know, darts is just like golf… sometimes you just miss it right on purpose!”

24. “Maybe if your ceiling was a little bit higher…”

25. “This dart is drunk…”

26. “I have a hangover bro!”

27. “My wife just texted me, she needs to talk… sorry man!”

28. “There’s a big spider in my way!”

29. “Oh, you wanted me to hit the bullseye?”

30. “I need new darts! These are too heavy!”

31. “My dart was not made for this board…”

32. “You know what bro, I’m just going to drink tonight and forget about playing darts… let’s hang out instead!”

33. “It’s too loud in here!”

34. “I need to change my grip man.”