How Far Is The Throw Line From The Dartboard?

Have you purchased a dartboard for your home and are unsure where to place it on the wall?

Do you need some help to determine where to place the throw line on the floor?

If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with all the information you need to hang and play your new dartboard successfully.

Let’s start by discussing the distances you will need to worry about. There are three key distances that you need to be aware of when hanging a dartboard:

  1. Height from the center of bull’s eye to the ground
  2. Distance from the wall to the oche
  3. Diagonal distance from the center of bull’s eye to the oche

You will need to measure all three of these distances in order to hang your dartboard correctly. Now that you know the distances you need to worry about, let’s take a look at how to measure them.

What Is The Right Height To Hang A Dartboard?

The appropriate height to hang your new dartboard is 5 feet 8 inches, from the ground to the center of the bull’s eye. This is the rule set by the World Darts Federation and it matches a 6-feet tall man’s eye level.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Before you take a measurement, make sure that the wall is strong enough to hold the dartboard and all its accessories. It is recommended to hang a dartboard on a studded wall whenever possible.
  2. It is vital that your dartboard is hung flush against the wall and that it is straight.
  3. Make sure that you pick a spot far from any windows or doors, and no breakable items should be located nearby.
  4. It is wise to pick a mat to put under your dartboard which will dampen the bounce-outs.

What Is The Horizontal Distance To The Throw Line?

The first time you set up your game, you need to decide how far should you stand from the dartboard. The recommended distance of the wall to the oche is 7 feet 9 and ¾ inches.

This is the steel tip dart distance regulation. You will measure this distance, not from your wall, but the actual face of the dartboard. This way you don’t include the depth of your dartboard, or anything behind it, into your measurement.

When I set up mine, I used a fishing line I had available to project the face of my dartboard to the floor, and measure from this spot to the oche. You can use any string, rope, or whatever you have available. If you choose something lightweight, like me a fishing line, I would suggest having either someone to help you or add some weight to it, so it doesn’t move.

Once you have your spot marked on the floor, you will need to make a mark at exactly 7 feet 9 and ¾ inches from this point out. Any tape measure would do.

Many people prefer to use soft-tipped darts instead of steel-tipped darts. In this case, while the dartboard’s height stays the same, the throwing line is placed at 8 feet.

What Is The Diagonal Distance From The Bullseye To The Throw Line?

The suggested diagonal distance from the bullseye to the oche is 9 feet and 7 3/8 inches. This is another way to determine where to place your throw line if you find horizontal distance cumbersome to measure. When it comes to soft tip darts, go with 9 feet and 3/8 diagonal distance as per distance regulations.

To measure this, you will need a tape measure and a friend, to make things easier. Have your buddy hold the end of the tape at the center of the bull’s eye so you walk straight away from the dartboard until you reach your desired measurement for your throw line.

I find this method easier and it’s a great way to double-check that everything is correct and straight. While these are the international standards, It is wise to check with your local league or association to see if they have any requirements for hanging a dartboard and the throwing line.

Wheelchair Dartboard Setup

This dartboard setup makes the sport more accessible to people with disabilities and helps to level the playing field. While the throw line remains at the same place, the height of the dartboards is adjusted to make it easier to hit the target.

The World Disability Darts Association has set the height of the bullseye to 4 feet 6 inches as the official dartboard height for wheelchair players in 2010.


What About Ladies? What Is The Throwing Distance In Ladies’ Darts?

Well, the truth is that there is no difference. In most competitions, the oche is placed at the same distance for both ladies and men.