How to Perfect Your Dart Stance

Where Do You Stand When Throwing Darts?

As you might already know, there are many different dart-throwing techniques and stances. But where do you stand when you throw darts? If you want to practice following the dart regulations, you should set up oche at the right distance (7 feet and 9 1/4 inches for steel-tip darts). This will help you perfect your stance since the key is to be able to replicate your throwing form every time you want to throw darts.

Body Position

Let’s start from your feet. When you are in your dart throwing stance, your feet should be shoulder-width apart. You can stand in front of the oche or just take a step back. As long as you are able to replicate the same stance every time, you don’t have to worry.

Many people start with a front-facing stance, and while not optimal, it is not wrong either. More importantly, you should be able to build a foundation and practice your stance so that it becomes second nature.

A variation you can try is putting your best foot forward. Again, having a shoulder-width spread with both feet forward is more practical. Before you pick your favorite stance, you owe to yourself to try angled and side-on stance too. In fact, these stances can help you focus better, and minimize your movement while throwing.

Have your dominant eye facing the dartboard, and turn your foot to the side until you are comfortable. You need to focus on your target and minimize your foot movement.

No matter which stance you choose, it’s important to balance your body weight. This will help you minimize fatigue, so make sure that your weight distribution is even.

Avoid standing on your toes or heels, and keep your back straight while throwing darts. Your shoulders, while the rest of your body should be fixed in place, while your throwing arm is doing all the hard work. The idea is to only use your arm for the throw, so you need to practice following the weight transfer as you release the dart.

Like in any other sport, breathing control is key. Don’t try to hold your breath, instead, focus on your breathing rhythm. It should be slow but steady. That way, you can build up focus without breaking your rhythm.

Overall, you need to make sure that your stance feels comfortable for you. There is no reason to practice on a stance that feels unnatural to you. I also suggest getting pair of shoes for practicing, preferably something that feels comfortable to wear for quite some time without sacrificing support.

Keep on practicing until you perfect your stance. This is where you set the foundations for your arm to throw. Once you raise your arm, make sure it’s parallel to the floor, so when you throw you are only using your elbow’s movement and nothing more. It’s important that every time you return to the oche for a throw, you center yourself to the dartboard. You can use tape to mark the spot until you are comfortable with your positioning.

Can You Lean Over the Line?

The truth is that you can lean over the oche line if you want. Your upper body can lean but your foot should remain behind the oche. However, most people prefer not to as it will distract them from maintaining their stance. If you are leaning too far, your body weight will be out of balance. It will be better if you build the foundation for your perfect stance and don’t give up your balance.