What Is A Triple 20 In Darts?

Welcome to Darts 101!

So, you get yourself a dartboard, and now it’s time to score some points, but you are unsure what that triple 20 means.

If you take a look at your dartboard, you will notice that there are two concentrical rings and that both are divided into 20 sections. The outer ring has a multiplier of two times the score of a dart landed there, and the inner ring has a multiplier of three times the score.

So what exactly is this triple 20? Well, it is when you hit the inner 20 section, the one with a multiplier of three times the score. This means you score 60 points with one dart. A triple 20 is the highest score that can be achieved with one dart.

Being the highest score means you should aim for it, right? Well, it’s not always the best idea to aim for the highest-scoring sections. The dartboard is designed so that it’s not rewarding lucky shots. Hitting the triple 20 is naturally more difficult than hitting the single 20. To score 60 points with one dart, you need to be accurate and you will need to practice a lot to get the timing right. But let me tell you, it is rewarding when you hit a triple 20. Hitting three triple 20s is also called “Perfect”.

Beginners usually aim for the bullseye to start with and then work their way to the outer ring. And it makes sense. If you hit the bullseye it is worth 50 points, and in case you fail, you may end up with 25 points by hitting the outer ring. Hitting triple 20 is more difficult to accomplish, and you may end up with 1 or 5 points if you fail.

If you decide to take some time and practice your throwing, you can start with the simple 20-19-18 targets. Once you are familiar with them, move to their trembles. Hitting these three opposing trembles, is also known as “WhiteHorse”. For complete beginners that want to simply have fun, the left side of the dartboards has some high scores you can try. This left side is considered safer if your aim is a bit off.