Everything You Need To Know About Ragdolls Cats

Ragdolls Cats

Ragdolls Cats are a relatively new cat breed. Developed in the 1960s, this breed is a favorite among cat lovers, for several reasons.

They are large and very friendly – this may be one of the most important facts about Ragdolls Cats because it makes them so popular among families with children or elderly people who live on their own. This is a relatively large and heavy cat breed, which makes it very good for cuddling. They love to be near people and will follow their favorite person all around the house.

Ragdolls Cats are very laid back – Ragdolls Cats get this trait from their genetic background: they were bred from a long line of cats that all had an inbuilt tendency towards being calm and relaxed. This means that they are not likely to do anything rash or unexpected, which makes them a good choice for cats living in homes with small children.

Ragdolls Cats require a simple and regular grooming schedule – this is another reason why they are so popular: because Ragdolls Cats do not need complicated care like long-haired cats. A good brushing once a week is all that they need to stay beautiful.

Ragdolls Cats are big talkers – this cat breed is very vocal and will probably express their desires louder than other breeds. This might be especially true if the Ragdoll Cat is an only pet, which means that it will have extra incentive to use its voice to express its feelings.

Ragdolls Cats are a good choice for people who live in apartments – unlike many other cat breeds, Ragdolls Cats do not need a lot of space to stay healthy and happy, which means they usually adapt easily to life in an apartment.

Ragdolls Cats are very large and heavy – this is one of the most important facts about Ragdolls Cats for people with small kids because it makes them harder to carry around than most other cat breeds. This also means that they feel safer on the ground, rather than jumping from high places.

They are very playful – this cat breed is full of energy and has all the drivers needed for playing with its favorite toys for hours on end. They tend to enjoy playing with a variety of toys, which is why they are a good choice for people who love watching their pets having fun.

They have a nice appearance – this cat breed has been bred over five generations to have the perfect coat, which is long and silky. Their bodies are large and strong and they have huge eyes that many people find irresistible.

Ragdolls Cats are fond of water – this is a great trait for cats that live in warm places because these furry friends will probably be the only members of the family who will enjoy lounging around in the pool or showering with their favorite person. For those who plan to take them on vacation, this is a great trait to have, especially if the holiday spot has a beach.

They can be hard to potty train – this cat breed was bred from a long line of naturally tame cats and it shows: they can be very difficult to housebreak because they don’t like going outside. However, this means that Ragdolls Cats will never pee or poo anywhere other than their litter box, so owners who have this problem with other breeds should consider getting a Ragdoll.

Ragdolls Cats do not need a lot of exercises – Ragdolls Cats get their energy from playing and cuddling up with their favorite people, so they don’t need a rigorous exercise regime to stay happy and healthy. A few minutes of playtime each day is enough to keep them in good shape.

They have some health problems – this breed was bred over five generations only with the healthiest cats, but they can still suffer from some hereditary conditions like Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM.

Ragdolls Cats are beautiful pets that have been bred for their gentle nature, so they will usually enjoy being around kids and other family members without causing too much trouble. They are not usually aggressive animals, but they can be protective and fierce defenders when their favorite people are involved.