How to keep your house clean and organized – 9 easy steps

How to keep your house clean and organized

How to keep your house clean and organized?

Housecleaning is an essential part of self-care for most people. It’s a chore many of us feel should be done daily but often struggle to find the time or energy. The problem is, when you don’t do it on a regular basis, housework piles up fast and becomes overwhelming.

But what if housecleaning could be as simple as following these easy steps? I’ve found that it’s possible and I share my tips on how to keep your house clean and organized in this post.

Make your bed

I like to start each day by making my bed. It’s a simple task that makes a big difference when you see a tidy bedroom. I don’t make the bed to perfection (my body is still in it until 8 pm) but I do fluff the pillows, smooth out the duvet and make sure bedding looks nice.

With a made bed, my bedroom gives off a feeling of calm and energy, which makes it easier for me to unwind when I get home from work.

Vacuum and flip mattress

To be honest, I hate vacuuming. The sound of the machine alone makes me cringe, so I try to work around it and do it as infrequently as possible. But when I do vacuum, I vacuum the floors first, including under the couch and bed. Then I use a handheld vacuum to quickly go over surfaces like my nightstands and desk since those areas don’t get dirty as often.

I should be doing this daily, but I’m happy if I do it once a week.

I also flip my mattress once a week. The process is a little bit cumbersome but I was advised to flip the mattress when I bought it. Other mattresses don’t need flipping, so make sure you check with the manufacturer.

Put everything away, where they belong

Once you’ve vacuumed and cleaned your floors, it’s time to put away your clothes, dishes, and other household items. This seems like a simple task but can be the most tedious for people who have lots of stuff.

If you’ve got older items or multiple things that may need to be placed in various places, consider putting them on their own pegs so they can be easily seen and found.

Wash curtains and dust blinds and clean your windows

As you can see, I’m a little lazy so you might have guessed that I don’t get around to cleaning blinds often. But that being the case, I still have to learn how to do this.

I’m open to new ideas like getting an automatic blinds cleaner so my blinds will magically clean themselves. Ugh! But since that’s a little out of my budget right now, I have been patiently singing and praising as dust accumulates on my windowpanes.

If I have a helping hand, the next thing I do is wash the curtains. I have a lot of them for my room so it takes a while, but mine are washable which is nice.

Scrubbing and airing my drapes and curtains out, leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment. Those suckers are a pain to wash, but the end result is always worth it. Now I know why cleaning services charge such high fees to do this at homes!

Replace light globes and dust curtain rods and bookshelves

]By that time, I have the ladder nearby so it’s high time I check the light globes to make sure no dirt has accumulated. Replace if needed and then move on to the curtains rods and bookshelves for some dusting action. You might be surprised at how many kinds of stuff can get piled up on these. Books, shoes, and other items that are not supposed to be in the living room, tend to end up here. They’re probably looking for hiding spaces so I take off the cover and get rid of the clutter. Remove any cobwebs from the ceiling, vents, and light fixtures.

Wipe over and dust furniture and decor

Now that I’ve vacuumed and dusted, it’s time for a final wipe over the furniture and decor that was covered up during the cleaning process. Since there’s usually dust on the furniture or decor, it’ll be easiest to wipe them down instead of dusting them into oblivion. You can also use a vacuum with a crevice tool to get rid of traces of dust on delicate surfaces like picture frames.

Wipe the cupboards, shelves and drawers

I’m sure you could do this all in one pass but I like to go one drawer at a time. I do it in two passes as well. The first is when the cupboards are closed so I can lift and open them, and then the second pass is when they are open for wider access.

I use a vacuum for this step because I suck dust from inside drawers and cupboards, which can kick up a lot of dust during this step. I could also use a hand duster for the same purpose.

The best part of this step is that I can use my vacuum on the shelves and cupboards to quickly clean out living room furniture and surfaces, which means a lot less dust is kicked up. It also makes me feel like I am much more hands-on as we go through the cleaning process.

Spot remove carpet stains

I then use some pro-clean spray and a toothbrush to spot treat any stubborn carpet stains that are in my living room. I have a great vacuum from Karcher that works wonders for the final pass. I usually do this after I’ve done the other steps as it will also make my carpet edges look much nicer.

Vacuum or mop floor

This is the last step in the cleaning plan. I prefer to vacuum at this point, but I can also use my steam cleaner to clean the floors if I want.

Pro Tips:

  • De-clutter as much as you can and donate anything you no longer need
  • Use containers and labels to store anything you won’t need the following months

All that’s left to do is take out the garbage and replace the cleaning supplies. If I’m really lucky, I get to do this every week. It takes about 30 minutes and leaves my home looking great and ready to be used again! I hope you like these tips and tricks to organize your home.

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