Questions to Ask Before Buying Your New Sofa

Questions to Ask Before Buying Your New Sofa

What Style of Cushions Do You Prefer?

This is the single most important question that you need to ask. How many cushions do you want? What size are they? What shape do they protrude out of the back end of the sofa?

Do yourself a favour and don’t overlook this question. If you hate the way your new sofa looks, then it’s not worth it. Do you want a deep seat, a plush back or do you prefer a sleeker look? Follow this up by asking the salesperson if they have anything in your style. If not, then ask them to point out others in the store that resemble your description.

How Many Cushions Do You Like?

The next important question you need to ask is: How many? Do you want a mix of cushion shapes and sizes? I don’t think anyone would argue with one of the following:

Seating cushions. Round or oval (no, not that oval) in shape, with light padding. This would be your seat cushion. An example could be a back pillow or sheepskin cushion. Obviously it’s going to have a very different effect upon your body than your backrest cushion.

Back Cushion: Like the seating cushion but only slightly higher. These are better for the back as they are more ergonomic. Their shape is just like a chair. An example could be a pillow, but some people prefer zip-couch cushions or throw pillows with this design.

Side Cushion: The shape resembles an armchair or your couch’s armrests. A good choice if you want to sit in both left and right chairs at the same time and not look awkward.

Do You Want to Sit in Both Seats at the Same Time?

If you want to sit in both seats at once, then you’ll need to consider a few alternatives. You may like to go for a sofa that has an extra seat on either side. This would give you the freedom to decant from each seat into one of the other seats. It’s also quite handy if someone comes over for a chat and they need to sit next to someone else. The extra seats mean that you can move away and still be within earshot.

Of course, there is another way to go about it: going for a three-seater sofa. This would give you both an extra seat and the freedom to decant from one part of the sofa into another. Of course, this will take up a lot more space than a two-seater and also cost more money.

Should Your Cushions Be Flat or Padded?

Flat cushions are those that have no padding inside. They are basically cloths, usually made of leather or microfiber, that lie on top of the frame. The advantage is that you can stand on them and they won’t be destroyed by your feet and you can store things on top of them.

Padded cushions are those that have one or more layers inside. They come in all different shapes and sizes depending upon the design of the sofa itself. Many of them are upholstered with fabric, faux leather or microfiber. Padding is there to make the cushions feel more substantial and comfortable. It is there to give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. The wrong type of padding can be uncomfortable so it’s important that you find out exactly what your cushions have in store for you.

How Will the Area Be Used?

What kind of space will be used by the sofa? Is it going to be used for a single purpose (such as dining), has it got both purposes in mind (multi-purpose seating), is it going to be a place to place odd items and one day move them out, or is it going to be like a secret hiding place for items that people can’t live without, and then they’ll leave you because you’ll never know what they are.

How Will the Fabric Be Put Together?

The most common fabric choices for your sofa’s upholstery will be leather, microfiber or faux leather. How are they put together? What is the type of sewing that holds them together? Is it a loose stitch or a tight one? Will it hold up well or will it rip easily, and if so how long until it rips?

Your fabric choice is of course dependent upon your needs and budget. The way that they are put together will have a direct effect on the quality of the fabric. Leather sofa upholstery comes with a lot of life left in it as there is little use for it. You can clean it, but it’s not like a wool sweater or coat where you need to wash it regularly. You can sleep on leather furniture, wash it and it will stay clean the entire time. You can even vacuum up spills if you want. It’s a lot easier to maintain than wool or linen. Faux leather, called polyurethane suede, isn’t actually plastic! You can even order custom colors for this type of material. It will last the longest, but still looks real enough to fool someone into thinking that they’re sitting on real leather.

What Is Your Budget Range for a Sofa Set?

The price of a sofa set is going to vary greatly with the materials and size. It will also be dependent upon whether you want it to be used as a dining table or just seating. The average price for your sofa set will depend on the type of material it’s made out of and how well it is put together as well as the design of the sofa itself. The average price ranges from approximately $400 to $1000. This will vary greatly based upon your location.

If you have wood frame furniture already where the couch is going to be placed, you will want to make sure that the cushions will fit into this wooden frame properly. If you have a wicker or wicker-look table (such as rattan furniture), the cushions will need to match up with that. The same goes for any other material that you want your sofa set to match up with.