The world’s first anti-ageing gin has just become available.


The idea of an age reducing drink might not sound too appetizing, but this particular one is made with carefully selected botanicals that are claimed to have either slowing down or stopping signs for aging.

The company behind it say they’ve developed the perfect recipe by using only natural ingredients and distilling them in small batches so you can enjoy their delicious taste without any unwanted side effects from other chemicals found commonly used during production processes such as alcohol drying out skin cells due its high proof level.

A new anti-aging gins has been created in response to the demand for retaining youthful looks, but still enjoying a drink. The world’s first ever 40% proof gin is distilled with pure collagen and can be found at Bodelwyddan Castle where it will hopefully solve all your problems caused by aging!

This drink has the ability to rejuvenate your body and mind. I’lleducation on how it works is just through one swallow, but you could probably get away with two if not more!

I never thought I’d say this, but drinkable collagen is the answer to all my skin problems! The alcoholic equivalent of a facial? Yes please. Now I may have to reconsider my list of the best collagen supplements.