Best 20000mah power banks


Nowadays we tend to carry many electronic devices with us, and while on the move we would love to be able to power and charge them so as to not run out of juice during the day. The power banks can provide enough power for devices to operate and also provide the chance to charge them more than once when needed extended the typical battery life of our mobiles, cameras, laptops and other devices. I’ve gathered a list with the most popular 20000mah power banks in the market that can help you with your power needs when on the go, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended power banks:

Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

The power bank from Anker is a high-quality option and among the most popular choices, you will find. It’s quite lightweight for a power bank of this capacity which is handy if you plan to take it with you while on the go. The 20000mah allows you to charge your devices multiple times before it runs dry, so you can expect it to fully charge a smartphone like iPhone for up to 7 times, a large tablet like iPad for up to 4 full charges. It comes with a micro USB cable and a travel pouch which is pretty handy but in cases of iOS, you will need to buy a cable separately. The Powerbank can be recharged in around 10 hours with a 2amp charger, yet with a 1amp charger, you would need twice the time for a full charge. The device feature to USB output so you can power up to two devices at the same time, while its size it about the perfect size so it can fit your pocket while traveling. Overall this is your best option when it comes to 20000mah power bank so I can highly recommend having a closer look while researching.

EasyAcc 20000mAh Portable Charger

If you are looking for a power bank but your budget is limited, this power bank from EasyAcc is a great option that won’t break the bank. Its capacity allows you to charge your smartphones and tablet multiple times before it runs dry, so you can typically get up to 6 charges for a Phone, and many more for less power-hungry devices. The device features 4 USB ports that auto detects and change the charging speed for the connected device up to 2.4A. In total, the device has a 4.8A output that allows up to four devices to charge at the same time. Overall a great option for anyone that needs to plug more than two devices simultaneously, or having a limited budget that can’t justify purchasing the model from Anker. Considering its relatively low price, this is a great option that can help you charge your devices on the go without spending too much.

POWERADD Pilot X7 20000mAh Portable Charger

Last but not least, the Poweradd Pilot x7 is the most affordable choice on our list. It comes in two colors to choose from and at a very attractive price for its capacity. The 20000mah power bank can charge your phone and tablet multiple times so you can expect it to power a tablet for two full charges and up to 6 charges for a power hungry smartphone like iPhone 7. The device can output 3.4A and it auto-detects the device that it’s connected to supply the fastest charge possible. The short circuit protection and overload protection features are quite essential to have and thanks to its lightweight design you can easily carry it with you daily. The power bank is pretty straight forward to use, you’ll just need a 2A charger in order to charge it. With a 2A you will need around 12 hours for a full charge of the power bank, while a 1A charger will need twice the time. Overall this is a quite affordable power bank that you can easily carry with you, and if you are on a limited budget this is a great option if you can afford an Anker power bank.

What to consider when buying a power bank?

There are plenty of models in the market but which is the best for your needs? The answer to the question relies heavily on your daily routine, how power hungry your devices are, but also the size and weight you are willing to carry in order to keep your devices charged. The capacity of power banks is rated in mAh so it is vital to pick a power bank with enough mAh so as to have the necessary power while far from an outlet. This rating means that the higher the mAh the more charges you can get and eventually run your devices for a longer period of time.  In this article, we feature 20000mAh as they tend to be ideal due to their compact size, as larger capacity comes with greater weight and size.

Most of the portable chargers highlighted have a display in order to indicate how much power they have left in their batteries. This can be found as a small screen indicating a percentage, while on other models it can be measured in led lights indicating the major percentages like 50% and 25%.

In most cases, the 20000mAh are usually petite in size and some can even fit in your palm. It is vital to check the dimensions of the product before purchasing as you can sometimes find bulkier power banks with the same capacity, so eventually, you might want to go for the most compact one. A power bank rated at 20000mAh can provide enough power to charge your mobile phone or tablet multiple times before it runs dry.

In most cases, you can except 2-4 full charges for mobiles phones and up to 2 charges for tablets.  Obviously, some models are more power hungry so your mileage may vary, still it is wise to invest in 20000mAh or more as for most users it is plenty for today’s devices. If you feel the need to power your devices for more days and charge them more times, it is advisable to pick more 20000mAh power banks, instead of going for a larger capacity, as their size and price make them less attractive for now.

Most power banks feature smart electronics that provide protection for your devices so that they identify when the devices are fully charged and prevent supplying more power. This means a safe and speed charge while preventing over-voltage, overcharging or short circuits that could happen with previous generations of power banks. Moreover, some power banks can also have a builtin light that can be handy on various occasions, especially if you are outdoors in the dark.

It is vital to check how many USB ports the device has, as this will determine how many devices can be plugged in and charge at the same time. In most cases, power backs will feature at least two USB ports, but there are also models n the market that come with more ports which can be handy to some. On the other hand, it is also worth to mention that not all ports offer fast charging or enough amps to power tablets. If you plan on charging a tablet you should look for power banks that have 2A USB ports that provide enough power and faster charging if available.

Weight might also be a deciding factor for many users, for it’s advisable to check the weight of the power banks before purchasing a power bank. The most lightweight alternative will be around 350g while the heavier can be around 800g. Well, it might not seem like much, but it all adds up inside your luggage, especially if you need to pack light or get more than one power bank with you.

It is wise to pick one from a reputable manufacturer that is backed by a long-lasting warranty. The most prominent brand is Anker that has provided some of the most durable power banks in the market. They tend to be a little pricier but they worth every penny you will spend so rest assured. On the other hand, there are many off-brand power banks that have received good reviews while a lot cheaper, so if you are on a limited budget or don’t want to commit to an Anker they are also available worldwide.

The latest years there was also a nice addition to the market, that of solar power banks. If you plan on taking the power bank with you on the wild, a solar power bank can be your best bet. It will be able to recharge itself via solar energy and eventually provide endless power to your devices as long as there is sunlight. These solar power banks are also constructed with heavier use in mind, so in most cases, they will be water resistant and shockproof. If you are planning to be off the grid for a while, these are almost a necessity.

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