Top 10 – Best 3 Wheel Bike for Seniors


Tricycles are helping your muscles relax while exercising. They are a great joy to ride and ideal for recreational purposes. We’ve gathered the most popular 3 wheel bikes in the market to help you with your research, so let’s have a look at the alternatives:

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Our recommended tricycles for adults:

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Schwinn is a well-known brand and their Meridian model is one of the popular choices in the market today. You can find the Meridian with 24-inch or 26-inch wheels depending on your preference, and the tricycle is available in three colors to choose from. The frame is made from aluminum for maximum durability while lightweight, and it is pretty low that allows easy access. The tricycle comes with a foldable basket on the rear that is pretty handy in case you need to carry your shopping bags while out for a ride. You will appreciate the long easy to reach handlebars as they provide a comfortable ride, along with the stylish fenders that will keep you clean. The upright handlebar is also easily adjustable in height and the one-speed design allows for simple and low maintenance. Overall, this is a great tricycle that can be found in a very attractive price, so it definitely worths a closer look.

Artudatech 6-Speed 24″

The model from Artudatech features 24″ wheels that are ideal for elderly people but you can also opt for 20″ ones if you feel that they are too large for you. Overall, it is easy to access due to its low height and the adjustable handlebar will let you set it up to your preferred position. The tricycle features fenders that will keep you and your bike clean, and the large basket on the rear is very convenient for when you go out shopping. The seat is one of the most comfortable you can find that comes with an extra comfort back. The tricycle can be purchased as a 6-speed or 7-speed depending on your preference, so if you are not into single gear bikes this one is one of the best choices in the market without breaking the bank.

Happybuy 24 Inch

The Happybuy model features 24inches wheel that allows for a nice ride and maximum comfort. The upright handlebars are easy to reach and the comfortable cruiser saddle allows for a comfortable ride. It features a rear basket that is very handy to have and features a high-quality iron frame. The model from Happybuy can be purchased in two designs, a regular 7-speed tricycle, and a 1-speed foldable so you can choose the one that suits your style bests. It comes at a very attractive price, and the foldable option is one of the cheapest foldable tricycles you can find in the market, so it worths a closer look.

Goplus Adult Tricycle

The Goplus can be found in three different colors to choose from, and you can also select between 24″ and 26″ wheels depending on your preference. All models feature a large iron basket on the rear and a smaller one at the front of the bike. It is very stable while riding and can help you transport groceries and shopping bags easily as its big wheels allow for a comfortable ride. It features fenders that will keep you and your bike clean and a soft padded seat with springs for better riding experience. The Goplus models are among the cheapest tricycles for seniors in the market so if you are on a limited budget you can start your research from Goplus models so you can grab a nice bike while not spending a fortune.

Ridgeyard 6-Speed

This 6-speed three-wheel bike can be found in three colors to choose from. It features 24″ wheels for a comfortable ride and a steel frame for maximum durability. The seat and handlebars are easy to adjust to your comfortable height and the padded spring cruise suit promise comfortable and stable rides. The folding basket at the rear is quite large so you can conveniently go out shopping with your bike. Overall a high-quality three-wheeled bike that is reasonably priced.

Barbella Single and 7 Speed Adult Tricycle

The Barbarella can be found in single and seven-speed variations, and plenty of different colors to choose from. It features a large capacity basket on the rear of the bike that is convenient for storing your shopping bags while riding. The bike’s frame is made of iron for maximum stability and has lightweight allow rims and 24inches wheels for comfortable riding. It also has adjustable upright handlebars and a comfortable seat with back for great riding experience. The bike also comes with plenty of accessories to get you started and due to its attractive price, this is one of the budget-friendly options in the market.

Areyourshop 6-Speed

If you are looking for a cheap tricycle that features 24inches wheels this is one of the cheapest you can find online. It features a great seat with back for comfortable riding and a large basket that can store all your shopping. It comes in plenty of colors to choose from and it’s adjustable handlebar ensures you can set it at a comfortable position regardless of your height. Overall a decent bike for its price and a great choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly option since you can’t find many decent options at lower prices.

MOPHOTO Adult Tricycle

Mophoto has the largest variety of colors to choose from in our list, and all their models feature 1 gear for easier maintenance. You can find the model with 24 or 26 inches wheels, with the 24inch model being the most friendly for users due to its lower height. It features a large basket on the back that can store your shopping bags and its frame is made of iron for maximum durability. The seat is quite comfortable, even though it doesn’t have a cushioned back which could improve stability and comfort while riding. The handlebars are adjustable so you can put them in your desired height and the fenders will keep you clean in case you run over water or mud. If you are looking for 1-speed tricycle for seniors this worths a closer look and comes at an attractive price too.

Komodo Cycling 24″

The Komodo model is one of the easier to step through designs in the market and its 24-inch wheels are the ideal size for seniors. It features a 6-speed design and a basket on the rear which is quite handy, although it could be a little large in size. The adjustable handlebars and the cushioned seat ensures a comfortable riding experience and the fender will keep you clean and tidy. It can be found in three colors to choose from but it is generally pricier than it’s competitors. If you are not on a limited budget the Komodo is a great choice that you should include in your research.

MOPHOTO Adult Tricycle

This is the same model from Mophoto that we listed above, this time it comes with a 6-speed design. Like other bikes from Mophoto, you can find them with 24 or 26inch wheels depending on your preference and they feature a large convenient basket on the rear of the bike. The adjustable handlebars will let you set them up to your desired height and the cushioned seat with the padded back is ideal for comfortable riding experience. The bike comes with plenty of accessories to get you started and since it is reasonably priced it is a worthy option for its money.

What to consider when buying an adult tricycle?

The three-wheel bikes are ideal for elder people who face mobility issues. They are also referred to as trikes or tricycles and are mostly human-powered even though there are also motorized options on the market. There are plenty of models of three-wheeled bikes to pick from, so this can make your decision challenging but we’ll highlight some important details you might want to look for when doing your research. Keep in mind that even though they are a popular choice for seniors, they are great for recreation for all ages too.

If you feel you need to store the tricycle often you should look for folding designs. On the other hand, if you are not into folding ones, there are many options to choose from. Their frame will determine their height, so it is wise to pick a model that features a low stand for easier access. There is nothing worse than ending with a tricycle that is difficult to reach especially for elders.

Look for models with 24″ wheels which are suitable in most occasions. Preferably, if your budget allows it you should be looking for an aluminum frame and alloy rims. It is nice to have a brake lever lock that can keep your bike stationery with easy when parking it.

As with any bike, they can feature 1 or multiple speeds to choose from. For a relaxing ride, you should probably go with 1-speed tricycles for easier cruising with fewer things to worry about. As far as rider’s comfort is concerned, you should be looking for loop handlebars that are ideal for seniors with poor muscle strength or arthritis.

Keep in mind that some models are not pre-assembled, which means you will need some time and patience in order to assemble it for your first ride. If that feels like a big deal you should make sure that the one you pick is already assembled. Don’t panic though as with the help of the manual it could be very easy to assemble them if you follow the providing instructions.

It is wise to pick a three-wheel bike that provides storage space for your daily needs. In most cases, the bike would feature a basket in front or back which can provide you with enough room to store your purchases when returning from the local market. If you decide on a model that doesn’t feature a basket, in most cases you will be able to order one in the future, if you decide you need one.

Pick a model from a reputable manufacturer that is backed by a long-lasting warranty. Moreover, make sure that there are replacement parts if you need maintenance in the future. One of the most reputable manufactures is Schwinn with great reviews from users, yet at

A three wheel bike can provide great stability and balance due to its design, so you just have to make sure that you feel comfortable enough to ride it. You should be looking for models that feature cushioned seating in order to enjoy a comfortable ride. A good seat will help you enjoy your ride but also prevent you from getting tired, so you would eventually like to ride more, which is a great exercise.

Adjustable handlebars are vital in order to set them at your desired position for a great ride. This will also help you to share the three wheel bike with more that one user as such handlebars will let you adjust them depending on the height and reach of each rider. If possible, go for a tricycle with front and back fenders as they will keep you clean in case you ride over water and mud.

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  1. MICHAIL…I enjoyed your thorough comments, but I have really been looking all over Internet for a medium priced (below $400, fr. Shpg.) adult 24’’ 3 wheel bike with multiple features you mention here all in one, i.e. front & back brakes, low frame for easy on/off, adjustable/comfortable seat perhaps with back support, & foldable to get in my Jeep Renegade allowing room for say small suit case.

  2. So Michail, are there no folding styles 20’’ or 24’’ that come in a minimum of 3 speeds or more? Seems no brand offers these 2 main features???

  3. The one I mentioned above (MOPHOTO) and the tricycles from H&ZT have 7-speed options with 20″ wheels… they might be out of stock at the moment… You can also check the Mantis mentioned on the my list, features 24″ wheels and 6 speeds.


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