Top 10 – best air hockey tables for kids


Purchasing an air hockey table is a tremendous venture for a gameroom. It offers a great time for children and allows them to compete with friends and family members. There are plenty of models on the market that mimic the arcade options in a smaller scale suitable for your home.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best air hockey tables for kids. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended air hockey tables for kids:

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for ways to create an exciting atmosphere in your kids room, this is a great alternative to consider. This is quite a popular option thanks to its relatively low price and its unique table top design.

This is the perfect option for anyone with a limited space or need to easily move the air hockey table. It is very straight forward to use you just need to place it on an even surface and you are good to go.

I like how portable this option of the game is, and if you are like me you will appreciate how easy it is to pack the air hockey table with you when you visit friends, family, or go to the park. If you have a portable power source you could play the game anywhere making this the most versatile option on the market.

This model, while it is relatively cheap to buy it is build with solid wood and kids will have a blast playing with it for many years to come. It seems very durable so I would expect it to last for quite a long time. Overall, this is a tabletop option that I think it’s worthy having a closer look if you are not willing to invest in an air hockey table. A great tabletop model that will help little ones develop motor skills and improve reflexes. You can’t go wrong investing in this one as I would consider this the best air hockey tables for kids when it comes to tabletop designs.

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table

This is quite a popular option on the market and probably sought after anyone looking for an affordable air hockey table. In fact, while this is not the cheapest option on the market, this is a great value for money option that comes with all the features you would expect from a great air powered hockey table. It features puck and pushers that light up, a feature that many kids would fell in love with. Just imagine playing in the dark with these.

The table is themed as team “Fire” VS team “ICE” and comes with red and blue pushers. I like that it feels quite stable and the design of the legs and base seems like it can withstand a lot of beating. Obviously this is not a portable air hockey table like the above mentioned one, still it is easy to carry around if you need to. It features an Abacus scoring system that will aid you to keep score.

Overall, I consider this a great table that can be found at a reasonable price. This is a great choice for anyone that is not interested in investing in a pricier table, as this is a great one that your kids would love without costing a fortune. It is sturdy and durable, can withstand some beating and the light-up features make this unique.

If you like the design, I would suggest having a closer look at this one before making up your mind. You probably have to invest a lot more before you actually get a better table.

Mini Arcade Air Hockey Table- A Toy for Girls and Boys

I wanted to include this air hockey from Hey! Play! in this list as it’s probably the most affordable way to get a mini hockey game for kids. This is a great alternative for budget-conscious parents and everyone looking for a portable option that can easily transport.

Despite its low price, this is a well built model that can provide countless hours of playtime with your little one. If you don’t have enough space to set up a full size air hockey table, this option will allow you to use it as a table top alternative without breaking the bank.

Parents will appreciate how lightweight and portable this air hockey table is, as you can easily store it or move it thanks to its size. You just need to add eight AA batteries once you assemble it, and you are good to go in no time. This air powered hockey table is made out of wood and plastic, and feels quite a durable option if you take into consideration its low price.

Overall, I would highly suggest having a closer look at this one. This is an excellent option to consider if you are looking for portable alternatives, a great way for kids to spend some quality time playing with friends.

Lanos Air Hockey Table

This is another great alternative when it comes to air hockey tables, a well designed table that comes with lot of features that enhance gaming experience. This table feels very stable and will be able to last a lot of beating during fast paced gameplay. You can find it online, sometimes at a discounted price, which makes this a great choice for family and friends.

The air hockey table is quite compact and can be a great addition as it takes up minimal space. The set comes with two pucks and 2 strikers, while it also includes an LED and dials to keep score. I really like its lightweight design and vibrant colors that allow it to be the center peace of any game look. To be honest I would be delighted if I had such a beautiful air hockey table when I was a kid.

If you have limited space and you don’t plan to accommodate a full-sized air hockey table you see at the arcades, this is probably your best bet to consider. The playing surface is large enough so that even adults can play. The table is 48 inches long and 24 inches wide, so grab a measure and check if it can fit your place.

Overall, this is a well build option that ensures a sturdy and smooth playing field that works with electric powered air blowers. I would suggest having a closer look at this model before committing to a specific model, even thought it’s not the best option on this list, it’s a great value for money option for budget-conscious parents looking for a great way to spend time with their kids.

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table

A lot of parents might be hesitant setting up a full size air hockey table, but for those that have enough space this is an excellent choice to consider. The ESPN air hockey table might not be the cheapest option on the market, but its designed and built for those that want the best value for the money.

You can find the table in various sizes, including 5, 6,7 and 7.5 foot air hockey table versions, plus its model has its pros and cons. The smaller 5 foot version is ideal for anyone looking for a compact air hockey table, but I would suggest to go all out and pick the 7 foot version for the best experience.

You can also get LED scorer that will add to the whole experience as it will keep the score and display a timer while you play. This set comes with 4 pucks and 4 pushers making this a perfect option for group of people that fancy multiplayer gameplay. This is probably the best air powered hockey experience you can have at the comfort of your home, as while it might feel a little large for younger kids, it’s an investment that will stand the test of time.

As your kids grow older you won’t have to worry replacing your table for a bigger alternative. If you are willing to invest into a great air hockey table, I would suggest checking out this one while researching for your next purchase. Overall, it’s a well built option that features thick legs for extreme stability and a reinforced playfield for maximum durability. You can’t go wrong investing in this one, as I would consider this among the best air hockey tables for kids on this list.

Hathaway Hat Trick 4-Ft Air Hockey Table for Kids

This is a great beginner’s table that can be found at a reasonable price online and worth considering while researching. It’s the perfect gift for kids as you get a good sized table that doesn’t feel too big for kids to play with.

I like that it feels pretty solid even thought this is not the heaviest table on the list, the legs do a great work keeping it sturdy. It features small sensors that can be used for electric scoring.

Taking into consideration its relatively low price, I consider this an excellent investment for anyone looking for a kid’s table and not willing to invest in a pricier option. At 4 feet, this is an ideal size for kids so that they don’t feel overwhelmed, plus it is quite compact to easily fit anywhere with no compromises.

It is very easy to assemble, especially if you have a helping hand, and comes with everything necessary to set it up right away. This air powered hockey table works with 110V blower and features a wonderful graphic design. If you like it’s graphics and looking for a budget friendly option for kids to explore air hockey, this definitely is a model you should have a closer look. At this price range, this is among the best tables for kids on the market today.

Rally and Roar Tabletop Air Hockey Table, Travel-Size

Rally and Roar are a well known manufacturer, better known for their great value for money option when it come to lawn games. This option is a great alternative to consider if you prefer tabletop designed air hockey tables as it is portable enough but an provide tons of joy. Thanks to its compact size you can take it with you anywhere. If you want a air hockey table that is made with extreme portability in mind, this is a great starting point for your research.

I feel like this is the perfect option for air hockey fans that would love to take it with them on vacations. It takes so little space that any family would not have problem carrying it thanks to its lightweight construction. I like the vivid graphics and color scheme they’ve chosen, and while its not the most impressive option on this list I guess any kid would love having one. To be honest, this is not the best option if you plan to play along with your kids as it is quite small, so better consider this as a table designed for children. Obviously parents can play with their kids a friendly game, but you have to make some compromises due to its small size.

Overall, this is a tabletop model that has appealing graphics and lights, feels stable and doesn’t cost a fortune. It is well built and surely is a great table for your kids first steps into air hockey. I would consider this the perfect option for vacations, small trips and even camping, it can keep your kids entertained for many hours.

Hathaway Rapid Fire 42-in 3-in-1 Air Hockey Table

This option from Hathaway has a unique design that features three games in one multi-game table that your kids would love to play with. It is perfect for kids that often want more than one option to choose from and thanks to its compact design it takes up minimal space. At its price range, this is an excellent air hockey table for parents looking for a versatile alternative. While it might not be the best option when it comes to air hockey tables, it surely gets extra points for versatility.

I like that it comes bundled with a soccer ball and two hockey sticks, so you are good to go right from the start. For some parents, having the option to go either for air hockey, traditional hockey or soccer might be the best alternative to keep their kids entertained at all times. The table while its is very compact, it feels very sturdy and takes up very little space.

It measures 42 by 24 inches, providing a large playing surface that both kids and adults can play on. Made out of durable MDF this is a great alternative to invest compared to lower priced models made out of plastic or particle boards. It is equipped with an electric blower that runs on 110V and will allow for smooth air powered hockey playing, while it also includes a handy scoring system. I like that it is easy to adjust in height too, and the leg levelers will allow you to place it on uneven surfaces too. Overall, I would consider this an excellent investment that will definitely keep your kids engaged thanks to its 3in1 design, making this a great all around solution.

2x4ft 10-in-1 Combo Game Table Set

If you are willing to invest in an all around solution, this product is a great candidate to consider. This unique combo table is able to handle all your gaming needs with air hockey just one of its available games to play with. I would consider this a great investment for families that love to play together and need different games to keep their kids engaged. It combines multiple games that can be great to play with family and friends, while taking up minimal space.

If you have available space, this design will allow you to choose between foosball, air hockey, billiards, checkers, bowling, shuffleboard, table tennis, all on the same table. It feels quite stable and well built, and surely can stand some beating. I like that they included a manual scoreboard too, which is quite handy to have. The natural wood-like exterior is a nice touch that will allow the table to blend nicely with any decoration.

Overall, this is a very versatile option that many parents will appreciate how easy it is to change between different games on the same room. If you are looking for a space saving solution, this is a great addition you should consider. I would suggest checking this out if you like the idea of a 10 in 1 game table and like the included games. It comes with everything you need to get started right away and can assemble it in a few minutes. An innovative design that is the probably the best option for kids that get bored with one games too easily.

Lanos Air Hockey Tabletop Game

This travel table option from Lanos is a great choice for budget-conscious parents. It measures 40 by 20 inches, providing a great playing surface. It comes with 2 yellow paddles and 2 yellow pucks so you can start right away while the unit is powered by a 12V motor in order to provide smooth glides on every push.

At this price point, I would consider this an excellent choice, and you can often found it at discounted prices so better keep an eye on this model. This is a birthday gift since any kid would love it and will provide a lot of engagement. Great for younger kids around 3-8 years old, and the perfect option if you like to take it with you on the go as it is very lightweight.

If you are looking for such a portable unit to save space and store it easily, this one get a thumbs up. It is very easy to convert a table or an even surface into a great tabletop game. Ideal for parents that don’t want to allocate space to a full sized air hockey table. Make sure sure you check this out if you prefer tabletop alternatives.

Things to consider when looking for the best air hockey tables for kids:

In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of the factors to consider when purchasing air hockey tables for kids. Let’s have a look at the factors that will help you determine the best option for your space.


Size is among the key aspects to think about when selecting an air hockey table. The size will depend wholly on the kind of arrangement you have for your gameroom. 

Air hockey table sizes range from under forty inches to eight-foot tournament-table designs. If you have ever played air hockey at the arcades you will be familiar with the stand alone hockey tables with tables. These are an excellent choice if you have the required cubic feet to dedicate to such an installation.

On the other hand, smaller air hockey tables are quite affordable and easy to fit inside a common rooms. An air hockey table around 40 inches and below can be more appropriate for kids. Additionally, these small-sized tables fit in a more restricted space.

If you are looking for a table that will be perfect for both kids and teenagers you should look for 6 or 7 feet options. If you like to invest in a great air hockey table makes sure you look for models that feature leg levelers. These are vital is order to easily setup the table and compensate for uneven floor.


Each of us has diverse priorities as far as purchases are concerned. Tables that feature electronic scoreboards are great, yet they are among the pricier options on the market. Many players prefer the manual scoreboards as they can save a lot from the smaller price tag, and such tables also have smaller footprint.


One more factor consider is whether your air hockey table has a digital timer, and scoreboard. These two will assist you to keep a track record of your games. This digital tracking saves your child the hustle of having to use a stopwatch and a manual scorer. Models with electronic scorer are very popular but pricey, so if you are looking for a cheap air hockey table, you should check air hockey tables that allow you to track score manually.

The models with electronic scoreboard will often have the option for timed and untimed sessions. If you have the require space to setup an air hockey table with an electronic scoring system, this can be a great investment.


It comes down to personal preference, but if you have the space, going for a full-sized air hockey table with legs is a great investment to consider. After all, your children will more likely enjoy it for even more years to come.


Among the standard features for air hockey tables are overhead lighting and scoring unit. These features allow you to play in low-light places. Additionally, it gives the entire table an outstanding look. Frequently, this includes unique features like black lighting also. Blacklight can cause your paddles and puck to shine in the darkness!

 Some air hockey tables light up from below. However, other tables are sold with puck and paddles that light up separately for even a more blissful game.

The quality of the material used

As a common rule, an air powered hockey table made of high-quality material will give you several years of prolonged service. 

Selecting a model with leg levelers also makes sure that you establish a level playing surface regardless of where you position your game table.

No matter the quality of the table, it is essential that you keep food and beverages far from the playing surface. Crumbs and liquids can damage the playing surface of the air hockey table and result in an unpleasant gaming experience. Moreover, you should remove dust and dirt with a damp cloth regularly in order to maintain a clean surface.