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Glock has always had models that are very different and on offer, but the hardest thing has been finding the one that best suits the one using it to shoot. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best airsoft glock. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

Our recommended airsoft glocks:

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Umarex Walther P99 Blowback 6mm 

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If you are looking for a airsoft glock but don’t know where to start from, this model is a great option to consider at this price range. It features paddle style magazine release so that you can quickly eject magazine for easier loading.

This airsoft gun fires 6mm .20g airsoft BBs and has a realistic blowback action. It comes with a 15-round mag and powered by CO2 cartridges which you buy separately. Overall a great looking option that fires 320 fps. Considering the price range of this airsoft glock, this is a great budget friendly option to consider that definitely worth a closer look.

Umarex Glock 17 Blowback

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Another option from Umarex that can be bought online for a very attractive price. This airsoft glock fires 0.177 BBs at 365 fps. It has a realistic kickback and fits most of aftermarket holsters.

It comes with an all metal magazine that holds 18 rounds and overall this is an airsoft glock of great built quality. Overall, a highly recommended air pistol, so if you like its design and fits within your budget, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Things to consider when buying a airsoft glock:

Models in the Glock family pistols have got only one thing that is common to them, and they are considered as one the top among all handguns.

All Glock pistols offer features that are identical and advantageous. In terms of maintenance and handling, they vary. These pistols are tested first so that they might not be flawless later. The testing makes Glock pistol not hard to control since they have a sequence that is fast in the shooting.

When buying a gun, you don’t only go for the one that suits your budget but for the one that will make you feel that you are equipped sufficiently and can take on your enemy at any given time. Airsoft Glock is the kind of gun that makes you empowered.

Most people who have used airsoft models always think that what decides the competence of a gun is its power. And airsoft Glock pistol possess the power

Scopes Or Sight?

When you are maneuvering, scopes might loosen, and it takes time to put them back on. I suggest that you opt for the dot sight, which has a diameter that is large and optical. The dot sight helps you to reduce the time you take to acquire the target.

Figuring The Strategy Out

Situations that you are in determine your strategy, if you are a seasoned player, you make your magazine to last long. These will depend on how you practice because it will teach you to be bold and quick

Spring-powered Guns

They are very reliable when in games that are close-quartered, you don’t have to reload each time, and they can be used as primary or back up weapons. This weapon is very cheap and helpful.

Automatic Electrical Guns

They have the most accurate and reliable system for any airsoft gun, and they rely on batteries that can be recharged. They operate in all weather conditions, and no much maintenance is required of them.


If you are an airsoft gamer, both body guns that are plastic and metal will work well for you. Both compared them not breakable, but they might end up to bend despite their toughness they also dent. These guns start with plastic, but it is easy to modify them.

Power, operating system, and accuracy are the main factors to be considered when purchasing an Airsoft gun. Though you can’t afford big and most expensive guns, you may try to go for the cheaper one, and you will slowly upgrade. However for now when you are considering buying an airsoft Glock gun consider the above factors

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