Top 10 – best all terrain double stroller


All terrain double stroller is known to improve fitness and health. Parents are nowadays looking for strollers that can easily handle sand, gravel, trails, and other surfaces. .

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best all terrain double stroller. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended all terrain double strollers:

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

If you are looking for a double stroller but not sure where to start your research from, this is a great candidate to consider. This is among the most popular option on the market and thanks to its reasonable price I would consider it a great value for money deal. The Joovy Scooter X2 can be found in four colors to choose from and is quite spacious so that two children up to 45 pounds can ride along.

The stroller is made of 600D Nylon so it can withstand some beating and can handle extreme weather conditions. I like that the stroller has plenty of storage space for parents so you can easily sotre both your personal belongings and your kids’ toys. The bottom storage space can accommodate larger toys while the zippered pockets and cup holders are quite handy to have.

Overall, this is a great double stroller that has all the features you would look out for. I has a large canopy, removable bar, plenty of storage space, and feels quite sturdy and durable. I would consider this a great deal at this price range, that definitely deserve a closer look if you are looking for a value for money option.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller

This is another quite popular option that can be found at a reasonable price. This double stroller from Baby trend is quite lightweight and very easy to store, plus the front wheels help a lot maneuver around. I like that they include two different canopies in the design as I find it more convenient for each seat to has its own independent sun and rain protection. Many parents will appreciate how quickly it can fold for storing so you can easily take the stroller with you when travelling.

The seat feature five point harness for maximum safety of kids while strollin, and the bicycle tires help eliminate bumps when on uneven terrain. I like that the seats can be adjusted so that you can set them to reclining position if you want to, a feature that is commonly omitted for budget priced strollers. You can find this double stroller online at various colors and at a competitive price, so if you are on a limited budget this definitely worth having a closer look. Despite its low price, this is a great investment that can withstand some beating and help you enjoy strolling with your kids without breaking the bank.

Joovy Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

I wanted to include this product from Joovy on this list since many parents would like a budget friendly option that shares this design. In fact, this is among the cheapest options in this list, so if you are on a limited budget this a great product to start your research from. This design allows the stroller to be more compact and easy to maneuver around in tight spaces, something that many parents will appreciate if they use the stroller in an urban environment. You can find the stroller at a reasonable price online and comes in two colors variations to choose from.

The stroller has a weight capacity of 45 pounds for each seat, and the front seat is design for toddlers, while the rear bench seat is ideal for an older child. I like that the stroller can easily fold for storage, even thought it could have been more compact. The stroller has all the features you will need, including a stand on platform, brakes and canopies for sun and rain protection. The rear seat is removable so you can easily install it in your car for a all-in-one solution. Overall, this is a budget friendly option that definitely worth having a closer look before you make up your mind and for some parents this design might be a great option for their lifestyle.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon Wayfarer

Nowadays many parents will look for an all terrain stroller and this wagon from Evenflo is a great recommendation. I personally love the design that allows you to fold the stroller in such a compact form that is very easy to store. Many parents will appreciate the dedicated storage space that will help you be as organised as possible. You can easily fit your diaper bags and personal stuff as it is quite spacious. The stroller feels very stable and the all terrain wheels will allow you to use it on uneven terrain without worries.

It features a great handle that makes pushing or pulling a breeze and the two canopies are vital for sun and rain protection. If you like its design I think it worth closer look as its a great option that won’t break the bank, but allows for plenty of storage spaces you won’t find elsewhere. The table for two in the middle is also a great addition that help organized cups and snacks while on the go. At this price range, this wagon designed stroller is a great alternative.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

This products from Baby Trend is another compact option that can be found at an attractive price. If you are a parent of twins this is a worthy investment since you get a durable all terrain double stroller with minimal investment. I like the fact that this double stroller features plenty of storage spaces that I’ve sure any parent would love to have. You get plenty of option under each seat plus mesh areas for smaller stuff.

The front wheels allows for great maneuverability in tight spaces, so if you want to take it for strolling in an urban area you will feel like home. The large rear wheels can overcome obstacles and provide a smooth ride but if you want a stroller for off road rides you should probably look for a dedicated off-road stroller.

The seat feature a canopy that can provide shade and protection from sun and rain, while the seats gave 5 point safety harnesses. I like that the seat can also be reclined so you can pick the position of the seat that your babies feel more comfortable. Overall, this is a compact and lightweight option that anyone looking for a double stroller should check out before making up their mind. Since you can find it at a really reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with this one if you are looking for a value for money option.

Things to consider when buying an all terrain double stroller:

Typically, thanks to the design of these strollers, you can walk almost anywhere on any surface such as gravel roads, sidewalks, sandy beaches to stroll through a mall. Choosing the right all terrain double stroller in the market can be challenging. Here are factors to consider when buying all terrain double stroller.

Easy to use

Looking for all terrain double stroller that can be easily folded and unfolded is very crucial. Make sure also to adjust the backrest and the harness. Ensure there is the ease of access to the storage basket and look for activated and easily accessible brakes. In the case of a travel system, check that an infant car system is installed and removed smoothly and efficiently. If it is cumbersome, you will have difficulty traveling with it. Therefore, consider the weight option. All terrain double stroller is difficult to transport with a person is not very practical if you unload and load it yourself.

Double strollers are generally big and cumbersome to carry around, and an all-terrain option is not an exception. Some models even weight as much as 40lbs which is very heavy to lung around even if it ensures the most smooth ride ever. Make sure you feel comfortable with the weight of the double stroller you are interest in before committing to a specific model.

You also need to make sure that the stroller offers plenty of storage space for your needs. You can look for storage space under the seats, usually in the form of a basket that can easily accommodate some of your things. Sometimes handlebars also have storage space for easy access to your personal belongings.


Durability is crucial when buying all terrain double stroller. The money used on the right quality product is a better option for buying cheap stroller. Check that the durability is stable and that the right material is used. These are essential for the longevity of a stroller. You need to research things like sturdy tires, light aluminum or steel frame, and more. When it comes to durability, the overall feeling of unity when folding shouldn’t seem weak. However, the stroller is generally bulky and, therefore, should not be as light and easy to fold for weaker users.


Safety always the most crucial factor that must be taken into account when buying all terrain double stroller. You want to meet the required requirements without obligation. Safety features involve good and easily accessible brakes, 5-point belts, umbrella, and sunshade. If you are part of the travel system, look for the infant seat to protect it from side bumps. 


The rugged terrain is difficult to cross if you don’t push anything. Therefore, you need to ensure that all terrain double stroller you buy is easy to use when walking. For parents, the great feature of the stroller is if the handle is adjustable height. This also applies regardless of the type of stroller you need to buy.

In this way, several caregivers can quickly lower or extend the height so that they do not have the uncomfortable position when pressed. When you need to reach the strap up or down, you feel pressure on your wrists and back, making it difficult to walk on steep terrain.

Make sure you feel comfortable maneuvering the stroller, especially in tight spaces. The front wheel plays a vital role and you should make sure you pick a model that features a swivel front wheels if you plan to use the stroller anywhere apart from the wilds.

The rear wheels are usually larger that the front tires and air filled. Air filed tires are vital if you want to take your stroller on uneven terrain and in this case the larger the wheel the more smooth you can expect. Don’t forget to pay close attention to small details that make a huge different in comfort and safety of your children. For example, a 5 point harness is vital for safety and you need to make sure that it is padded. The suspension system also affect the comfort and your ride and this is something you better try on real circumstances in order to pick the right model for you.

In conclusion, all terrain double stroller plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of a person. They help one to move freely on every type of terrain. Sometimes it becomes a challenge when buying the new one if you are a new buyer in the market. The above factors will help you greatly to buy the right product.