Top 10 – Best All Terrain Strollers


All terrain strollers are a great option for parents that intend to visit dirt roads and hills, and walk through mud or sand. They are meant for parents who love to hike and need a stroller to match their lifestyle.

I would like to highlight things you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best all terrain strollers for you. Before diving into our buyer’s guide, let’s have a look at the best options on the market today:

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Our recommended all-terrain strollers:

Bob Revolution Pro

This is among the most popular options on the market and thanks to its reasonable pricing this is a value for money option. Bob Gear is a reputable manufacturer known for their durable strollers and this one is not an exception. The stroller is ideal for both jogging and traveling at walking speeds.

The front wheel can easily be locked or unlocked so as to adapt the situation and provide great stability and maneuverability. Locking swivels are the perfect solution for anyone that wants to change between walking and jogging with a simple switch. 

This stroller is made out of high strength aluminum alloy which helps keep the overall weight down to 28.5 pounds. The frame has a maximum capacity of 75 pounds and can be folded if needed for easier transportation.

The adjustable handlebar on top offers 9 positions to find the perfect grip for you, making this a great option regardless of your height and also features a hand activated rear brake. 

The suspension system will allow for a smooth ride on any terrain and the handbrake is allowing for great control when going downhill. The air filled tires are a perfect option for anyone that wants a little adventure while strolling and thanks to their size they are a perfect match for when going off road. Moreover, the included canopy, and padded reclined seat will ensure a comfortable ride on any surface. 

While it is not among the cheaper options on the market, its price is easily justifiable thanks to its features and durable, high quality frame. I like how this model offers great stability and maneuverability, and many parents will appreciate how easy it’s to stroll in tight spaces with this one. If you get the separately sold car seat adapter you can also use it for newborns.

Overall, the Bob Revolution Pro is a great investment for kids up to 75 pounds. It is perfect for both tall and short parent thanks to the great handlebar, and has plenty of storage space to accommodate everyone’s needs. It feels sturdy and safe on any terrain, so if you are looking for a great value for money option this one is your best bet. You should definitely consider having a closer look at this model while researching. 

Mountain Buggy Premium Jogging Stroller

This jogging stroller is also quite a popular model when it comes to off road strollers. Thanks to its price, this is a great investment for anyone looking for durable options that can stand the test of time.

If you like to be active and jog on and off road, this is an option you should consider having a closer look. The stroller from Mountain Buggy can be quite compact when folded so you can easily transport it anywhere and thanks to its design it is very easy to one hand hold it. 

The front wheel features a locking mechanism allowing it to choose between full swivel and locked forward. Such design allows the stroller to remain sturdy when jogging but also easy to move around in tight spaces if needed. The stroller also comes with two wheels set for your rear tires.

I like how easy it is to maneuver around and many parents will appreciate the large canopy included. It can provide some shade and rain protection for your little one and I find it vital for any stroller. Moreover, I like the fact that the fabric is very easy to clean with a wet wipe.

You can pick 12“ tires for when you are walking around the city, but also change to 16“ tires that will be able to handle uneven terrain when going off road. The one hand brake is quite handy when going downhill, and the suspension system can ensure smooth ride of your baby on every terrain. 

Overall, a great investment for parents that love the outdoors and need a versatile stroller. I like that you get great maneuverability and a large basket for a price that seems fair. The stroller is water resistant, comes with plenty of accessories to make your life easier and can be found at a reasonable price online. Make sure you check this one out. 

Cross-Country Sport Plus

This is a great option from Delta Children for anyone looking for a budget friendly option. This might not be the cheapest option on the market yet it can be found at a very reasonable price for what it offers. The stroller is a lightweight yet durable option thanks to its steel frame.

You can easily fold it in order to transport it when needed. It features large 16“ wheels on the back and 12“ swivel wheel on the front. This makes the stroller easy to maneuver around and also helps you overcome uneven terrain.

The included canopy is very handy and along with the reclining seat and five point harness ensure smooth and safe rides. You will find plenty of storage spaces and 2 cup holders, along with a detachable organizer. For its price, this is a great option for budget minded parents.

You get a great stroller that can be used off road without breaking the bank. If you are on a limited budget looking for a value for money investment, this is a model you can start your research with. 

Bumbleride Indie 

Bumbleride have come with a quite durable option, at a reasonable price, perfect for parents that like to stay active. The stroller features a great one-step folding system that allows you to quickly fold it into a compact, easy to carry form factor.

If you are really worried about folding a stroller, this is one of the more convenient  systems featuring auto-lock and a grip handle. Moreover, the stroller is very lightweight at only 24 lbs which makes handling a breeze. 

The Bumbleride stroller features 12“ wheels that are air filled and a suspension system to ensure smooth rides on any terrain. The sun canopy with mesh window is a great and handy feature to have, along with the large cargo basket that allows storing toys and snacks.

Overall, a great solution that will allow you smooth rides on both city and uneven terrain, if you think it fits within your budget this is a model that you can consider. You will find the stroller in plenty of color options to choose from, and at a very reasonable price online, worth checking out. 

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

The stroller from Baby Trend is an excellent choice for parents on a limited budget. Despite its low price it will allow for smooth rides on all terrains and provide plenty of storage space for toys and snacks. It features a swivel wheel on the front that allows you to easily maneuver on tight spaces and uneven terrain.

The rubber handle on top allows for comfortable push while the large bicycle tires help ensure a smooth ride. Moreover, the stroller features a reclining seat with 5 point harness, two cup holders and a large storage basket for all the necessary toys and bags. 

You have the option to lock the front wheel or leave it unlocked, allowing you to adapt to any situation. Moreover, the size of the wheels help you conquer uneven terrain while the canopy protects your baby from sun rays.

Overall a great budget friendly choice that can fold easily when needed, compact enough for traveling and providing smooth rides anywhere. For its price you won’t have any better alternatives on the market, it worth considering it if you are budget-conscious. 

Thule Urban Glide

The urban glide from Thule is a great alternative for parents looking for lightweight strollers on the market that can easily transport. This particular model is among the lightest options you can find, at only 23 lbs. Not only lightweight but also very easy to fold with just one hand, while packed with all the necessary features you look for at a stroller.

It has suspension on the rear wheels ensuring a comfortable ride while their large size allows you to move around uneven terrain easily. The swivel front wheel can lock in place for jogging, or unlock for greater maneuverability. 

The adjustable handlebar on top ensures that you can find a position you have a comfortable grip while the reclining seat makes sure that your baby is safe and comfortable. The adjustable canopy also comes in handy providing shade from the sun when needed. You might miss the cup holders or the handbrake that you can find at other models on this price range, but if those are not a deal breaker for you this is a great option to consider.

Overall, the best lightweight stroller you can find that can handle off road paths and jogging. If one-hand folding design and weight is your priority, you can’t go wrong with this model from Thule. 

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

I would like to also include this model from Joovy as an alternative for those looking for a lightweight option on the market. The Zoom 360 is among the lightest you will find, just under 26 pounds and can quickly fold in a compact form when needed to transport it.

The aluminum frame is vital to keep the weight down and the 16 wheels on the back are there to provide a comfortable ride anywhere. Like all the models in our list, this one also comes with a swivel front wheel maneuverability that you can lock forward for stability. 

This stroller has plenty of space to keep your personal belongings and mesh pockets that can provide easy access to toys and snacks. It is quite easy to fold and the auto-lock feature makes it very straight forward. You can find this model in four colors to choose from, and at a relative low price online.

If you are looking for a lightweight jogging stroller this is the second option on this list that is worth considering. If you find it fits your budget, this is a great investment with only a few features left aside, which you might not need in the first place. Definitely check this out.

Bumbleride Indie Double Stroller

Last but not least, the double stroller from Bumbleride. This stroller is very lightweight despite being a double, weighting only 36 pounds, thanks to its aluminum frame.

While it is not the cheapest double stroller on the market, this is a great option to consider if you need a durable, lightweight, with plenty of space for outdoor activities. The reclining seats feature a 5point harness for maximum safety, and the large wheels are providing a smooth ride no matter the surface. 

The large canopy on top will provide plenty of shade for your kids when needed, and the top handlebar makes pushing the stroller a breeze. Moreover, the auto-lock mechanism allows for one-step fold of the stroller so that you can carry it when needed.

Featuring plenty of storage space on the bottom for toys and snacks, an adjustable handlebar and wheel suspension, this is a great value for money option. If you are looking for a convenient and durable double stroller this is a great one to consider.

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Best All Terrain Strollers

What to consider when buying an all-terrain stroller?

People often confuse jogging strollers with all terrain-strollers, and even though they might look alike they have a different design. A jogging stroller is meant to be used on smooth surfaces while the all-terrain strollers can easily adapt to rugged surfaces.

Their main difference can be addressed to the fact that while jogging you need a locked front wheel for maximum stability, while for rugged terrain you need a swivel front wheel and a good suspension system. If you like to take your stroller anywhere and fancy off-road then one of our recommended all terrain strollers is your best investment. 

All-terrain strollers may also be referred to as hiking strollers. They are meant for kids older than six months old, and feature a better suspension system than traditional strollers in order to keep the baby steady while strolling.

It is wise to use such strollers when your baby can safely keep their head up without a support system, so you should check with your doctor when it is safe to start using the all-terrain stroller off road. Try to pick a model with a reclining seat as this is vital for your baby’s comfort while for infants, you will need to attach a car seat to your stroller. 

Look for models that feature air filled tires instead of the regular hard ones. Air filled tires look like a small alternative to auto tires, and share a similar design that helps handle bumps and uneven terrain a lot better.

The larger the tires the better they can handle uneven terrain and avoid getting stuck in small cracks. Large wheels will allow for smoother riders for your kid and greater absorption of shocks when strolling in non-conventional areas. 

Many units will have features that can make strolling a better experience, like storage for your belongings, adjustable handle bars or a sun canopy. Look for these features that you need for your daily strolling so you get the best fit for your needs.

A removable seat pad can be a great feature.  You will be able to wash the stroller and remove mud and dirt from your off-road experience, while a machine washable cushion will make your life easier. You can also consider adding a fan for those hot summer days too.

All-terrain strollers have a three wheel design that helps you easily steer even with one hand. On that front wheel you can use its lock to choose between swiveling or fixed position depending on your situation and terrain.

You will find models featuring various sizes of wheels, so it comes down to personal preference which one to choose. Keep in mind that for off-road use the larger wheels will help you have a less bumpy ride and greater stability. The 12 inches rear wheels are the minimum if you need to move both on pavement and rough surfaces. 

All-terrain strollers tend to be heavier than regular strollers, so it is wise to keep weight as a factor so you make sure you can manage the stroller easily. Try to have a closer look at the strollers you liked the most, making sure you can lift them and handle their weight before committing to one. Your best options are compact strollers that you can easily fold one handed.