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Ankle weights are a popular option for anyone interest into adding resistance to their workout. They are ideal for annyone lookign for a challenge during their cardio workout, and are suitable for men, women and children. Ankle weights are designed as fixed or adjustable ankle weights that wrap around the ankle comfortably thanks to their padding.

You can use ankle weights anyday and in any workout session. They are great for cardio, walking and running, but also suitable for dancing exercises. Ankle weights are also a great way to recover from an injury and toning your leg and hips muscles or work on your endurance training.

There are plenty of models on the market so you can easily find the perfect match for you. I would like to highlight a few factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best ankle weights for you, but first let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market:

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Our recommended ankle weights:

Valeo Ankle Weights

When it comes to ankle weight, the Valeo ones quite a popular options and many athletes picked these for their home gym. They are a great piece of equipment that will allow you to perform strength training exercises at the comfort of your home with minimal investment. They are high quality products despite their low price and can be a great boost for your cardio training too.

These can be found as pair, you have to choose whether you prefer 5lbs or 2.5lbs weight for each ankle weight. These refers to the total weight as this product is adjustable so you can pick the suitable weight for you. They are designed as individual sand-filled bags that you can start from one bag and add up to 5 bags for the total weight.

They feature a D-ring and Velcro strap for easy adjusting the grip on your ankles or wrists. I like that the weights wrap nice and tight around your ankle and the Velcro straps makes fastening correctly a breeze. Their neoprene construction feels quite durable and I think that they can withstand some beating.

The only downside I can consider is the lack of a reflective strap around the weights that can be a deal breaker for some. If you would like to wear them outside during night time, there are more suitable option on the market to consider. It is nice feeling safe that the cars passing by will notice you thanks to the reflective strip, so if you need such a feature you probably need to look elsewhere.

Overall, they are quite comfortable to wear and considering their low price they are a great addition for any home gym without breaking the bank. If you are looking for the a great value for your money, this is a great option to consider if you are on a limited budget.

CAP Barbell HHA-CB020A1

The ankle weights from CAP Barbell are a also a great option to consider, and if you can find them at discount online I would highly suggest investing in a pair. They are a great way to enhance your cardio training and can be used on various exercises so considering their price they are a great addition to your home gym. This model has plenty of positives reviews and made swear by them for hiking and walking.

They are adjustable so you can easily pick the right weight for your need as they can reach up to 10 pounds each. They are well built so they can withstand some beating and last you for a long time. They are quite easy to adjust and feel very comfortable, provide a nice tight fit around your ankle.

This set is ideal for beginners that might not be sure if ankle weights would suits them or not, and since they are not pricey I would suggest giving them a try. They are ideal for men, women and kids that want to explore ankle weight game for the first time.

I like that the neoprene construction makes them very soft and if you are like me having something that don’t attracts your attention during workout is vital. With the Velcro strap you can wrap them snugly around your ankle and forget them. Overall, If you like ankle weights that can go up to 10 pounds each, this is a great option to consider at this price range.

Day 1 Fitness

I wanted to include this option from Day 1 Fitness on the list as they are a great way to get a set of ankle weights for your home gym if you prefer to avoid adjusting the weight every time. They are a perfect way to add some challenge to your work out and the fact that they are color coded means you can easily build a set of different weights.This will allow you to concentrate more on your training and less on adjusting weights, while its also a great option for commercial gyms.

If you can find the set on a discounted price I would suggest going for it as it would allow you to progress on your workout and allow for quick selection of the weight for your targeted muscle group.

I like how comfortable they are, so I suggest to have a look at them if you are purchasing ankle weights for walking. They are also great as a light set to start off, for example for anyone in rehab for an injury.

The ankle weights are quite durable and made from breathable material which is quite handy in order to reduce slipping while working out due to sweating. If you are interested in a budget friendly color coded set this is a great one to invest into. You can start from your most used pair and then get the rest of the set down the road.

Cando – The Cuf Adjustable Ankle Weight

If you like the idea of a color coded set, this option is another great alternative that won’t break the bank. The weights can be found in 20 color coded options ranging from 0.25 up to 25 lbs covering a wide range of exercises and strength levels.

They are a great addition to any commercial or home gym that need to have multiple options for customized workouts. The ankle weights are also sold separately or in pairs, so if you are not interested into investing on a full set you can easily get the ones you need.

The larger weights will allow you to work on exercises like leg lifts and donkey kicks, while the lighter options are ideal for anyone into walking and running. I like that the fit comfortable even though they can be quite heavy in size if you opt for the heavier options.

The ankle weights a well designed and made with durable and easy to clean vinyl, while the double stitching will allow them to stay intact for many years to come. Overall, a well built set that can be found at a very reasonable price, if you want to start collecting some ankle weights for your gym this is a great investment.

REEHUT Ankle Weights

If you are looking to add resistance to your workouts and can benefit from color coded ankle weights you can also consider this option form Reehut. Despite their low pricing they are quite durable but they have a limited weight collection to choose from ranging from 0.5 lbs up to 5 lbs individual weights.

These are quite popular on the market and I think the lighter sets are a great starting point for women that plan to add weights on their workout. They provide a snug fit and they won’t rotate around while performing your cardio exercises. The 0.5 lbs is a great start and work your way as you follow some exercise guide to get your started.

If you are a beginner looking for some challenges for your cardio these are a great option to get your first pair of ankle weights. They have an adjustable strap that ensure tight fit and secure them on your wrists and ankles. Made of durable material that is also breathable, they are a budget friendly option to consider if you are just starting out adding weights.

BalanceFrom Ankle Weights

If you are on a limited budget looking for a pair of ankle weights to expand your workouts, these ankle weights from BalanceFrom are among the best choices. You will find them in three forms to pick the one that suits your fitness routines best. A 2lbs pair, a 6lbs and an adjustable one for anyone interested in weights up 15lbs pair.

I like how easy it is to get a tight fit, and the weight feel very comfortable. Since it is very easy to injure yourself while working out, having a comfortable and stable ankle weight that can provide optimal training conditions is vital.

Made from durable and moisture absorbing material, they have a neoprene exterior and reinforced stitching in order to stand the test of time. Overall a great option considering their relatively low pricing, definitely worth a closer look, especially their adjustable option.

Fitness Republic Ankle Weights

The ankle weights from Fitness Republic are quite a durable option despite their low pricing. These are made from breathable neoprene and thanks to their padding they are very comfortable to wear. They have a compact design that makes them ideal for anyone that wants to easily store them when not in use.

You will find the ankle weights in two popular sizes, a 2lbs and a 4lbs set, which is a great starting point for beginners that need to add resistance to their workout routines. They are suitable both for men and women and can provide a comfortable fit around your ankles and wrists. For their price they are a great pair to buy, but I would like to see more weight options in the future at those two are very limiting.

Virtee Adjustable Ankle Weights

Another option for adjustable ankle weights, this time from Virtee at a reasonable price. They range from 1 up to 5 lbs each and comes in pairs. They ankle weights are comfortable to wear and feature Velcro strap in order tight them around ankles and wrists. If you are looking for a versatile set that can add some challenge to your workouts this is an ideal one. Can be used in a variety of activities like jogging, running, weight lifting, and any cardio workout in general.

I like that are a durable option that can be found in various ranges of weight to train with. You can go as low as 1 lb and up to 5 lbs, covering a wide range of exercises for both leg and arms. They feel very comfortable to wear, and they are very easy to use as the very long Velcro strap can provide and nice snug fit so that the weights won’t rotate as you work out.

They are well made from durable material and high quality stitching so they can stand the test of time. For their price, their are a great ideal when it comes to adjustable ankle weight, definitely worth a closer look if 5 lbs are enough for your needs. If you are a beginner when it comes to ankle weights, you probably should start with the 1lb option and work your way to heavier sets step by step.

Bebe Ankle Weights

I wanted to include this set as this is an ideal set for women looking for their first ankle weights to elevate their workout. They have a sleek design and made from soft neoprene, and their adjustable strap allows for a tight fit to any user.

You will find them at set of 2 or 5 lbs total at a reasonable price, so if you like their design they are great option to add to your research. They are very comfortable to wear, made of breathable fabric and their weight range is ideal for beginners. They are suitable for use on your ankles but also as wrists weights too. For their price, they definitely worth having a closer look while researching, especially if you are on a limited budget.

Fragraim Ankle Weights

Last but not least, the Fragraim ankle weights are a budget priced color coded option you can consider. The ankle weights are sold on pairs of 1 lbs up to 5 lbs covering a wide range of strength levels. They are great for beginners and will add the necessary resistance to your workout without breaking the bank.

The ankle weights are comfortable to wear and made from soft, long lasting cotton. The adjustable strap will allow you to secure them around your wrists or ankle for a snug fit, while they are very easy to remove. Overall, a budget friendly option to consider, anyone looking for color coded ankle weights can start their research from these ones.

Best ankle weights

Things to consider when buying ankle weights:


In most cases ankle weights are available in pairs ranging from 0.5 up to 10 pounds. You can buy them as a full set if you are interest since there are options on the market that are color coded, or opt to buy the pairs you need for your workouts. It is wise to start with low weight and build up slowly as picking a products that weights too much can hurt you.

If you are not interested in fixed ankle weights you can always go for adjustable weights you can find at reasonable price. These adjustable ankle weights are designed so you will add only the desired weight for your workout and in most cases range up to 10 pounds total. That way you can decide how intense your workout will be and you can use them on plenty of activities at different weights.

Adjustable knee weights are ideal for yoga, jogging and any cardiovascular training as they will help you burn more calories by adding even a few pounds. These are a great addition to any pair of running shoes and will allow you to train with minimal investment. Moreover, you can combine the ankle weight with a jump rope for a great indoor training too. The possibilities are endless.

Design and Comfort

While researching for the best options for you, it is wise to pick a product comes with an adjustable strap that you feel comfortable with and allow you to achieve a tight fit that doesn’t restrict your movement. Most ankle weights come with Adjustable Velcro strap that are very easy to adjust to your liking, but there are some exceptions, so pick the fastening type you prefer the most.

Look for products that are made of moisture-absorbing materials as these are the most durable option for gym equipment. Try to pick one not only based on their aesthetics but also make sure that they are well made and with reinforced stitching for maximum durability.

Some pairs even come with a storage bag to keep them protected when not in use, which is quite handy especially if you like to take them with you outdoors.


Before committing on a specific product, it is vital to consider the sports your are inclined, the way you will be using the ankle weights and your final goals. If you like running or walking, you would probably go for a light weight set that will allow you to improve your stamina.

On the other hand, some athletes might be planning to use the weights in a swimming pool, so going for a waterproof pair is vital for them. If you feel like working outdoors are night, make sure that the pair you pick features a reflective trim that will allow you to be visible at night. Every athlete has different goals so it is wise to consider which activities you want to perform with the ankle weights on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What weight to choose for a beginner?

If you are just starting out,your best bet is to opt for adjustable weights instead of fixed weights. These will allow you to start with the lighter weight and build up slowly as you progress. An adjustable weight set will allow you to work slowly and improve without breaking the bank buying separately fixed weights.

Keep in mind that you should prepare your joints and muscles for the stress of the weight. Even though you might feel that you can handle the maximum weight right from the start, it is vital to let your body get accustomed working your way up and improve your stamina.

After all, starting slow will allow you to reduce stress to your joints and avoid injuries. As you periodically increase weight and reps, to will build up strength and stamina, so don’t try to go all out even if it might sounds tempting.

How to put on ankle weights correctly?

Check out this handy video from livestrong on how to properly put on your newly acquired ankle weights:

What are some exercises that you can do with ankle weights?

How to select the correct weight?

You will find various models on the market, ranging from as low as 0.5 lbs up to 10lbs or more. Picking the right weight for your training involves trying it out so that you feel comfortable fit and won’t stress your joints. Ideally you want to start from a lower weight and work your way up while your strength and stamina increases. This is why adjustable ankle weights might be a better alternative unless you want to buy a color coded set of pairs covering a wide range of exercises.

If you are buying a set for cardiovascular training you probably should looking among the lighter options on the market. The key to running, biking, jogging or any other cardiovascular training is to burn calories and eventually lose weight, so adding even the slightest weight on your work out will result your muscles to work harder.

While it hugely depends on the intensity of your work out, if you need to burn calories and improve endurance and stamina, even the lightest additional weight will do wonders in the long run. For strength training you rely on increasing weights gradually along with repetitions, so any additional weight will help you build muscle. Again, you don’t want to go all out, your plan is to work harder without straining your joints. You will have to start from lighter weights and leave your body to rest in order to avoid injuries.

How do ankle weights benefit your workout?

While ankle weights might seem small in size, they share the shame principles like any other weight training. The weigh can tone your muscles and help you burn more calories. Adding even they slightest weight it forces your body to work harder, so this in the long run can help you increase endurance and stamina.

Moreover, the smaller weights can help you improve your technique before actually adding more weight at the shame body movement. Keep in mind that ankle weights don’t strengthen a part of your legs but are meant to tone the whole leg, including quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings too. The same applies when you use them as a wrist waist to tone the entire arm and not a part of it.


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