Baby Bath Thermometers: The Safest Way To Keep Your Baby’s Bath Warm

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Babies need extra care in the bathing process due to their sensitive skin. The bathwater needs to have a temperature of approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Most parents use traditional methods to estimate the temperature of the water. However, there is no need for second-guessing whether the water has the optimum temperature. You can use a baby bath thermometer for accurate readings. In this article, we will highlight which factors you need to consider in order to pick the best baby bath thermometer for your needs.

We put a number of different thermometers in a bathroom for our baby. They were placed in the sink, under the tap, in the shower, and even in the baby’s bath. All thermometers were tested on two different days over several weeks. During the test, we looked at the following things:

  1. Accuracy: Is the measurement accurate? 
  2. Display: Is it easy to read?
  3. Design: Does it have a great design? How does it look? 
  4. Features: Are there any functions you don’t need but which you like? 
  5. Durability: Can the thermometer withstand the rough handling of the children?
  6. Price: Is it cheap enough for your needs? What’s the best value for money?

In this guide, we tested different thermometers to find the best. All of these aspects were considered when making the final decisions about the test winner.

 The b&h Baby Thermometer is a great choice because of its reliability and convenience. The device has an easy-to-read screen and offers a digital readout of the temperature of your baby’s bath, making it easy to see if there’s been a rise or fall in temperature. The design of the b&h Baby Thermometer is attractive, making it a great first thermometer.

The MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer, our runner-up, is another reliable option for monitoring your baby’s bath temperature. It is a simple and reliable baby bath thermometer that is easy to use and will ensure that your baby gets the perfect bath temperature.

The Dreambaby Room and Bath Baby Thermometer was a big hit with most of the testers who felt that it had all the functionality of other more expensive models. It was also very easy to use and a clever way to ensure that your baby is getting the best possible temperature. The thermometer floats in the water and alerts you when it reaches the desired temperature. We liked the Dreambaby Room and Bath Baby Thermometer, which measures both room and bath temperature at a touch. It is made from safe materials and comes with a one-year warranty.

I want to highlight some factors you can consider to narrow your research for the best baby bath thermometer. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

Things to consider when looking for the best baby bath thermometer:

To get the water temperature close to your baby’s temperature, you can use a thermometer dedicated to the baby’s bath. This is extremely important since babies have very sensitive skin and need to make sure they feel comfortable from start to finish. The following buying guide will provide you with the best insights on selecting a genuine product.

Nature of use

There are plenty of options on the market and have different shapes and functionality. You can opt for a model placed on the drain cover that changes color depending on the water temperature or buy submersible models attached to your bathtub with a suction cup. Similarly, you can find heat-sensitive mats that you can place at the bottom of the bathtub so that they change their color depending on the water’s temperature. The most popular and friendly to use option is that of floating baby bath thermometers, and in most cases, this is a great budget-friendly option.

These floating models vary a lot, so you will find a wide range of models to choose from. Some models are limited to only providing temperature readings. Some manufacturers have added intelligent features to the thermometers. Thus those thermometers can display time, have sponge holders, and act as toys.

If you want the versatility of functions, then you can invest in a multi-purpose thermometer. Additionally, you can also use some of them to read room temperatures. 

Display options

On the LCD screen, the temperatures are displayed either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. You have the choice to select the units you are comfortable reading. It is also keen to note some incredible thermometers that have detectors that can sense the condition of the water. Depending on the nature of the water, they illuminate different colors. For cold water, they display blue; green indicates the right temperatures and red for hot temperatures. 

Keep in mind the not all models are equal. Look for a thermometer that updates regularly, for example, every second, so you know right away if the temperature has dropped. Check the battery type you need for the thermometer, and make sure that you can easily find new ones to replace since some of these options are that long-lasting.

Easy to clean

The design should be easy to clean. There can be an accumulation of scum on the thermometer during its functionality. The design you buy should be easy for you to clean. You can clean each time after the bathing process to prevent the considerable accumulation of scum and dirt. 

This baby bath thermometer is a great way to ensure that the temperature of the water in your little one's bath stays safe and comfortable.


An eye-catching design is vital since you want your baby to be pleased around it. The designs in the market are several. Your option is not restricted to a specific model or color. Depending on your taste and preference, you have a variety of options to select from. For instance, it is possible to purchase turtle, stingray, or rubber ducky designs.

The type you select can act as a toy for your baby. Additionally, you can choose a design that rhymes with the interior of the baby’s bath area. You can also select models that float or those that are fully submersible. 

Healthy to the baby

Babies tend to insert all objects in their mouths. The thermometer is not exceptional, and they will frequently do it during bath time. Thus the material you select should be BPA-free and have PVC protection. The material should also be ecologically safe.


Due to its use in the water, you require a waterproof material. The waterproof characteristics will prevent damage to the batteries and other internal equipment. If that damage is restricted, it means the baby bath thermometer’s durability will not be compromised.

This handy gadget will help ensure they are getting just the right amount of warm water and not too hot or cold!

Best baby bath thermometers

ImageProductOur RatingPrice
b&h Baby Thermometer, The Infant Baby Bath Floating Toy

b&h Baby Thermometer, The Infant Baby Bath Floating Toy

Check Price on Amazon
MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy

MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy

Check Price on Amazon
Dreambaby Room and Bath Baby Thermometer Safety Toy- Model L322

Dreambaby Room and Bath Baby Thermometer Safety Toy- Model L322

Check Price on Amazon
NUK Oil Based Bath Thermometer

NUK Oil Based Bath Thermometer

Check Price on Amazon
Turtlemeter, The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Turtlemeter, The Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer

Check Price on Amazon
MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer

MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer

Check Price on Amazon
Aycorn Digital Baby Bath Thermometer

Aycorn Digital Baby Bath Thermometer

Check Price on Amazon
Doli Yearning Baby Bath Thermometer

Doli Yearning Baby Bath Thermometer

Check Price on Amazon
Doli Yearning Baby Bath Thermometer and Room Temperature|

Doli Yearning Baby Bath Thermometer and Room Temperature

Check Price on Amazon
Doli Yearning Baby Bath Thermometer with Room Temperature

Doli Yearning Baby Bath Thermometer with Room Temperature

Check Price on Amazon

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Our recommended baby bath thermometers:

b&h Baby Thermometer, The Infant Baby Bath Floating Toy

Editor’s Choice
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Measuring water temperature in the bathtub and room. Not only a thermometer, but also a clock.
  • The thermometer can display in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.Press “+” and “-“ at the same time to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit when it in time mode.
  • High and low temperature alarm, safe and accurate thermometer flashes and beeps when water is too hot or too cold.
  • ABS/PVC environmental protection material and Plexiglas material, BPA free, 2*LR44 batteries included.
  • Make a comfortable bath temperature for your baby.Note:Please keep the thermometer dry when it is not working.

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If you need a helping hand at setting the right temperature for your baby’s bath, this is a handy option to have nearby. This baby thermometer comes in the form of a duckie that your kid will love to play with while bathing. It is designed to monitor water temperature and room temperature, a feature that many parents will appreciate. The room temperature comes quite handy if you need to make adjustments and keep the right temperature in your kid’s room, so keeping the duckie nearby will let you monitor at a glance.

The thermometer follows the toy safety standards, so you won’t have to worry about chemicals as this is as safe as your kid’s toys. It is rated IP67 waterproof and comes with a built-in sealed battery. You will find that it is very straightforward to use, and your kid will love playing with it thanks to its vibrant color. Overall, this is a great option at a great price, and if you are like me, you will love this timeless duck design. Definitely worth considering, even though it tends to be a little pricier than its competitors.

MotherMed Baby Bath Thermometer and Floating Bath Toy

9.5/10 Our Score
  • Reliable Thermometer – As a parent, baby’s safe and healthy is the most important thing. Mothermed bath and room thermometer removes all guesswork providing accurate water and air temperature in 1 minute ensuring you are never in doubt that your bathtub or nursery is too hot or too cold or not. Please note that it only shows in ℉. If the bath thermometer only works for a few times, please feel to contact us for help.
  • Versatile Design – Mothermed thermometer is not only as a room thermometer but also as a bath water thermometer as well as a safe and funny bath toy for baby to enjoy the bath time.
  •  Easy to Use – Shake to activate, stir the bath water to make temperature even and put the bath thermometer into water to get a stable temperature in 1 minute. It will be showed “Hot” with RED flashing light if the water with high temperature. It will show “Cold” if the water with low temperature.
  • Waterproof Function – All Mothermed bath thermometers are waterproof and temperature tested before they leave the factory. Measure the bath water temperature every 5 seconds and display it in Fahrenheit on an LED screen.
  •  Superior Safe Quality – Mothermed baby bath thermometer is made from single piece BPA free material with built in a sealed battery. No need to replace the battery frequently to reduce the risk of leaking. All Mothermed Bath thermometers are new, if the thermometer is used, it is sold by Amazon store not sold by our store.

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I wanted to include this bath thermometer in the list as a great alternative that won’t break the bank. I like how easy it is to use since the included LCD screen will display cold/hot depending on its sensor temperature. This is a great floating thermometer that will allow you to easily set up the perfect temperature for a safe and comfortable bath with minimal effort. Like many other models of bath thermometers, you can use it for displaying room temperature too. This is quite handy since you can place it in your kid’s room and monitor the room temperature to ensure a cozy environment all year round/

Since it is waterproof and made from BPA-free materials, this is a great toy that your baby can play with. You can find it in many vibrant colors to choose from, and its design is very attractive for babies. Overall, this is very easy to use. It is very versatile and of good quality. If your kid likes this design, this is a great option to consider. It will allow you to set room temperature and bath temperature with minimal effort and investment.

Dreambaby Room and Bath Baby Thermometer Safety Toy- Model L322

Value For Money
9.1/10 Our Score
  • THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE – Getting the temperature just right for your child can be tricky. Sometimes hand-testing water isn’t always the best method, which is why we created the Room & Bath Thermometer. It takes the guesswork out of bath time, adds a flare of fun to the tub, and helps ensures that your baby’s sensitive skin can be kept safer from harsh temperatures
  • SAFE, FAST, AND ACCURATE – While this thermometer is cute enough to be your child’s favorite toy, it’s durable enough to be your new best friend.Gives accurate digital temperature readings that automatically update every 10 seconds. This saves you hassle and you can then have complete control to adjust your baby’s bathwater to the temperature you want it to be
  • COLOR CODED INDICATOR – Alongside its precise temperature readings, when used in water the Dreambaby Thermometer features a red indicator light for when the water is too hot and a green indicator light for when the water is too cool. It can also give temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit!
  • ALSO READS ROOM TEMPERATURES – In addition to being used in the tub, the Dreambaby Thermometer can also be placed in your baby’s room, where it will offer the same reliable temperature readings as in the tub. This is perfect for making adjustments to your central thermostat and help ensure that your baby’s room is kept at the right temperature
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED – The Dreambaby Room & Bath Thermometer includes batteries so you can use it right out of the pack! In addition, it features a 30 minute automatic shut off to help preserve the battery lifespan Don’t worry about getting the thermometer wet—it can be safely submerged in water, making it an adorable way to ensure bath time is less stressful and more enjoyable!

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Dreambaby has plenty of bath thermometers on the market, and most of them can be found at a reasonable price online. They are a great value for money option to consider, and you will definitely find a theme that your kid would love. I personally like their crocodile thermometer as I find it the cutest of them all. Despite its low price, this is a convenient tool to have in your bathroom as it rechecks temperature every ten seconds, making sure that the water is at the right temperature.

It features a red/green indicator that allows you to check it at a glance and make sure that the water isn’t too cold or too hot for your little one. I like how easy it is to use since you won’t have to reset it every time you need to check the temperature, plus it will automatically shut off if you forget it in the bathtub. You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit and runs on batteries which will last forever due to the auto-shutoff function.

I like that it can read room temperature too, so if you are like me, you can set it up in the room and check now and then that you have ideal conditions for your baby. Overall, this is a great product at a great price. It takes reliable readings, it’s straightforward to use, and it’s so cute that it might be your baby’s next favorite toy. It is definitely worth checking out before committing to a specific model.

NUK Oil Based Bath Thermometer

Honourable Mention
8.8/10 Our Score
  • Safe temperature measurement with measuring liquid based on natural rapeseed oil
  • Shatterproof and dimensionally stable
  • Made in germany
  • Cheerful motifs from the water world
  • Available in three colors

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Nuk is a reputable manufacturer, and this baby thermometer is quite a popular option that comes at an attractive price tag. This is a basic thermometer, ideal for parents that are not interested in LCD screens, timers, or clock, and want a simple solution at a great price. It is shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about breaking it, and probably last for a lifetime. The downside is that it measures temperature in Celcius and is far from ideal to be used as a toy.

The thermometer is safe to use as it uses natural canola oil in order to take readings of water temperature. It is well built and doesn’t contain BPA, plus it can be used at room temperature while it blends nicely in a nursery. I would consider this a basic thermometer that is ideal for parents looking for an easy-to-read and simple to use solution for their baby bath. It can be found at a reasonable price online and is still it’s quite durable and accurate, I would suggest having a closer look at this one if you prefer such a design.