Best baby wipe warmer


Wipe warmers are generally dispensers that make diaper wipes temperature from cold to warm, hence comfortable to baby’s bottoms. Some of these dispensers need to be plugged in, and others require refiling of water regularly; also, some of the warmers work with both disposable and cloth wipes.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down your research for the best baby wipe warmer. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended baby wipe warmers:

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and Dispenser 

If you are interested in a baby wipe warmer but unsure where to start your research, this is a great candidate to consider. This product from Hiccapop is a great investment that you will be glad you invest into. It is design with a silicone seal that will not only lock the dispenser but also keep moisture inside the device. Many parents will appreciate the built-in night light that improvises the usability when in low light, a feature that is vital for any wet wipe dispenser.

This unit features a top-down warming system that is designed to keep the top stack warm. It is straight forward to use; you need to use the hinged door to place 50-80 wipes and plug the device on an outlet. Overall, this is a well-designed option that won’t dry your wipes out, ensuring you get a wet and warm wipe every time. I think this is a great option at this price range that works as intended, definitely worth having a closer look if you want to invest in such a product for your nursery.

Prince Lionheart Ultimate Warmer with an Integrated Nightlight

This product from Prince Lionheart is quite a popular option, and thanks to its attractive price, this is a great deal for anyone looking for a value for money option. This unit works on 110-240V with the 12mA adaptor, so it’s a great deal for anyone who might travel abroad with their kids soon. It is very compact and lightweight, designed to keep wipes wet and warm every time your reach for one. It has the capacity to hold up to around 80 disposable wipes and keep them fresh and moist for along time. The company has included a small night light that is very handy for nighttime changes, and many will appreciate using it.

This is an ideal option for anyone looking for an efficient and compact solution to take with them while on the go. It can carry almost any baby wipes on the market and store them while using minimal energy. Overall, this is a great option that can be found online at a reasonable price, so if you are on a limited budget, you probably want to start your research from this product. It performs efficiently and can works as intended, so if you are looking for a budget-friendly option on the market, this is a great choice you should consider. You can’t go wrong investing in one.

OXO Tot Perfect Pull Dispenser

This model from OXO Tot is another option you should consider. It can provide you with warm wipes that can comfort your baby with minimal effort, even on a tiny budget. It has a large capacity and can accommodate any baby wipes you will find on the market. I like how silent this model is that it won’t disturb your baby’s sleep.

I like that the device has a small clear view window that allows you to check how many are left so you can add more just in time. Moreover, its design allows for one-handed open of the lid, which many parents will appreciate. This is a reliable product worth having a closer look at while researching with a durable design and efficient heating. It might not be among the cheapest options on the market, yet this is a well-built dispenser suitable for any buyer looking for a quality and efficient product without spending a lot of money.

Eccomum Baby Warmer with Soft Lighting

I wanted to include this model on this list as it’s a great budget friendly alternative that you may consider while researching. This unit is not an exception as you can accommodate up to 100 wipes at a time and provide even and quick heating. Moreover, the soft light is quite handy to have during night time so you won’t have to turn on the room’s lights.

I like its sleek design that can easily blend in the room and go unnoticed. The motor runs on 12V and consumes only 12W keeping your energy cost as low as possible. It might be a little difficult to keep track of the remaining ones, but that be overlooked as long as it works as intended. While this is not the best option on this list, at its price I would consider it a worthy candidate for budget-conscious parents.

Dex Products Warmer Dual Top Heating

This is quite a popular option that can be found at a reasonable price online. Its dual top heating is an ideal solution that will not dry out your wipes, and I wish more products had a similar design. This unit might not have the largest capacity on the list, but it will easily hold up to 80 baby wipes and keep them warm in its insulated container. It is quite compact and takes up so little space that many parents will appreciate its size.

You can find it online at a great price, making this a great baby shower gift too. The dual top heating will help warm only the top wipes, leaving the lower ones wet for a longer period of time until they reach the top. While it’s not the best option at this price range, it is a budget friendly option that works as intended. If you prefer dual top heating, this is a worthy candidate to consider without breaking the bank. You will miss some features found in its competitors, but definitely worth trying out before you make up your mind on a specific model.

Things to consider when looking for the best baby wipe warmer:

Many new parents need to purchase such a dispenser/warmer to keep their babies calmer and comfortable. In fact, these warmers are a great tool that will help you keep your little one clean avoiding any discomfort. They are perfect for midnight diaper changes so that you can return to sleep as soon as possible. Here are some of the features that one should consider when researching:

Nighttime changes.

Ideally, it should have a clear window that allows you to see how many wipes are left. A great option is to keep warm from top to bottom to avoid burning. Also, having features like a soft night light that glows is a nice addition to have.

Space consuming.

One should consider purchasing a warmer that stands vertically and not horizontally, and doing so helps maximize your room for any other diapering supplies or your dresser. This will allow for easy access too.

Mildew fighter.

When dealing with wet surfaces and heat, there will always be mildew or mold, so it is still advisable to get a warmer to stop the growth of unwanted microorganisms.

Additional thoughts

These products are designed to heat the wipes either top to bottom or bottom to top. The main advantage of top-down warmers is that they will keep the top one warm for when you need it, but on the other hand, the bottom-top models can spread heat evenly to the interior. It comes down to you which option you want for your next purchase, so I would advise you to have a closer look at the models you are interested in to make sure you invest in the right one for your needs.

A well-designed model will have good airflow and lock in moisture without drying the wipe up. Please pay close attention to its sealing, as any design flow will prevent you from getting the best value for your money. Even though a built-in light or a timer might sound not needed, I would argue you should evaluate the need for such extra features in the future before committing to a specific model.