Top 10 – Best backpacking quilt


If you are into backpacking then you will surely have heard of quilts! They are a great solution to keep you warm when camping even in sub-zero temperatures. They are versatile and compact which is ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors.

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What to consider when purchasing a backpacking quilt?

Quilts are generally lighter than sleeping bags and take less space. What makes the quilts ideal for backpacking is the less weight you have to carry when traveling long distances.

When looking for a quilt you will see that quilts are ranked based on their fill power. The higher the fill power the more air will be trapped and provide better insulation when in use. Modern synthetic insulation is also a great alternative to down insulation variants as they are usually cheaper.

Backpacking quilts come in different shapes so depending on your needs you can opt for a mummy style for ultra portability or a rectangular shape that is a better all-around multipurpose sleeping bag alternative.






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