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Badminton has always been the sport that everyone loves to play. From children to adults and amateurs to professional players, we all enjoy playing it. An excellent pair of badminton shoes is what we need to prevent injuries as well as maximize our performance in badminton games. I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best badminton shoes. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended badminton shoes:

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9

To be honest, all shoes I’ve tried from Asics always felt very comfortable to wear. I actually prefer them over some random Nike ones I’ve tried before as I could get two or even three pairs instead of paying the higher priced tag of their competitors. With that in mind, no matter the sport, I would always suggest having a closer look at their products before making up your mind as you might be pleasantly surprised. This option from Asics is the latest variants that have been well known through the years, and if you’ve never tried them before it might be high time to do so.

I love the nice grip and traction you get from their rubber outsole, where I always felt less confident with alternatives from different manufacturers. I would rate them very high when it comes to stability and support, so if you want a pair for your future games this is a worthy candidate to consider. The pair I’ve tried needed some time to break in but that is not a problem really and should be excepted. If you like its design and fit within your budget, I would highly suggest you give them a try. They feel very comfortable and lightweight, and find them ideal for budget conscious buyers that want to invest in shoes that can stand some beating.

HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball/Squash Indoor Court Shoes

Are you looking for a new pair of shoes that won’t break the bank while still worth investing into? I wanted to include this option from Head as they can be found at a really attractive price which makes them quite a popular choice online. They are available in white and black variations to choose from, with the black ones looking really sleek.

The rubber sole provides excellent traction and I find them ideal for any indoor sport, badminton, volleyball, pickleball, you name it. They feel very comfortable to wear, and while I still prefer the Asics pair, these are a great option that can be found at a very low price. I would consider them a safe option for athletes that are not willing to spend a fortune on their next pair of shoes, or looking for alternatives where they can easily buy two or sets to alternate between games.

For their price, they are probably the best value for money option that worth investing into. Not the best options but probably the best buck for the buck when it comes to indoor sports. I would suggest having a closer look at this option before committing to a pricier model. They feel durable enough so with proper care they would last for a season or two, but thanks to their low price you won’t have second thoughts replacing them when needed.

LI-NING Saga Badminton Shoes

If you are on a limited budget, looking for a new pair of shoes that don’t cost a fortune, this option from Li-Ning is a great candidate to consider. They can be found in a wide range of colors to choose from so you can easily find a pair that matches your preferences, all at a reasonable price. These shoes are made from synthetic leather and made with breath ability in mind. The upper mesh helps a ton and it’s a great feature when it comes to breathability.

The main advantages of this shoes is without argue its really attractive price. You can find them online often at discounted price allowing you to get two or even more pairs instead of one pair of their competitors. Moreover, I’ve seen them running promotions offering two pairs at the price of one, making these a great value for the money option. They are comfortable to wear but don’t offer the best grip when it comes to performance. I would suggest you have a closer look at this option online from time to time, in case you spot them at a discounted price.

ASICS Gel-Blade 7 Court Shoes

This is a popular option from Asics that is designed for court, and I’ve eyeing them for quite a while. I love their low profile and has all the features you would look for on a badminton shoe. While not the cheapest option on the list, these are a great value for money option since you get breathable, durable and good looking shoes at a really reasonable price. Like I’ve mentioned before, I would gladly go for two pair of shoes from Asics, instead of one pair from a pricier competitor.

The shoes are gorgeous, among the most cool sneakers on the market, and if you are anything like me you would fell in love with the vibrant red color. Not only they are stylist, they are very light and provide great stability and grip on a court. Overall, this is an excellent choice, if you like its looks and fits your budget, you can’t go wrong bringing them to the court.

Yonex Eclipsion X Badminton Shoes

This is another popular option when it comes to Badminton shoes, this time from Yonex. You can find them online in many different colors to choose from and they are reasonably priced for their quality. Obviously Yonex is well known for their high quality options and these shoes are not an exception. They are comfortable to wear but they will need some time to break in.

I love their performance as you get strong grip on the court, so you will be more confident in your next games. They seem pretty durable, so I would expect them to stand the test of time without compromises. With features like patented Power Cushion+ and Synchro-Fit Insoles, you known that Yonex took their time to develop a well researched option that meets the needs of badminton players. If you like its design and color themes makes sure you check them out before committing to a specific pair.

Mishansha Badminton Shoes

I wanted to included this option from Mishansha as they can often be found at discounted price makes them ideal for budge conscious buyers. In fact, these are probably the cheapest option on this list, so if you are on a limited budget these are a great starting point for your research. I love that they can be found in various colors to choose from, and if you are a fan of vibrant colors and eye-catching shoes these definitely worth a closer look.

The shoes are made with breathability in mind featuring a breathable mesh fabric on top and a rubber sole on the bottom. I like that they are water resistant, and feel like they are protecting your ankles nicely. I would consider them a great option for anyone with a limited budget as you get great looking shoes that offer good grip for such a small investment. If you haven’t made up your mind, make sure you check them out especially if you want a pair of shoes that won’t break the bank.

Babolat Shadow Spirit Badminton Sneakers

The Babolat sneakers are widely known for their nice grip and maximum comfort, and at their price range they definitely deserve a closer look. They are able to provide tight grip on court and they give you great confidence for jumping. I like how lightweight they feel compared to similar priced options but that comes at a price. While they are indeed very comfortable to wear, they could use some some cushioning.

These shoes from Babolat are made from breathable material and seems quite durable for their price. In fact, these are among the cheapest options on this list, ideal for budget conscious buyers. I would highly suggest having a closer look at them, as you can easily fit two pairs instead of one from competitors. In the long run, this might be a better choice as it will allow for less wear and tear, ideal if you like to use they same type of shoes in every match. These might seems dirty cheap but they feel so durable that I wouldn’t hesitate investing in a pair.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Lightning Z5 Indoor Court Shoe

Mizuno is widely known for high quality shoes that don’t break the bank, and this product is not an exception. Made for use in court, they are design for great grip and will help you achieve greater speed and fluent body movement. The shoes feature upper mesh for great breathability and a lightweight midsole.

Unfortunately, they are only available in a few color variations, so you are quite limited when it comes to keep a stylish option for your next match. I personally like their white variations a lot, but it would be better if we could have more options to choose from. At this price range you expect to have plenty of options and not just black and white variations.

Overall, these shoes provide great support and grip, ideal for court use. On the downside, at this price range you have plenty of choices so I while I would suggest having a closer look at these before making up your mind, it comes down to personal preference. If you like their looks, you won’t go wrong investing in a pair for your next season, but if you are like me interested in eye-catching shoes, you might want to look elsewhere.

Adidas Essence Indoor Court Shoes – SS20

The Adidas Essence SS20 is another great option to consider as thanks to its unique design it allows for ultimate breathabilty even in most difficult circumstances. If you find that your previous shoes tend to allow heat building up, then maybe you should consider these as your next purchase. I feel that they provide great support and since they are very durable you will not have to face wear and tear throughout the years.

While they are not the cheapest option on the list, this is a product of high quality. Adidas might not be well known from their badminton gear, but this definitely deserves a closer look if you find it fits your budget. They are an ideal option for any indoor sport, squash, handball, volleyball, badminton, you name it, and provide great protection. They are comfortable to wear and the shock absorbing EVA technology of the midsole works wonders. Overall, this is a comfortable option that will provide great support. If you are looking for a durable pair of shoes and find that they fit your budget, you can go wrong investing in them.

Victor SH-0801 Badminton Court Shoe

Last but not least, this badminton court shoe from Victor is another popular choice to consider while researching. The material is of high quality even though this is among the cheapest options you will find on this list. If you are looking for a pair for indoor activities this is a great one that won’t break the bank. Made with synthetic leather, it features a top layer with breathable properties that is designed to keep you dry and cool at all times.

The EVA midsole helps keeping the weight of the shoes low while the rubber outsole provides great grip that athletes will appreciate. While not the best shoes on this list, they are a great budget friendly option for indoor use. They are quite stylish and impressive, probably one of the best option for players that prefer eye-catching designs and vibrant colors. I would suggest having a closer look at these if you are on a limited budget looking for a cheap option for court use. You may find them online at discounted price every now and then, so worth checking out for deals every now and then.

Things to consider when buying badminton shoes:

There are a sea of choices with different shapes, colors and functions available in the market. Badminton is a simple sport that we all know how to play but choosing the right shoes for it is difficult. Here are some factors to help choose the right ones for you.

Shock absorber

Playing badminton requires swift reaction and quick movement. When we stretch within the court area, our front leg will absorb the sudden shock and support the whole body. Without the help of a good absorber, the pressure will hurt our legs and cause ankle injury or chronic pain in long term. A good absorber is like a cushion that can dissipate harmful impacts, enabling continuous back and forth movements during play. While choosing the shoes, you should put them on and try some fast movements. By feeling the impact on the ground, your feet will tell you if they are good shock absorber.


Different parts of our foot are responsible for different duties while we are running, jumping and stretching. For example, our toes help us spring forward or backward during play. This means that sufficient flexibility should be allowed around the toes area so that effective and efficient footwork can be performed. Badminton shoes in ergoshape provides comfortable and stable areas for forefoot and toes so as to facilitate instantly explosive movement. Also, its design allows more even distribution of pressure across our foot. No specific part of our foot will absorb most of the shock during each movement, which is crucial in preventing pain and long term damage.

Size matters

Similar to choosing any shoes, a perfect pair of badminton shoes should fit size of our foot. Never choose shoes which are so spacious that your feet can easily move inside because the movement inside will bring friction that will eventually cause blisters. However, it doesn’t mean that tighter is better because it may cause corns and bunions. The perfect size is the ones that you will feel a little tight after putting it on because sports shoes always loosen slightly after wearing it for a few days. That size will be perfect for your foot.


Physically, your speed, reaction and jumping height are all determined by your muscle strength and overall weight. While shoes can’t help you with your muscle strength, it does matter to your overall weight. No one will love a pair of badminton shoes that bring unnecessary burden and weigh your feet down. However, weight should not be the single consideration factor while choosing the shoes. If its light weight comes at the expense of the above factors, it will bring more harm than good. In general, a shoe that fits the above criteria and weighs 250 to 400 grams is a comfortable choice.


Manufactures have a very broad selection to choose from so you will definitely find something the matches your style. While the style of the shoes will not have an impact on your performance, the ventilation places a vital role. If you want to feel comfortable during games, you need to consider shoes that feature mesh design for improved ventilation. If you decide to pick apair that is not well ventilated you will not be comfortable so it is wise to try the shoes on before committing buying a specific model.

Shoes for badminton should feel comfortable to wear with enough room for your toe when jumping and running. Look for shoes that a made from flexible materials that will allow you to move freely during your game, such as synthetic leather and textiles. Overall, a badminton shoe should provide great support, breathability and comfort, so don’t settle for anything less.


It is wise to pick shoes from reputable brands that are packed with features after a lot of research and development for sports shoes. Better invest ina quality pair of shoes once instead of having to go through various cheaper alternatives through the year. A well designed shoe will not only be more durable thanks to its better construction, but it will also be cheaper in the long run due to their longevity. Look for brands like Adidas, Asics, or Yonex to name a few of the most affordable options on the market.

Choosing the right pair of badminton shoes is never an easy task. Your time spent on evaluating it will be worthy when they bring benefits to your health and performance. There is no single pair of shoes that fit everyone. After considering a basket of factors, the next step you have to do is to try it. A comfortable pair of badminton shoes will be your indispensable companion in badminton game.

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