Best Basketball Backpacks With Ball Compartment


I still remember my first time at the gym, when I got myself a regular backpack with a single big compartment, like a duffel bag. It was a tragedy trying to find my keys for the locker among other stuff and also a nightmare when I had to put everything, including my dirty clothes all together into the single compartment. To be honest, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to appreciate a well-designed backpack that can protect your gear and personal belongings into separate, configurable compartments, so I would highly suggest anyone buying such a backpack.

A basketball backpack will help you keep your gear organized and make it easier for you to find things in your backpack. It is vital to keep your energy for the court and don’t waste your energy trying to find your equipment, water bottles, towel, etc. While browsing for a new backpack, I came across some products that got my attention and I would share with you what I think is worthy of an investment. I’ve gathered the best basketball bags with ball compartment into a top ten list to help you choose the one that suits your style best, so let’s have a look:

List of the best basketball bags:

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MIER Basketball Backpack

This was one of the first backpacks that got my attention. It is quite large and can easily fit a large laptop up to 17″, which makes this one ideal if you need to travel with most of your stuff daily. It has a large ball compartment that can fit balls of various sports, and due to its mesh design, it is also ideal for keeping your dirty clothes or shoes in this separate compartment. This backpack is made from water-resistant fabric, which will keep your basketball equipment safe in case of rain. Overall, a good looking large basketball backpack works as intended, if only available in various colors.

TrailKicker Basketball Backpack

Well, this one I a great backpack for anyone looking for a compact one for everyday use. This bag can fit a 13″ laptop along with your basketball kit, but it might be too small as it’s only 26L. That smaller size is also its greater feature as it makes the backpack quite versatile, taking it with you to the gym and great for some hiking or as a daily backpack. It has a ton of smaller compartments to fit your personal belongings separate from sports gear and water-resistant as it is made out of polyester. Well, this one is great for anyone looking for a compact one, yet too small for my taste as I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me.

Under Armour SC30 Undeniable Backpack

I have to be honest and admit that I loved this design from very first sight. We might have different tastes, but I really loved this black and white with red stripes from the moment I saw it. As you might expect from a brand like Under Armour, here we have a highly water-resistant finish and foam reinforced dividers to protect our gear. For me, this is the most attractive backpack I’ve seen; it comes at a lovely price and backs up by the quality you can expect from Under Armour. If your stuff can fit this one, I would highly recommend it. I would personally go for the black/white one, but it comes in six different color schemes, so you would easily find one that suits you.

Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

A friend of mine suggests to me the Nike basketball elite backpack. I have to admit that it is large enough to carry our gear and has a ventilated shoe compartment that is quite handy. As you might expect, it has many smaller compartments to house your personal stuff and a place to hold your beverage at easy reach. I liked most about Nike because such a huge brand can offer great backpacks and allow us to choose from a vast range of color schemes, which is quite rare as most backpacks tend to be dull black ones. Surely Nike’s basketball elite backpack gets a thumbs up from me, but it is a little pricy, so I’m not sure I could justify the cost at this time. It worth a look if you are looking for a gym bag while not on a limited budget.

Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

I wanted to feature this one as this is one of the cheapest basketball bags you can find on the market. And honestly, if you can live with its small size, this one is stylish and has enough room for essential gear. It features a ball holder on the outside, and I like the fact that it is quite compact without holding a basketball inside the net, which makes it pretty compact for everyday use. I would opt for a larger one, but If you are looking for a compact and cheap backpack, this one is for you.

Under Armour Unisex Undeniable 3

Another great basketball backpack from Under Armour. As you might have guessed, it is quite similar to the one mention above from the same company, so you can expect a water-resistant finish and quite large compartments that can fit a 15″ laptop. Under Armor’s series has a different design and different placement for the compartments, so I would leave it up to you if it suits you. Personally, I’m not too fond of this color scheme, so it’s a pass from me, yet they worth every penny you will spend to get one.

MIER Large Sports Backpack with Pocket

This is another backpack from MIER that is a similar design to the one mentioned earlier. You can expect the same water-resistant finish, with a padded bottom, which is quite handy. This is also 40L like the first mentioned by the same company, so this is one of the largest backpacks you can find in this list. It has enough room for a large laptop up to 17″, plenty of smaller compartments to house your stuff, and a laundry pouch on the bottom that can fit your dirty clothes, shoes, or ball—a great bag for those looking for large backpacks and comes in two color variations to choose from.

Dashsport Basketball Backpack

I wanted to feature this basketball backpack for anyone looking to buy one for their small ones. These are quite compact backpacks that are ideal for kids, and they also come in attractive colors, so you would definitely find one they would like. They are great for everyday use and also have a ventilated compartment on the bottom for balls or shoes, which makes them ideal for kids that are into sports. Don’t expect great water-resistant but a durable bag with plenty of compartments to store personal belongings, water bottles, and snacks. After all, they are a great alternative to get a basketball bag cheap, so I would suggest you have a look at them, especially if you are looking for a cool youth basketball backpack for school.

LISH Basketball Backpack

Same as with Dashsport, this LISH basketball backpack is a great candidate for youngsters into sports. This features a separate compartment on the bottom to house a ball or dirty laundry, and it remains quite compact as a basketball backpack for school. Moreover, you will find it in three color schemes to choose from vibrant colors that suit kids’ lifestyles. Again don’t expect great water-resistant, although they are made from nylon, which means it can withstand a little rain and everyday abuse. Don’t be fooled; they are great for anyone with a limited budget that needs to get a cool looking, practical backpack without breaking the bank.

SKL Drawstring Bag

I wouldn’t say I like bags with drawstring design, but I know people who prefer this design, so I decided to feature the SKL that is worth its price. This is a durable yet lightweight bag that is suitable for anyone in sports or outdoor activities. It has plenty of pockets and also features a waterproof pocket for your precious stuff. If you like such a design, I don’t see why you wouldn’t love it, after all, it is so compact and discreet that you can use it every day, apart from when visiting the court.

best basketball backpack

What to consider when researching for a basketball backpack with a ball holder? 

A basketball backpack will help you stay organized and keep your gear safe. It should be large enough to carry the gear you want to take to the court like balls, water bottle, towels along with your personal belongings.

Material. It is wise to pick a basketball bag that is waterproof to be safe. Look for a highly water-resistant finish, especially if you want to use the bag outdoors most of the days. Some products come with a water-resistant bottom, too, which can be quite handy.

Storage space. Most backpacks will have padded compartments to pack your gear safely—obviously, the more compartments, the better to organize your personal belongings. If you think you’ll need to carry a laptop with you, you should look for a backpack with a padded compartment that fits your laptop’s size. Most backpacks will easily accommodate a 13″ laptop, although, for bigger laptops like 15″ or 17″ ones, you need to make sure that there is enough room in their laptop sleeve. Multiple zipped compartments are a must to keep your things organized.

Separate compartment. A basketball team bag should be lightweight and comfortable to carry, and a dedicated compartment for the basketball is a must. Some backpacks are designed to use a net to hold the ball on the outside of the backpack, leaving you more room for your stuff on the inside. On the other hand, in most cases, you will find basketball backpacks with ball compartment. If you are carrying that backpack to the court and back, this dedicated compartment can also act as a laundry pouch. It is designed to be well ventilated so that it can keep your shoes or dirty clothes separately until you reach home.

Design. The best basketball bags are made of durable polyester fabric and have a mesh shoulder strap for less sweating. Look for a compact and light bag as there is nothing worse than a bag that feels cumbersome to carry. Pick the one that suits your style as they come in various colors and shapes. Obviously, many manufacturers choose from many prominent brands in the market like Nike, Diadora, Adidas, etc. These well-known brands offer great quality products, but you should also keep in mind that you would need to spend more than less known brands. I would suggest that you expand your research to some cheap basketball backpacks, too, as in many cases, you can find great backpacks that can last for a long time for much less. Pick a design that suits your style best. It is wise to pick a backpack that also features a side pocket to place your water bottle for easier access.

Extra Features. If you feel you are carrying many electronic devices with you, you can also look for a backpack that comes with a power bank and/or a solar panel that would power your devices while on the move. Remember that even if the backpack you’ve chosen doesn’t come with a dedicated power bank or solar panel, these can be easily added later on by buying them separately.

If you can’t find a backpack that suits your style, you can also look at ordering a personalized basketball bag from Etsy or looking for new or used backpacks on eBay.


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