Top 10 – best beach toys for kids


Beach toys for kids are essential for you and children. First of all, they have the exciting colors that brighten the mood and make you have a lot of fun.. They make the entire experience interesting.

I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best toys for your kids. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended beach toys for kids:

B. toys – Wavy-Wagon – Travel Beach Buggy

If you are looking for beach toys for your kids and don’t know where to start from, this wagon set is a great option at a reasonable price. The oull along cart is great for the beach or camping while it also comes with 10 unique beach toys that kids love.

This is a high quality set that is made from worry-free materials. The set includes a bucket, a shovel, nesting cups and a lot more toys that can help you built unique castles and sculptures on the beach sand with your little one. Overall, if you like the idea of the pull along wagon, this set comes with everything you need to get you started at a great price. Definitely deserves a closer look while researching.

The STORYBOOK KIDS Explorers Club Beach Toys

This is a great set for anyone looking for an affordable all in one solution for the beach. Its comes with literally everything you would like to have on the beach to play with your little one. It even has a backpack.

The set features 23 pieces that are ideal to keep your baby playing for hours. Many parents will also appreciate the include book on “how to play with sand”. While this is not the cheapest option you will find on this list, this a great all-in-one solution that if it fits your budget I would consider this your best bet for many hours of playtime.

FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Beach Sand Toy Set

For any parent that searches a budget friendly option to get ready for the beach, this is among the cheapest options that worth investing into. The set features 12 pieces that can help you spend countless hours on the beach with your baby having a blast.

It comes with 6 molds that have aquatic shapes like crab fish, sea star etc. and also has a handy mesh bag that many will appreciate. The bag can keep your kid’s toys in an easy to store and travel form that is vital for any trip to the beach or to store them when not needed. Overall a great set that is among the budget friendly options on the market. It can provide you with many happy hours under the sun at a minimal investment, so definitely worth a closer look if your are on a limited budget.

Click N Play 18Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

The 18 piece set from Click N Play is another great alternative to consider while researching. You will find it at a really attractive price online and for such a small investment you get a great set that will provide countless hours of fun for your little one. I like its vibrant colors that will keep kids engaged and the set comes with plenty of toys that are ideal for play on the sand. It includes two shovels, 3 rakes and 2 sand sifters along with a watering can.

Many kids will appreciate the included molds that will allow them to create beautiful shapes with sand, including octopus, turtle, and starfish to name a few. Moreover, the set can be packed up nicely on the net bag, and the two straps will allow you to carry the set quite easily on the beach. Made of BPA free material, this is a great option for younger kids around 2-4 years old that love playing with sand. I’m worried that the backpack won’t last for that long, but apart from that I would consider this a great option at a reasonable price. Definitely check it out before committing to your next purchase.

FoxPrint GT 1 Beach Sand Toy Set

This beach toy for FoxPrint is a great budget friendly to get ready for the beach. It features lots of pieces to explore, allowing your kid to play with sand and create castle shaped sculptures. I would consider this a great set that can easily put a smile on any kid’s face without breaking the bank. I like that it comes with plenty of animal mold to tru out and also features a handy zip bag that will allow for easy transportation.

This is an adorable set that will allow for great creative plays and provide lots of fun. The pieces are well made and will probably last for quite some time before you decide to discard them. It features two casting mold walls, shovel, rake, watering can and a bucket so your little one can spend some quality time on your next trip to the beach. Overall, this is a well built option that comes at a really attractive pricing. I would suggest having a closer look at this option while researching, especially if you are looking for a value for money option.

Toysmith Sand Box Castle Play Deluxe Beach Set

This set can be found at a reasonable price and comes with everything you would need to have a splendid experience on the beach. It comes with a bucket, a few molds, a watering can, a sand sifter and three more tools to help you finish up your sand sculptures. All piece has vibrant colors that will keep your little one engaged for many hours of fun. I really love the fact that the set comes with a zip storage bag as it makes transportation and storage a breeze.

The set takes up minimal space, so you won’t have seconds thoughts packing it for your next trip on the beach. I find that its well build and easy to clean, so at its price range this is a worthy candidate to consider adding to your research. While it might not be the best option on this list, its attractive pricing makes this an ideal option for budget-conscious parents. Overall, it is a durable, full set that carriers everything you would want in a beach toy set, so make sure you check this one out before you commit to your next purchase.

JOYIN 24 Pcs Beach Sand Toys Set 

This is a great all-in-one set that will get you everything you need for countless hours of fun without breaking the bank. The set is made from premium quality materials, non toxic plastic and it’s a great gift that any kid would love to play with. It comes with a mesh bag that allows easy transportation and features plenty of molds that can help you build castle or animals with sand. Moreover, it features a handy water can and a sprinkler too.

I live the vibrant colors of this set, and I think this is a great introductory set for toddlers that like to play with sand. The 24 pieces will give kids a great range of activities to do and will allows for social interaction and developing of motor skills. If you are looking for a budget friendly way to spend quality time on the beach, this is a set that will definitely help a lot. Overall, this is well built, will stand the test of time and it has everything you would ask for in a beach toy set. Definitely worth including in your research if it fits your budget.

Biulotter 20Pcs Kids Beach Sand Toys Set

The sand toys set from Biulotter features 20 pieces with plenty of molds to keep your little one engaged on the beach. These will allow kids to build castles easily, keeping them busy while having fun. Such toys are great is your little one enjoys creating shapes and sculptures, and comes with everything you would need to get some great results. I would consider this a great introductory set, ideal for toddler making their first attempt to play with sand.

The set is made from high quality, BPA free plastic, and has vibrant colors that any kid would love. I like that the set comes in a strong mesh bag that makes transportation a breeze, allowing you to keep toys conveniently organized when put to storage. While this might not be the best beach toy set you can find on this list, it comes at a really attractive price which makes it ideal for parents on a limited budget. I would advise having a closer look at this one, especially if you can find it at a price that fits your budget.

KIDPAR 20 Pcs Beach Sand Toys Set for Kids

This gift set from Kidpar comes with 20 pieces that include shovels, bucket, molds and everything you need to start having fun. This is a great set that is made from heavy duty plastic, able to withstand some beating and last for quite some time. The set has very vibrant colors, like red, yellow and green, all of them look wonderful and will keep your little one engaged. I would consider this the perfect gift for toddlers that want to spend time around the backyard playing, or even better for a trip on the beach.

This set is the perfect fun-in-the-sun toy that won’t break the bank but instead allow for great creative plays with your kid. It’s ideal for all ages, but kids around 18 would have a blast as an introduction to sand castles. It will encourage exploration and can lead to exciting sculptures thanks to the include molds. Overall, this is a well build option that comes with all the important pieces for creative outdoor play. Designed to spark creativity and develop motor skills, this definitely worth considering including in your research, especially if you take its low price into consideration.

Liberty Imports Pink Princess Beach Set Toy

Last but not least, this deluxe beach activity set comes with everything you would need to built fantastic castles. The set features a bucket plus plenty of molds that will help your little one built with sand. You can pack it nicely for store and transportation and can keep your kid creative and active for plenty of hours.

I would consider this a great gift for little girls as will allow toddles to have a blast on their first trips to the beach with minimal investment. It’s great for parties, cool to use in your backyard too, and will help develop motor and social skill. If you kid likes creative play, this is a great option that can release stress and help express her creative. The set features 13 pieces and its theme around mermaids with mesmerizing colors. The zip storage bag is quite handy to have and the whole set seems quite durable considering its low price.

Overall, this is probably the ideal set for a little princess that loves mermaids. It has wonderful molds shaped like castlers, sea stars, fish, shell and sea horse, and I think any girl would love to play with. Make sure you check this one out when researching for you next beach toy set.

Things to consider when buying beach toys for kids:


When buying the beach toys for kids, you need to consider durability. You don’t want to go back to the beach for a day with a new toy that breaks on the first day of use. Also, you don’t want to use the toy a few times, and then it becomes unusable. Durability is crucial when choosing a beach toy. The right beach toy for children is the one made of plastic. Typically, plastic is durable, hard, resistant to water, sand, and sun. The plastic is lightweight and may be easily stored and easily cleaned for future use.


The beach toys for kids are the best when being shared with others. Nobody loves to play alone. It is also crucial to keep the beach toys clean. You do that to remove excess sand and also to disinfect it from bacteria that can be transmitted from one person to another. Shared beach toys for kids are the best shared during storage and cleaning. The design of the beach toy must allow for easy cleaning of the product. The cleaning of beach toys is important to share not only with people but also with the bacteria found in the sand.

Gender neutrality

A question that often leads to discussions with the beach toys for kids today is whether the product is the same for all or not. In today’s world of gender neutrality, this is becoming the new norm, and many of the products use a variety of colors to avoid focusing on gender. The days of pink and blue toys are over. Now, most toys come with colorful rainbows. For parents who want to teach their kids about gender neutrality in color-conscious gifts, many beach toys are for girls and boys. Gender neutrality might empower children, showing everyone’s inclusion.


The weight of a toy can significantly affect the product’s portability. As most of the beach toys are for children, it can be assumed that a child will be assisted to carry the toy. For older children, the weight of the toy might not be a nuisance or a decision-making factor. However, for a small child, the heavy toy may be difficult, dangerous, and hard to use. Typically, your best option are lightweight ones, so the user of any age can use and transport them with ease.