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The bed bug hasn’t become a big problem in the United States of America since the early 2000s. However, in 2011, 20% of Americans have admitted that they have had bed bugs or knew someone who did. This is not an issue that should be taken lightly and you might be tempted to get bed bug spray as soon as possible.

While that could help you get rid of your current problem, it could also cause other problems if the bed bug spray is not used correctly. I would like to highlight some factors to consider before you start looking for the best bed bug spray, but first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market:

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Our recommended bug sprays:

Proof Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer

If you want a product to take care of your bed bug problems without spending a fortune, this is a great candidate to consider. Its formula is non-toxic, plant-based and works as intended. Since this is quite cheaper that alternatives on the market, I would suggest budget conscious buyers to start their research from this one. The product is designed to target bed bugs and dust mite micropores, and it’s safe to use on your mattresses, curtains and furniture.

It is pretty straight forward to use and comes in the form of spray bottle. You just need to spray over sofas, carpets, and mattresses and let it work for a period of time until you see the results. One bottle is enough to cover one bedroom and for best results you are advised to keep the doors and windows closed to let it work for 4 hours per application.

If you want a bug free home without breaking the bank, this is probably your best bet in a spay form. If you prefer an odor free option though you might want to look elsewhere. This product has a distinctive smell that even tough it’s not terrible, some people might find it irritating. I would say that you should probably deal with the smell instead of having to deal with bed bugs, but since they are odorless option on the market you still have options to choose from. Definitely check it out if you want a product that simple works, I would consider this the best bed bug spray at this price range.

Bedlam Plus 17 oz

This product form Bedlam is anoher popular option on the market that can be found at a reasonable price. Its formula works on bed bugs and will not leave stains on fabrics. If you are tired of dealing with allergies, this is a product that worth having a closer look while researching as it will allow you for a bug free home with minimal investment.

For best results, leave it work for a period of two weeks before you reapply if your problem persists. It works as a charm and you will have very quick results with this solution, so I would suggest having one spray handy and treat your mattresses every now and then. The sad news are this is a product that has a distinctive smell that many people will not tolerate, but on the bright side, this product just works. I think this is a great solution that definitely worth checking out, if you can deal with the terrible smell you will have a bug free bedroom in no time.

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug Killer

This option comes in the form of a fast acting spray that can take care of your bug problems with minimal investment. Its formula will deal with bed bugs, fleas, and ticks, making this an ideal solution for dog owners that look for an all in one solution for their home. Ortho has a wide range of product that can deal with bugs in your home, and this is part of their 3 step system.

It is designed to be used once you’ve treated your room for small touch up jobs where you spot bugs. Considering its low price, I would suggest having one handy if you want to apply spot treatment around your bed. This might not be the most cost effective way to deal with bugs if you have a serious problem in your bedroom, where other solutions will get your results must quicker and for lower budget. Definitely check this out if you have already treated your bedroom and looking for a portable way to handle smaller infestations and treat spots around your beds in order to keep it bug free.

Bed Bug Patrol- Bed Bug Blasting Travel Spray, 3oz

I wanted to include this option from Bed Bug Patrol on the list since many would like to have a travel sized spray handy during traveling. It can be found at a really low price so I would advise to have one with you when on the road. This come in very handy for travelers that want to spot treat a bed while on the go, and by following a few steps you will have a bug free mattress far from home.

This is a TSA approved option and it is sized so that you can travel with without worrying about TSA regulations. Its formula is plant-based and non toxic, and ideal solution if you have pets or children nearby. The product is straight forward to use, you just need to apply on the contamination zone, whether it is a mattress, a bed frame, a carpet, you name it. Since you can’t be sure what you will face on a hotel, I would consider adding this to your luggage for peace of mind. At such a low price, I would highly suggest investing in a few travel sized sprays for your next trips. I would consider this the best bed bug spray for anyone on the go.

Hot Shot Bed Bug Killer With Egg Kill, Ready-to-Use, 32-Ounce

Hot Shot has plenty of products on the market that target bugs, and this option it a great one to consider if you plan to treat your bedroom yourself. Its formula target bed bugs and will kill both bugs and their eggs for a complete solution. I would advise you to spray the solution on mattresses, vent holes and seams and let it work for some time before you see access the results.

What makes this a great solution is that it leaves no odor and will remain effective for two weeks before you need to reapply. It is very easy to use and will yield great results with you apply this as a part of a bug treatment plan. On its own, its ideal for treating spots around your bed in order to keep it bug free. Overall a great product at a great price. Best combined with bug traps and as part of of room treatment as it won’t stain fabrics and has no unpleasant odor.

Natural Armor – Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer – Natural Treatment

Taking care of bed bugs shouldn’t cost a fortune, and this option from Natural Armor will allow you to treat your bedroom without breaking the bank. This is a natural treatment that many people opt for as it can get you great results for such a small investment. It is very easy to use and applying the treatment can be done even by yourself. It kills bed bugs that come in contact with the formula so you just have to spray on the spots where you have found the bug infestation.

White this is a natural treatment that actually works, it has a distinctive smell that many will find unbearable. To be honest you better deal with its terrible smell than having to deal with bed bugs, but your mileage my vary. It has a fast acting formula that can kill both adults bugs and their egg, and ideal for anyone afraid of toxins usually used in similar sprays. I would advise you have a closer look at this one as it really works and can be a great part of your room treatment, but be advised that you have to deal with a really bad smell while applying it.

Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, 16 oz. (2-Pack)

The 16oz option from Rest Easy is a great option to consider if you want a portable solution that can easily be carried in your luggage. It can be quite handy if you travel a lot and not sure about the hotel you will end up. It is very easy to apply and with minimal effort you will have a bug free bed in no time. Its formula comes in a spray form and allow you to easily take case of any mattress, curtain, or furniture, ideal for anyone on the go.

It works as intended and will help you fight bugs with such a small investment that definitely worth checking out. Its not odorless but it doesn’t have an unpleasant smell that you commonly find in such solutions. If you like cinnamon smell this is an ideal product from you, but since many can find it irritating its better to check it out before you commit to this bed bug spray. It can be safely used on clothes and fabrics without worries, plus its safe for children and pet too.

Overall, a great option to consider that usually can be found at a reasonable price only. If you travel a lot this is a great investment for your next trip. If you plan on treating your home, you better invest in more than one bottles in order to be able to cover larger areas.

Hygea Natural Travel Exterminator – Non Toxic Treatment

If you travel a lot and not sure which hotel you will end up, this is a handy option to have with you at all times. It comes in 3-pack option that can be found at a reasonable price, plus it is TSA approved. This is a powerful option that will allow you to treat a hotel room yourself and get a bug free room in no time. The bottles are 3oz and are ideal for luggage and anyone travelling by airplane.

The formula of Hygea Natural is designed to work with bugs and lices, a natural solution that is safe for pets and children. I like that this is a stain free and odorless option that can be used on any surface including fabrics. If you are looking for a bed bug spray in a convenient travel size, this is a worthy candidate that deserves a closer look. It is quite effective and work quickly, so if you find them online at a price that fits your budget, you can’t go wrong investing in this set.

Xout Anti Bed Bug Spray

This option from Xout is another popular option to consider since it can be found at a really attractive price online, making this a budget friendly option. Its formula is designed to target bed bugs and dust mites, and comes in a ready to use spray bottle. It very straight forward to use, you just need to apply the solution directly on areas where bugs are found, but you can also use it around the bed frame, floor molding, and mattresses. This product is safe to use and will target both adult bugs and their eggs when it comes in contact.

You won’t have to worry using this solution with pets and children around as its formula is safe, plus it can be used on carpets, curtains and fabrics without leaving stains. I would consider this a great option that won’t break the bank. It works as intended and can be part of a greater room treatment for on the spot application. Definitely worth having one around for applying the solution on the spot, but its not the most budget friendly or convenient solution if you need to treat a whole house.

Hot Shot HG-96440 Bed Bug Killer, 17.5-Ounce

Last but not least, the 17.5 ounce spray from Hot Shot is a great option that will help you treat your bedroom. It is designed to work with bed bugs and their eggs, while it will also work for treating fleas and ticks infestations. Its formula is safe to use on fabrics as it won’t leave stains or unpleasant odor, while it is very easy to use thanks to the spray form.

It’s straightforward to use, you just need to apply on mattresses, furniture, or cracks where you have spotted bugs before, plus it will discourage infestation if you reapply regularly. This is quite handy to have at easy reach, allowing you to treat small areas you spot bugs and kill them on contact. On its own, its ideal to apply on spots of infestation, but it will do wonders as part of a greater room treatment. I would consider this a great product that just works, definitely worth checking out. If you have treated your room and want a way to spot treat or prevent reinfestation this is a great candidate to include in your research.

Things to consider before buying a bug spray:

If you think you’re going to be able to spray your bed and not worry about anything else then you are setting yourself up for problems. This process of killing all the bed bugs will take more than one day so there are a few things you need to have set up in advance.This probably goes without saying but if you have bed bugs, you don’t want to sleep in your bed. If you sleep somewhere else in the house, bed bugs will start looking for you to see where else you are sleeping.

Remove everything from your bed, put them in bags that can go through the washer and wash and dry your sheets and blankets with the hottest settings on your washer and dryer. Clean the mattress with a vacuum then release all the contents outside of your house. Use a covering on your box spring and mattress that will prevent bed bugs from escaping. Move your furniture away from the walls and place things that will catch new bed bugs from climbing up your bed.

If all that separates you from your neighbor is a wall (like apartment building and condominiums) then you have to let the owner or manager of your building know. When you start using chemicals, you will have to let the people know next door. Just because all the sprays have met the regulations set by the EPA, that does not mean you can pick up any of them. There are ones available that have not met the required regulations and any spray can be harmful if it’s not used correctly.

If you try to mix your own bug spray together, do so with caution. If something is meant to be used outside, don’t use it in your home under any circumstances. You should also stay away from repellents since it won’t kill bed bugs, it will make them hide. If you are looking for bug spray, you will learn that no spray will be effective on all stages of bed bugs. This is a problem because if you just kill the bed bugs and don’t kill the unhatched eggs, you’re going to be dealing with bed bugs again. The best you can do is pick up a bug spray that contains a chemical that bed bugs can’t build a resistance to.

While those foggers release a large amount of pesticide, it won’t work on bed bugs because bed bugs try to hide especially if they sense something harmful is near. A machine like a fogger won’t reach those bed bugs that retreat to a hiding place. Another drawback to using a machine like this is it requires all people to leave the place for 24 hours. This is not a treatment that will get rid of all the bed bugs.

When you use a bug spray, make sure there are no kids or pets nearby and make sure they won’t be in the house for a short time afterward. Also do not use more spray because this will not kill bed bugs faster. If you use more spray then you are supposed to, you are just opening the door for more problems.

Pesticide can get in your bodies without you realizing it. Young children will experience side effects before adults do. If you or anyone you know is complaining about something that could be a side effect, visit your local hospital immediately. Even if you aren’t experiencing problems, you could develop more serious problems if you stay in the environment instead of retreating a safe distance.

Bed bugs are not fun to deal with. If you are experiencing issues with bed bugs, make sure you take the tips above into consideration. Remember to be careful if you are getting rid of them yourselves.

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