Best binoculars for kids


Binoculars are really great items for adventure seekers. They are best used when traveling to see the great view. To see things through the lens of binoculars at a young age is a great experience itself. It is also a great way to start having an appreciation for wildlife and nature.

Binoculars are also a great equipment to bring when going out on a field trip to a zoo, during family trips to mountains, and on many other occasions. I want to highlight some factors you can consider to narrow your research for the best binoculars for your needs. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended binoculars for kids:

Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids

Are you interested in buying binoculars for your kids but not sure where to start your research from? This is a great option to consider since you can find them at a really attractive price and come in various colors to choose from. The binoculars are lightweight and easy to carry, even for the younger kids, and they feature soft rubber eyepieces for maximum comfort.

They are designed with kids in mind, so their grip is perfect for little ones and fits their hands nicely. You will appreciate that they are shockproof to withstand drops and falls, making this a great investment for your outdoor activities. They have an 8x magnification and are ideal for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors. Overall, I think this is a great deal for kids since they are built to last, can withstand drops, and come with beautiful color variations. If you are on a limited budget, I think this is among the best options you can find on this list.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

These are a great option for younger kids around 3-6 years old, and thanks to their reasonable price, these are a great budget-friendly option worth considering. They feature large eyepieces that are comfortable to use, plus they have a neck strap. The binoculars have 2x magnification and are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers since they encourage curiosity.

Your kids can easily carry them anywhere, at the beach, the park, the forest, allowing them to explore the world around them. Overall, at this price range, I consider these the best option for toddlers. You should definitely consider having a closer look at this one while researching.

Mini Explorer – 9-in-1 Explorer Kit for Kids

I wanted to included this 9in1 kit as a great birthday gift for young explorers. If your kid loves exploring nature and playing outdoors, this is a great investment for countless hours of fun. I like the fact that it comes with a carry case to store them for transportation easily.

The kit contains the kid’s binoculars along with a crank flashlight, a fan, a magnifying glass, and a multi-tool. The multi-tool has 5 functions, so your kid can use it as a whistle, compass, thermometer, flashlight, or magnifying glass. The binoculars feature shockproof rubber for comfort and have a neck strap so your kids can easily carry them. Overall, this might not be the perfect binoculars for kids, but if you find a good deal on the 9-in-1 set, it might worth having a closer look.

Obuby 8×21 Mini Compact Binocular

This mini compact binocular features a great optics design that is ideal for younger kids. Thanks to their lightweight design, your kid will be able to carry it anywhere, and the shockproof exterior will keep them safe from drops. This product has the best magnification value you will find at this price range, so your kid will experience clearer pictures from far away.

This option is a great option if you factor in cost as it is designed for great value and durability without breaking the bank. It is made shockproof and features a rubber coating to absorb shock is something any parent will appreciate. The included eyepieces so that your kids won’t get hurt while using the binoculars, plus their compact design, can easily fit children’s smaller hands. Overall, this is a great waterproof and shockproof option at a great price, definitely worth consider while researching.

Hontry 10×25 Compact Binoculars

This option from Hontry is a nice option to consider. Great for kids interested in wildlife and birding. They are quite compact and easy to hold so that your little one would have no problem carrying them. They are a great gift for kids, and their ergonomic design will allow for great grip as they are designed with kids in mind.

The binoculars offer 10x magnification and come with a carrying strap and a case for easy storage and transportation. They are quite easy to focus on, and with a little help, your kid will learn how to get sharp images and adjust the diopter. While these are not the cheapest choice on the list, many parents will appreciate its compact design and how lightweight they are, weighing 0.6lb. Moreover, the low night vision is also a feature that makes them attractive if you consider their price range.

Overall, this is a great option that can be used on a wide variety of applications. They are a great addition to any outdoor activity allowing for bird watching and observe wildlife, so if your kid is into such activities, you will be the father of the year if you invest in them. They are not the best binoculars on the market, but at this price, they are a great option to consider if you are looking for binoculars for kids.

POLDR 12X25 Small Pocket Binoculars 

This product from POLDR is quite a popular option on the market thanks to its really attractive price. I would suggest anyone with a limited budget include it in their research. You will find it in two variations to choose from an 8×21 and a 12×25 one, both at great prices online. I love how lightweight they are, and their small size will allow your kids to hold and use them easily. They are ideal if you want to have them with you at all times as you simply toss them in your backpack and take up so little space. If you ever wanted mini binoculars, this is a great candidate to consider.

This specific model features 12×25 optics with a 12x magnification that will allow for great visual field and allow you to see clearly objects up to 1000 yards away. These binoculars are straightforward to use, with a focus knob on the center that will help you adjust focus once you pick up your subject. I would consider them ideal for bird watching and traveling lite when hiking, and at this price, they definitely deserve to have a closer look while researching.

Bry & BVL Shockproof – 8X22 Kids Binoculars

Another great option to consider when it comes to binoculars specifically designed with kids in mind. This option from Bry & BVL is a great birthday present that kids who like bird watching will fall in love with. I like that you can find them available in five different colors, so picking the one your kids like best is an easy task. Moreover, their design features soft rubberized eyepieces that protect children’s eyes and feel comfortable to look through. If your little one likes to spend time bird watching or wildlife spotting, this is a great option to take with you on your outdoor adventures.

The set comes with a soft cloth to keep the optics clean, plus a handy case for easy storage and transportation. They take up so little space that you will not have second thoughts carrying them with you when outdoors or on vacations. The binoculars provide 8x magnification so your kid can easily have a clear vision of an object a hundred yards away. I love that this unit is shock-resistant, and since kids will eventually drop them by accident, you will have one thing left to worry about. I would suggest having a closer look at this product while researching, especially if you can find them in your little one’s preferred color.

Thinkpeak Toys 8×21 Kids Binoculars

This option from Thinkpeak is a great 8×21, a high-resolution version that is ideal for birdwatching. If your little one likes the idea of playing with their binoculars outside, this is a great present that won’t break the bank. They are designed with kids in mind, so they are very easy to use and ergonomically perfect for small hands. I like that they are very compact and lightweight, so kids won’t have a problem carrying and using them. In fact, they are very straight forward to use and also include a handy strap to hang from your neck.

The 8×21, while nothing spectacular, will allow your kids to have a clear vision of objects very far away, plus these binoculars are comfortable to use too. Remember that these are toy binoculars, so don’t expect miracles, yet for their price, they are quite durable and come with real optics. If you plan on getting binoculars for your child, this is a great candidate to consider, and while not the best on this list, I would suggest having a closer look anyway since they are quite affordable.

Rayhee Rubber 4x30mm Toy Binoculars for Kids

The toy binoculars from Rayhee are probably the cheapest option on the market that worth investing in. They are available in various colors to choose from for picking the preferred your kid will love is an easy task. Their main advantage, apart from the great price, is the compact and lightweight design that is ideal for small hands. It will allow your kid to carry them everywhere easily, and they are designed to match the eye to eye distance of children.

This is a budget-friendly option that will allow your little to explore nature, search for birds, and spend some quality time outdoors. Many parents will appreciate how easy they are to use and their sturdy and durable design to withstand some beating. Even though they are designed as toys, they actually work great, allowing for a clear vision of the faraway objects. The eyepieces are surrounded by rubber to be comfortable for little ones looking through their optics and don’t get hurt. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this a great one to consider and can be a great present for kids that love to spend time outdoors.

Ginmic Binoculars for Kids, 8 x 21 Real Optics

Last but not least, this option from Ginmic is great toy binoculars that are designed for kids. Thanks to their compact size that will fit nicely in a pocket making them ideal while traveling. Moreover, they are ideal for small hands, perfect for kids around 3-12 years old, allowing for a tight grip. I love that you can find them in many vibrant colors as this will allow you to pick the one that you prefer, and your kids would love to carry.

If your kids like to explore nature and spend time outdoors, these binoculars can be quite handy for bird watching and exploring wildlife. They are reasonably priced and won’t break the bank, plus they are designed especially for kids. They are straightforward to use and easy to focus, allowing your kid to view far away objects with their 8x magnification clearly. They feel quite durable for their price, and they have rubber around the eyepieces making them comfortable to look through without getting hurt. For their price, these are great binoculars that worth checking out before you make up your mind.

Things to consider when buying binoculars for kids:

Budget – Binoculars for kids tend to be expensive. But others are also budget-friendly. Make sure that you consider your budget first before making a decision.

Design – You might want something that has different colors that could suit the playfulness and the age of the child, but you may also consider getting a pair of binoculars that look more realistic and designed like those for adults.

It is wise to invest in a waterproof pair that will be sealed and keep water and dirt outside the binoculars when you take them outdoors. Keep in mind that not all binoculars are created equal, and the coatings of the optics play a vital role in the quality and durability of each product.

Size and Fit – You must, of course, consider the size of the binoculars. Ensure that it is not too big for children and that it fits your child’s facial structure. Make sure that the binoculars also fit the hands of your child perfectly.

A heavy pair will result in your kids not holding them for long and eventually dropping them. Try to go for a light yet comfortable option so that your kid would love to carry it everywhere with them.

Ease – Purchase a pair of binoculars for kids that are easy to use, something that your child would understand using, and not something too complicated. If you are shopping for toddler binoculars, you should opt for models that can withstand some beating and not have loose parts.

Weight – Consider buying lightweight binoculars. You don’t want to see your child struggling with his heavy pair. The idea of binoculars will be lightweight so that a child can operate them freely. Since many binoculars come with a neck or wrist strap to carry them when outdoors, it is vital to pick a lightweight option that feels comfortable for your kid to carry them around. Picking the lightest option possible is a great way to invest in a pair of binoculars that your kids will actually want to carry around and not leave them at the house.

Sturdy and durable – You will, of course, consider your budget but purchase something that is not a toy, something that actually works, and something that could last. There are also waterproof binoculars available in the market. Ensure that it is also of high quality so that it would not break easily as children tend to drop things all the time.

Comfort and Safety – You must prioritize this above everything else. Ensure that your child is comfortable with the binoculars like the way it fits his or her eyes and face. When it comes to safety, you can check the binoculars’ material and the safety features and if the parts are safely intact.

You should pay attention to the grip of the binoculars and their build quality. The grip, along with the eye section, is where the binoculars touch your kids, so a comfortable grip and a soft cushion will make them want to use the binoculars. It is wise to try the binoculars before you commit to a specific model, and since it comes down to personal preference, be prepared that your kid might prefer a different grip or cushion than you.

Magnification – Well, this is among the first aspects that people think of when thinking of binoculars. The most common magnification you will find on the market is that of 8x, and on plenty of occasions, this is a great option. It will allow your kid to see things from a great distance, and at the same time, it is not too much for their developing eyes.

Do not choose a pair of binoculars with really high magnification but do not choose something that has too low magnification either. It will not serve its purpose then. Choose something in the middle like an 8x or a 5x. This way, your child’s eyes would be safe, and he would not feel dizzy when using the binoculars as higher magnification may cause the image to be shaky, and children do not have sturdy hands.

Strap – You may consider getting binoculars with straps in them so that your child does not have to hold them all the time. They may be there hanging on your child’s neck that he may put to his eyes any moment he wishes to see something clearer.