Top 10 – Best bluetooth hoverboard


In case you are not familiar with hoverboards, they can be described as mini Segways without the handlebars. They are a great piece of personal transportation helping you move around quickly without the need for gas. ΅Some years ago they maybe looked like a science fiction item but today they are everywhere. If you are looking for Bluetooth enabled hoverboard we’ve compiled a list of the ones that we think won’t break the bank but still are a worthy investment. So let’s have a look at some of the most popular hoverboards on the market:

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Things to consider when buying a hoverboard:

There are a lot of hoverboards to choose from but we’ll advise you to pick one the is well built with a durable frame and wheels that can take some beating. The most common flaw of hoverboards are batteries that die quickly so it’s advisable to get one that has a long warranty in case you need to replace batteries in the near future. Look for batteries that can charge quick enough for your daily routes as there is nothing worse than having a hoverboard with an empty battery in the middle of your trip.

Most models would be able to handle a 10-15 mile range so if you think you’ll need more than that you may have to invest in a pricier model that would get you greater speed and mile range. It is important to pick a model that can handle the terrain you would be moving on while also don’t lose too much speed. In case you would like some off-road action then be prepared to look for hoverboard with off roads wheels otherwise you will most likely be stuck more than moving forward.

Due to their popularity, the market is flooded with knock-off models that pretend to be from reputable manufacturers. Take the time to research in order to get a hoverboard that is not a copy of intellectual property. Most of the times knocked products have some elements like stickers, color variations, and different motors than the original, so if you think you found something that is far too cheap then have a closer look for clues. There are a lot of budget-friendly hoverboards so you can find a good one even with a smaller budget but still, try to avoid knock-off products as they are rarely backed up by their manufacturer.

A Bluetooth enabled hoverboards will let you connect your Bluetooth device in order to play music through its built-in speakers. As with any Bluetooth device you have to “pair” the two devices first in order to be able to pass music to the hoverboard. but don’t be afraid as this is pretty straightforward with most mobiles and music players. To be honest, you shouldn’t except top sound quality from such small devices and they absolutely can not compete with your home stereo, but they are pretty good for having music playing while rolling down the road. Moreover, if your hoverboard has built in led lights you might be also to control them through Bluetooth.

Hoverboards are aimed towards children of 12 years or more. Be sure to check if the size of the hoverboard is comfortable for you and also check its weight capacity before purchasing. If you are purchasing a hoverboard for your kid, you can have a look at our recommendations. Take your time and practice with the hoverboard before you hit the streets and be prepared to have the time of your life.




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