best bottle drying rack

Best bottle drying rack

When we think about a list of baby essentials, baby bottles must be on the top. Parents will need the best baby bottle drying rack to keep these bottles clean and prevent them from any contamination after cleaning and sterilization.

This baby bottle partner also helps parents to organize baby items neatly. All bottle accessories such as the cap, leak-prevention ring, and rubber nipple can be placed tidily, preventing them from disappearing, which will bring awful experience to parents while feeding their babies.

I want to highlight some factors you can consider to narrow your research for the best bottle drying rack. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended bottle drying racks:

Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack

If you are looking for a modern drying rack that can accommodate items after a full day of breastfeeding, this is a great start for your research. It is made from BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free materials, and a lot of separately purchased accessories can help you extend it if needed. The drying rack from Boon is a great option to consider, and thanks to its cute design and attractive pricing, it is quite a popular option among moms.

It is designed with a water tray on its bottom where the water from drying is collected, and it is easily removed for cleaning. Overall, this is a stylish option that, if you like its design and fits within your budget, I would gladly recommend having a closer look. This drying rack can look phenomenal in any kitchen thanks to its cute design.

On the other hand, its design makes it a little annoying to clean, but you can easily take the grass off and clean it before putting it back on its tray. Keep in mind that this is meant to be cleaned by hand, and the manufacturer specifically mentions that it is not safe to put in the dishwasher.

The lawn countertop drying rack from Boon can be purchased in two sizes. You can go for the slightly smaller sized one if you have limited space on your countertop. Since they are designed to hold a lot more than you first think, you will be surprised once you use it for the first time, since even the smaller one can be a great addition to your kitchen if you plan on where to rest the bottle dry.

You can find this model in two variations, to choose the one you like best, but I must say that both look very stylish on the countertop. They are reasonably priced, so if you are looking for a budget-friendly option to help you minimize chaos in your kitchen, this one definitely worth a closer look.

OXO Tot Space Saving Drying Rack

I wanted to include this drying rack from OXO as a great solution for parents that don’t have much room left unused over their counter space. In fact, this is among the smallest drying rack that is worth investing in, and thanks to their low price, they are a budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank.

Despite its small size, the drying rack has a large capacity to make a difference for any kitchen. You can leave up to nine bottles to dry, and the removable tray on the bottom allows for even more space to put the pacifiers. Thanks to its vertical design, this is a drying rack that can easily fit even in the smallest kitchens and help you organize and dry your bottles every day.

Moreover, the dishwasher safe tray is easy to clean and dry, so you can maintain the drying rack clean at all times. Considering its small footprint and friendly price, I would suggest you take a closer look at this product if you have limited space and want to invest in a vertical drying rack for your bottles. You can’t go wrong with this one.

The First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack

This is probably the most popular option on the market, and thanks to its very low price, this is also among the cheapest options to consider if you are looking for a drying rack. Despite its low price, this drying rack is well made, BPA, latex, PVC, and phthalate-free that features a vertical design.

What makes this product unique is its spinning design that reminds you of lazy susans that allows you easily reach all around the drying rack. The vertical design allows for quite a small footprint on your kitchen, and anyone with limited space will appreciate how little space it takes to dry up to 16 bottles.

This drying rack is designed without a tray for draining water, so you will have to leave it draining into the sink. Overall, a really affordable option that can get you started drying your bottles in no time. It definitely worth a closer look if you like its design.

Philips Avent Drying Rack, SCF149/00, White

This drying rack from Philips is another great option to consider, and since you can find it online at a really attractive price, I would consider this a great value for money option. This is quite a popular rack online, and it is a nice balance between capacity and how much counter space it takes. It feels quite sturdy and durable, so I would expect it to last for many years to come.

The first thing I would consider when picking a drying rack is how easy it is to keep clean at all times, and this product has a great design that helps a lot. Thanks to the detachable drip tray, you can easily remove water after drying too. It will fit up to 8 bottles and still have some spare room for baby accessories on the drip tray.

Overall, this product works as intended and comes at a really low price. If you are on a limited budget, this is a great product to start your research from. I like how little counter space it takes and thanks to its low price I wouldn’t mind replacing it if needed. Definitely worth checking out.

Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack, White

I wanted to include this drying rack on the list as it’s probably the best option for anyone looking for a large drying rack for their counter. Thanks to its size, it can hold more bottles than most of its competitors, probably more than you can use in one day. Its design allows for two tiers that help the rack take up minimal space despite its huge capacity.

I like how easy it is to reach bottles around the rack, and the massive space allows to store plenty of accessories without second thoughts. Many parents will appreciate that it can fold flat so you can easily store it when not needed, a feature that you won’t find in most options on the market. Moreover, the drip tray on the bottom can be set to catch dripping water or reverse it to drain directly into the sink.

Overall, a high-quality product that is well designed and works as intended. If you want a large drying rack that can hold up to 16 bottles, this is among the best choices you can invest in. It takes minimal space thanks to the two-tier design and folds flat for storage. You can’t go wrong investing in one.

Prince Lionheart Deluxe Drying Station

This deluxe drying station from Prince Lionheart is an excellent choice for parents who need to keep their bottles and accessories organized and dried at all times. Despite its compact size, this unit can accommodate up to 16 bottles at the same time while also having plenty of room for smaller objects. The 8 large hoops and 10 smaller ones help a ton to have your bottles organized while keeping the footprint small.

The unit is BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Latex, and Lead-free, an excellent choice that is safe for your little one. It features a large tray at the bottom that will catch water drop while the bottles are drying, preventing a mess on your counter-top. The top holes are great for utensils and straws, while smaller hooks are perfect for holding pacifiers and cup lids. I would consider this a great deal that any parent looking for a dry station should consider for its price. Make sure you add this to your research list, as it’s a great value for money option for your kitchen.

Marbrasse Retractable Cup Drying Rack

I wanted to include this drying rack from Marbrasse, even though it’s not designed specifically for baby bottles, as it’s an elegant solution that can easily blend in a modern kitchen. It’s straightforward to use, and I love the retractable design that allows you to use it based on your needs. This drying rack is made from premium materials and looks stunning on the kitchen counter-top. It even has a non-slip bottom part that is quite handy to have.

Apart from the really low price, its main advantage is that you can easily fold it for storage when not needed. This unit will save you so much space while you can always have it at arm’s reach. It’s ideal for small bottles, and I would consider this a great alternative if you are interested in an organizer that looks sleek and has a small footprint. You won’t find such an elegant solution anywhere else at this price range, so I would advise you to have a closer look at this one if you like its looks and design.

Things to consider when looking for the best bottle drying rack:

Ease of cleaning

The rack is designed to prevent the bottles from contacting contaminants. However, if cleaning of the rack is not performed thoroughly and regularly, these unwanted materials will accumulate and contaminate the bottles. Before buying a drying rack, parents can choose products that are easy to clean. Ideally, choosing products that can be washed by machine can save precious parenting time. Meanwhile, opting for racks that don’t have hard to clean parts such as a detachable drip trip can save a lot of trouble.


Besides keeping its surface clean, parents should also ensure that the baby bottle rack is free of hazardous materials. The rack will directly contact with bottles. Even though bottles are thoroughly cleaned, if the rack releases harmful substances, babies will also directly consume such materials, which are certainly bad for their health and growth. BPA, PVC, and lead are major concerns of the plastic-made rack, while formaldehyde is commonly used in the glue for making wood or bamboo products.

Parents should also pay attention to product descriptions and determine whether the racks are safe for dishwasher or cleaning by home use detergents. Choosing those which are certificated by quality assurance accreditation agencies will help parents select safe bottle racks.

Size and Capacity

Depending on their baby’s feeding habit and the number of bottles they are using, parents can choose a drying rack that fits their needs. No one will want to keep cleaning the bottles all the time. A rack with a sufficient capacity to hold all the bottles that their baby is using will save a lot of time for their parents.

However, a larger drying rack usually comes at the expense of the space in a kitchen. A multi-layer rack that can hold many bottles while not occupying much space will be a good choice. If you find yourself in need of counter space, investing in a drying rack with two or more levels in your best bet.


Baby bottles can be cumbersome, especially for those made in glass. Placing them on the drying rack at the same time may lead to the risk of toppling. This is the last thing parents want to see since it may hurt their lovely ones and themselves. Choosing a drying rack that stands stably and opting out those with a tiny base while claiming to hold multiple bottles will reduce such incidents’ risk.

After all, choosing the right bottle rack helps little ones grow healthily while saving parents’ valuable time. Therefore, the best drying rack should be safe to use, easy to clean, capable of holding as many bottles as the baby is using while having good stability.

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