Top 10 – best breast milk storage bags


I would like to highlight some factors you can consider in order to narrow down you research for the best product for you. But first, let’s have a look at the most popular options on the market.

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Our recommended breast milk storage bags:

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

If you are looking to invest into super strong bags, this option is your best bet without breaking the bank. The feature double zipper seal in order to prevent leakage, but also have reinforced double sealed seems on the side.

They are very easy to use since with the pump adapter from Lansinoh you can attach the bags onto any standard pump. Each pump is able to hold up to 6 ounces in order to keep frozen, and the design of the bags allow you to store them flat or standing depending on the available space you have.

Overall an affordable solution for any mother looking for breast milk storage bags on a limited budget. Definitely worth a closer look while researching.

Medela, Breast Milk Storage Bags

Another popular option on the market is the storage bags from Medela. They are quite affordable and can be found in packs of 25, 50 or 100. Their design allows you to store them as self-standing or lay the flat if you prefer to save space.

The bags are made from food-grade, BPA free material, and the are hygienically pre-sealed. They feature double zipper on top to prevent leaking and made from durable material so your can store breast milk safely. If you are on a limited budget this is a great solution to consider without breaking the bank.

Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bags

I wanted to include this option on the list as its the most versatile product and thanks to its low price its a great budget friendly alternative. The Twist pouches are a great combination that will allow you to easy collect, store and even feed only with a single pouch.

The twist pouches can be easily used with pumps from all major brands using an adapter that is sold separately. You can find this pouches in variations that hold 6 or 8 ounces each, and you can buy them in packs of up to 160 pouches for a better price online. Overall a great product that definitely worth trying out as an all-in-one solution.

Dr. Brown’s 100 Piece Breastmilk Storage Bags

The breast milk storage bags from Dr. Brown’s are quite a popular option on the market, and thanks to their attractive price I would consider them a great value for money option to consider. The pack comes with 100 bags split in two, and they are of good quality. They seem a little thicker than competitor’s so you won’t face problem with leaking. They are great for storing milk in the freezer and they are easy to use. Many will appreciate their wide design that allows you to stack them up in the freezer by laying them flat.

Their design allow the bags to stand upright and the double zip seals on top will provide a great sealing with no spilling. You can find them in packs of 50 or 100, with the 100 piece option being the most budget friendly option since you get a nice discount. The 50pack is a nice option if you want to try them out before investing in more of them in the future. The bags will hold around 6oz, or 180ml ideally, but you can add a few more if needed without worries.

Overall, these are a great option to consider since you can find them at a really attractive price. They are pre-sterilized so you can use them right away, plus they are quite easy to fill. Definitely worth checking them out while researching for your next purchase.

nanobébé 100 Breastmilk Storage Bags Refill Pack

This option is an excellent choice to store milk as they can be stacked in your freezer taking up less space. They feature two zippers that are essential to seal breast milk safely and keep bacteria and germs away. Their slim shape will save you bag space and if you like to store them in the freezer you will appreciate how many you can fit allowing you to be ahead of your needs. Nanobébé has many accessories that will allow to organize your freezer, and make your life easier. You can consider going for a warming bowl that will help you heat milk without electricity, or a diaper bag specifically designed for this storage bags.

The storage bags are made from BPA-free material and they are pre-sterilized. They have 5oz capacity and you can buy them in bundles that come with 100 bags at a reasonable price. Overall, these are great storage bags that can protect and preserve breast milk without breaking the bank. Their stackable design is awesome allowing to declutter your freezer and bag, so if they within your budget range, these are a great option to consider.

DiRose Breast Milk Storage Bags

I wanted to include this option on the list as its ideal for budget-conscious parents. They can be found as 50 or 100 bags bundle, both at a really attractive price. These come pre-sterilized so you can use them right away, and the double zippers seal the bag making them 100% leak-proof. These also have a large tab on top where you can keep notes and record information before storing them in the freezer.

I would consider them a great option for anyone looking an economical way to store and organize breast milk. They are made from BPA-free plastic that will keep milk safe for storage. Each bag can hold up to 6 ounces of milk, that you can choose to store them flat or stand up, allowing you to save some space depending on your needs. Overall, these are well made, leak-proof bags that can be found at a really attractive price. If you haven’t made up your mind, these definitely worth checking out while researching.

Things to consider when buying breast milk storage bags:

So, you are looking at the breast milk storage bag products, but you are struggling to weigh up whether you should get the goodies or not. Don’t fear we are going to help you out. When it comes to shopping, you get different types of buyers and decision-makers, but some of them don’t always think of everything. So here are the essentials to keep in mind when you do go on a shopping trip for breast milk storage bags, be it online or offline.

Specials, but where?

Firstly, speaking of online, offline, look into the prices offered in-store and online regarding breast milk storage bags. You can sometimes get specials online that are not available in store and visa versa.

Reuse & reduce

You can also look at how you can reuse a product, look at the warranty and also have a look at the packaging. If it is reusable packaging its a double score!

Trusty Referrals

Have a look at comments and reviews, insights from other real, relevant people. Like mothers who can give you an indication of how reliable the specific breast milk storage bags are. 

The big old budget

Consider your budget a little more, think “is this a need or a want” and then look into what your essentials costs are and whether you can afford it, especially if it is a want. An example? Do you need breast milk storage bag with fancier packaging because it looks nice or do you need the product alone?

Recycle it!

If you’re a tree hugger, you can look at the recyclability of a product, especially plastic. These indicate how difficult it is for the material to deteriorate. Here are the recycling codes and examples! In this case, you will mostly be looking at HDPE and LDPE.

Is it available?

Check it, always check if the product is available. You don’t want to waste your time driving somewhere or filling in an order form only to find out the product is out of stock.

Don’t forget the scams!

Oh boy, have I encountered many scamming sites. It is so important to check the legitimacy of a website to avoid having your accounts hacked or only losing money and never receiving your purchased product. An essential tip to checking if an online store is legit, have a look at the URL bar if there is a lock before HTTP:// then the website has been regarded as safe to use.

User friendly

Check how user-friendly the product or services are, you can do this by checking reviews or trying free samples which are sometimes offered. You want to avoid spending money on something that’s going to take you more time to learn about than using it. It’s like buying a stroller that struggles to set up and you spent more time on setting up the stroller than actually pushing your child around in it.

That’s it for now! Remember, the pros and cons list can’t hurt. Be save not sorry.